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8 Aug 2017
12:07pflanzebooyaa[, just got back to the internet and read your mails
12:09pflanzeI realize you probably didn't see my messaging from a week ago to 'booyaa' since your nickname may have been different, stupid me,.
12:50carols10centsManishearth: for when you're awake
13:14carols10centsI SEE YOU GUEST
13:14carols10centsWHAT DO YOU THINK
13:15sebkcarols10cents: I think: Were is this "implicit_caller_location" defined?
13:15* sebk has not seen the RFC? before
13:15carols10centssebk: this is the rfc :)
13:16carols10centssebk: there's a link to a proof of concept in the RFC PR description
13:17booyaa[pflanze: yeah sorry about the irc stuff that
13:20booyaa['s my matrix account. when in doubt, fire an email.
13:21booyaa[pflanze: got a second to pm?
13:22booyaa[i think i've come up with my unicorn!11 *goes off to scribe it down before it vanishes*
13:23sebkcarols10cents: you could start with the existing problem of the caller location
13:24sebkeg. what does your last backtrace look like? how long did you have to search to find the issue?
13:24carols10centssebk: yep! I expect us to talk about that when we ask about the problem that the RFC is trying to solve :)
13:24sebkah. I was thinking about moving that to the first position, as some sort of.. appetizer
13:24sebkor.. what is it called..
13:25sebksomething that makes everyone curious
13:25sebk(not long, maybe 60s)
13:28carols10centsyeah, it's kinda the first question, it's the first part of the first question
13:28sebkyea. I am beginning to realize it's just a question of how it's labeled
13:50booyaa[is the api documented? my rtfm is lacking (looked on docs at and searched the repo (found some routes and tests)
13:52sebkcarols10cents: dammit. that's an interesting question
13:53carols10centswhatchoo need
13:54sebk"Default arguments was a serious contender to the better-caller-location problem as this is usually how other languages solve it."
13:54sebkwhy "was"?
13:54sebk(as a question for the RFE)
13:55carols10centssebk: ooh that's a good one!
13:56booyaa[carols10cents: just wanted to check for the existence of a crate, like this
13:57carols10centsbooyaa[: yeah should return either 200 or 404
13:57booyaa[might be interested in having a crack at #731 as it's (swagger) just hit our radar here at work
13:57carols10centsthat'd be awesome!
13:58booyaa[also thanks for the url, that works perfectly!
14:02pflanzebooyaa[, yep I'm here
14:18Manishearthcarols10cents: *groan* humans are not meant to awake at *looks at clock* upside-down-nose AM
14:18carols10centsManishearth: yooouuu agreed to this
14:19Manishearthi thought i would have perfected my time machine by then
14:19Manishearthit turns out
14:19Manishearthflux capacitors are not on Amazon Prime
14:22badboythat's disapointing
14:29Manishearthcarols10cents: may be aother 5 minutes , victim of CC fraud
14:29Manishearthmornings are the worst
14:31Manishearthsomeone bought giants tickets off my CC. lol
14:32badboyof all the things, Giants tickets, really?
14:35* pflanze is packing up for travel, will be away from keyboard
14:36pflanzebooyaa[, I'll be online again from tomorrow morning
14:48booyaa[pflanze: kk (will catch you then), good travels
15:02meetingbotNo agenda has been set! :( The meeting is on Weds @ 4PM and 11PM UTC. beep boop!
16:32booyaa[so, could do with a bit of advice. i'm working on a cargo subcommand to address the crate naming service. i'd like to stick a bunch of algos to drive name generation. one of them is the algo that docker uses. i've had a quick peek and it looks like the repo is license apache v2 ( anything else i should be aware. should i drop them an note to make su
16:32booyaa[re it's okay to take the algo. it's fairly trivial. two arrays, pick a choice from each. i'd also be copying the values from said arrays.
16:33badboylicense seems clear. just indicate that
16:33badboyshould be no problem at all
21:02meetingbotNo agenda has been set! :( The meeting is on Weds @ 4PM and 11PM UTC.
22:03ManishearthGankro: carols10cents rfe title idea
22:04GankroManishearth: which is this
22:04carols10centsa present to unwrap()?
22:06carols10centsthread 'main' panicked at 'called `Option::unwrap()` on a `None` value', /checkout/src/libcore/
22:07Manishearthi like that
22:08Manishearthlong though
22:22Manishearthcarols10cents: "unwrapping a great rfc"?
22:22carols10centsManishearth: i'm cool with thta
22:22ManishearthGankro: got any clever ideas?
22:23ManishearthI'm finished with the editing, but I can't export till I have the ID3 tags :p
22:24GankroManishearth: i sleep
9 Aug 2017
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