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21 Apr 2017
02:59jntrnroh this underrepresented group question on the survey
02:59jntrnrwhy are you so hard to write?
03:02WindowsBunnyjntrnr: remember to include stuff about what country you're from
03:03WindowsBunnyjntrnr: and allow multiple choices for how you're underrepresented
03:03jntrnrWindowsBunny: I wish there was an easy way to capture that
03:03jntrnrI think we do
03:03jntrnryeah that one is multiple choice
03:16jntrnrerickt: I took a pass at the 2017 survey though imho it probably could use a few more. We probably want to go through a few times and also the old results to see what questions aren't terrible helpful to help streamline
13:32frewsxcvanyone know if there's a rust community in north carolina?
14:14plinikerfrewsxcv: I'm in Asheville, fwiw
14:22bstriefrewsxcv: where at
14:23frewsxcvI'm in Cary right now for a few days, was just curious if there was a meetup coincidentally happening while I'm here
14:23bstriethere's an OSS conf in raleigh later this year that I've applied to speak at
14:23frewsxcvAsheville is a bit far
14:39bstriefrewsxcv: oh cary is right next to raleigh, yeah you should consider All Things Open, it's red hat's conf
14:39frewsxcvI'm only here for a few days; I live in NYC, but I'll consider anyways :)
22 Apr 2017
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