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7 Aug 2017
05:32skadeManishearth: I was just reflecting the question used above, which talked about bans. I'm aware of the differences.
05:34skadealso, my question was more aiming towards why ableism is used as an example for moderator overreach here (as it is frequently downplayed and undermoderated)
05:35skademy point about "I must be blind" was that not every figure of speech is considered problematic and this one strikes me as one, I would research first
05:35skade(I'm not 100% sure, though)
07:31Manishearthskade: I've had experience with two communities now, and observational experience in a third. I've wanted to blog about this for years. Can't.
07:31Manishearthwell, three actually
07:32Manishearthskade: a lot of this involves stories that I can't tell without (a) rekindling old fights and (b) exposing moderation actions kept private so as not to make the community hostile to a transgressive person
07:33Manishearthkeeping mod actions private is a good thing, because anything else becomes similar to public shaming, and that (a) will alienate the person you're moderating, and (b) often create disproportionate community reaction
07:34Manishearthso I could write basic principles. i could write advice. but it's not very useful without supporting examples of *why*
07:34ManishearthIME "advice" in moderation isn't as useful as actual examples of how things have happened in the past (these give you a better idea of how to apply experience to the current event, instead of a set of rules)
07:37Manishearthwhen we initially were doing the governance RFC I did something similar; wrote an email with actual examples, and then a sketch of moderaiton policy, which we then fleshed out
07:37Manishearth(my intent was actually not related to the governance rfc, it was that Events had occurred and I wanted to fix the nonexistent rust moderation system so that we can deal with them in the future)
08:39skadeManishearth: I'm perfectly fine with that and I didn't want to imply that _you_ should do it
08:42skadeI've got a rather high level talk about moderation that worked quite well without citing too many actual examples, maybe I could repeat that at some point.
08:50Manishearthskade sure, not saying you di
08:50Manishearthmostly saying its something ive wanted to do forever but can
08:50skadeManishearth: ah! well, then I misunderstood :)
08:51skademy biggest problem with all these discussions is a little bit reversed, by the way: most criticism comes without actual examples, which makes it hard to interact and is prone to moving goalposts by extending the examples
09:09skadeGiven that someone just talked to me about it, I have a similar issue with FOSDEM :/
09:10booyaa[is the moderation team by invitation or can anyone apply to join?
09:27skadei know of no structured application process
09:59skadeag_dubs: forgot to give feedback: I went through the bridge tickets, there was not much to close or move forward without previous group decision.
10:00skadeby the way, i've been on a training event with japanese this weekend and was amazed by how they frame feedback to the group/individuals. so unusual (to me)
10:01skadelike, my last correction was followed by "I see that you are engaged in solving the problem and if you continue, you will surely make it go away" (after working on it for 3 days without success)
10:16booyaa[pflanze: ping
14:17skadegosh, I got a meeting next week between Ruby Berlin and Google about cooperation possibilities and they currently move towards "that would be a violation of our bylaws". but well, it might be a fun talk :)
15:02meetingbotTime to check the TWIR Friends of the Forest thread! *happy bleeping noises*
18:06bstrietraffic milestones for /r/rust Manishearth mrmonday
18:12mrmondaybstrie: huh, cool, I forgot about those graphs
18:13mrmondayI wonder if reddit changed their algorithm there, or if it's a genuine bump
18:19bstriemrmonday: that was my first thought, but I didn't find any announcements to that effect
18:20bstrieyou'd think someone other than us would have noticed...
18:22mrmondaymaybe worth asking llogiq? he's a /r/java mod, right?
19:01mrmondayit's a shame we don't have the stats for previous years, to see if that's a yearly trend
19:02mrmondaycould be eg. schools finishing up, and interested students picking up the thing they want over their summer breaks
19:04bstriemrmonday: I check it every few months and the traffic really has been flat and consistent for a good while now, without previous summer bumps, though it is possible that summer students account for this bump somehow
19:09mrmondayif it is students, that's excellent news
19:10mrmondaybecause that's a serious boost of younger folk interested in Rust
19:16carols10centsit could be trolls
19:29mrmondaythat's a big boost in trolls
19:29mrmondaybut hey, if trolls want to use rust, good for them
19:30projektirit'll be really safe and fearlessly concurrent trolling
20:09bstriecarols10cents: ping
20:10bstrieI haven't noticed materially more trolls in the past three months
20:10carols10centsbstrie: IRC is an asynchronous medium where you can leave questions for someone to return to
20:10carols10centsbut yes i am here :)
20:10carols10centsit could be we're getting linked more from places like 4chan and pcj
20:10carols10centsand trolls are reading
20:11carols10centsi'm not saying it IS trolls, but there's a possibility it's trolls
20:11bstriecarols10cents: actually I had a different, time-sensitive matter for you: want me to submit a talk for RBR, or shall I just be used as backup filler like last year? :P
20:11bstrieCFP closes imminently...
20:11carols10centsbstrie: please submit if you have time!
20:12Manishearth"mushrooms and you: how to become a more effective rustacean"
20:46bstriecarols10cents: I'm submitting my typical rust intro talk, and if you want me to tweak it for a different audience based on the other talks you receive then I'll remain open to that :P
21:55dowwiesurvey results?
22:02dowwiehow many responses were there
22:02dowwiehopefully, thousands upon thousands
22:08Manishearthcarols10cents: Gankro so an interesting idea just occurred to us
22:08Gankroare you legion now
22:09Manishearthcarols10cents: I'm going to be roadtripping up to rustconf with a bunch of rust folks. Someone mentioned having a non lexical lifetimes 'splain, and the idea was to record it
22:09Manishearthwe could do a pre-RFE :P
22:09Manishearthbut you two probably won't be able to join
22:09Manishearthstill, a sort of general discussion from rust users about it would be interesting
22:26carols10centsManishearth: ooh in the car? do it do it!!! lol
22:27ManishearthRFE 8: ROADTRIPP
22:28dowwiecarols10cents: is there a push to have the survey results by rustconf next week?
22:28carols10centsdowwie: i have no idea
22:35aturonjntrnr: ^
22:36jntrnroh my
22:39jntrnrwell, I have a draft started, and the "needs improvement" section processed
22:39jntrnrwould have to push to get survey results ready by then
22:43dowwiethx aturon
22:48jntrnraturon: if you need them for keynote, you can loop with me and we can process what you need
22:49aturonjntrnr: nah, keynote this time won't be so much about framing for next year's roadmap as talking about how we want to wrap up this year's
22:49* jntrnr nods
8 Aug 2017
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