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20 Apr 2017
02:24Phrohdohmisdreavus: Any plans for a meetup any time soon? I'm not knowledgeable enough to lead one or even present a neat project but think there's untapped potential in the area.
02:24misdreavusi'd love to, but i dunno where/how to host one
02:26PhrohdohSelfishly I'd like to gather people who want to build openaoe (also: I need a new name for this project) but there isn't too much to present and I don't see a aoe pulling in many individuals.
02:28Phrohdoh"hey you could all share my vision of playing AOE 1 again! let's build it! p.s. who know how to build a game engine?"
02:32projektirAoE is awesome, tho
02:32Phrohdohwanna join my clan?
02:33Phrohdohagreed, it really is great
02:33projektiri didn't say i was good at it lol
02:33Phrohdohoh I'm not either but still love it
02:33Phrohdohrust-wololo 2017
02:33projektirbut if i was anywhere near your guys meetup I'd totally join it if someone said we're building a game engine in rust
02:33PhrohdohWhere are you located?
02:34misdreavusyeah, we're around dallas
02:34projektirlol that's closer than usual
02:34Phrohdoh11h no excuses,+GA/Irving,+Texas/@33.6462117,-95.1556172,6z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x88f5045d6993098d:0x66fede2f990b630b!2m2!1d-84.3879824!2d33.7489954!1m5!1m1!1s0x864e825c1d09f58f:0x3c306f568687f309!2m2!1d-96.9488945!2d32.8140177
02:35projektiryeah like that's actually not terrible compared to like boston or something
02:35projektirsilly united states and huge distances
02:35projektirI love google's attempt at a public transit route
02:36projektirBus 110 Metro railGold BusMegabus Bus02 Bus Greyhound Walk Light rail ORANGE
02:36misdreavusoh wow, it's i-20 all the way
02:36projektirfunny, we had a gas leak explode part of i-20 the other day
02:36misdreavusyeah, that public transit route is something
02:36projektiratlanta has been hit by a string of highway curses
02:37projektirbut yeah I could maybe justify a long trip, like, once in a while, under the excuse of checking out texas or something :D
02:38misdreavusoh, the public transit route is basically "take a bus to memphis, then take a bus to dallas"
02:38projektirI just love that it uses greyhound AND megabus
02:40PhrohdohIf you want to get a headstart ;)
02:41projektirthat WIP screenshot looks like the game is done already
02:41projektirwhat engine is this on, btw?
02:41Phrohdohfrom scratch
02:41projektiralso does it accept rise of rome cd
02:41misdreavusthat screenshot is concentrated nostalgia, wow
02:41Phrohdohthe original author disappeared sometime last year
02:41projektirmisdreavus: tell me about it
02:42Phrohdohcheck out this massive screenshot I have
02:42Phrohdohpretty empty but I like it nonetheless
02:42misdreavusthis is like wallpaper quality
02:42projektiri want to click one of those villagers and tell them to pick those berries
02:42misdreavusin fact, yoink
02:42projektirbut yeah i have an old cd which is AoE Gold I believe
02:43projektirbecause my original original AoE was like oooold
02:43PhrohdohI'm working on learning opengl right now so I can rewrite the renderer (current it is sdl copy api, I'll later use the opengl context directly), so would love help on that if that's available
02:43Phrohdohprojektir: Do you have a directory tree listing of the disk?
02:43PhrohdohThe engine atm expects specific paths
02:45projektirso what does it look for it has a bunch of top level files like aoesetup.exe, eula.exe, then some folders like directx, docs, game, goodies, sampler, system
02:45Phrohdohsec, opening a github support ticket to break the fork relationship
02:45misdreavusthe readme says it needs the game dir
02:45projektirI did some basic opengl before (is vulkan viable for something like this?), for a 2D game I feel like that stuff isn't /too/ complicated but maybe I"m just ignorant
02:46projektiri have a game dir
02:46PhrohdohI should ask it this way: Does AoE Gold ship with everything aoe1 proper did plus new stuff or is it only new stuff?
02:47PhrohdohIf the former then yeah it'll load your data just fine
02:47projektirAoE Gold runs standalone, I believe it's AoE 1 + a bunch of extra stuff, i.e., the Rise of Rome expansion
02:47projektiryeah by the looks of it should be fine :)
02:47PhrohdohBoot it up and get some screenshots at some point! :-)
02:47PhrohdohI really need to update the readme.
02:47projektirhmm, for comparisons?
02:47projektiror you mean with openaoe
02:48Phrohdohjust to see if everything works as expected
02:48PhrohdohThere is a wip-fullscreen branch if you want to use that
02:48projektirlet me start with this one first
02:49projektir"Install MinGW/MSYS2" ew
02:49PhrohdohYou might not need to do that anymore
02:49Phrohdoh(I run macOS fwiw)
02:49projektirwindows here
02:49projektiroh well os support is something that can be addressed layer
02:50PhrohdohI think the mingw/msys2 stuff is mainly for sdl2
02:50projektiryeah, I can likely build the source with just msys
02:50projektirbut I would need to link SDL 2 somehow
02:50misdreavussee if the sdl2 crate has msvc instructions
02:51PhrohdohWSL maybe?
02:51Phrohdoh(should probably move this to #rust-gamedev)
02:51projektiri already have msys maybe I can just put it in path and it'll magically work
02:53projektir*starts cargo*
02:54projektirwell, sdl2 v0.25.0 compiled so far o.O
02:54PhrohdohI'm going to head to bed for the night, I'll probably be back around tomorrow. Also see #openaoe on freenode. I'm there when I remember it exists. Goodnight!
03:15projektirholy carp actually got it to work:
03:52frewsxcvage of empires?
03:52frewsxcvdid you build it with cargo?
03:53projektiryes :)
03:53frewsxcvdo you need the game files to run openaoe?
03:53projektirunfortunately, it only seems capable of loading scenario files
03:53projektirand it's display only
03:57frewsxcvoh, is this AoE1
03:57frewsxcvi'm loyal to AoE2
03:57projektiri appreciate them both <3
03:58frewsxcv(i&#39;ve never actually played the first one)
03:58projektirit has a different feel to it
06:27booyaa[about civ?
07:37badboyooooh, nick and jntrnr want to run a RustFest in Auckland?
07:37skadebadboy: i think 2 persons is not enough
07:38skadealso, there&#39;s at least luke down there
07:39badboyI&#39;d be happy to fly there and help :P
07:39badboy(I was just mocking their twitter responses)
07:40skadei know :)
07:42TrangarI want a rustfest in my backyard
07:42skadeTrangar: where&#39;s that backyard?
07:42Trangarskade, rotterdam
07:42TrangarNL, EU, earth
07:42TrangarThe solar system, local group, observable universe, universe
07:42badboyyeah, sorry, the next one will first be on Mars
07:43TrangarDarn it!
07:43skadeTrangar: want to be involved? I know someone who wants to run one in amsterdam
07:43skadeif you backyard is large enough, i&#39;m sure that can be amended
07:44TrangarI do but then I realize I don&#39;t have enough time to organize 1 rustschool every 2 months in rotterdam
07:44TrangarSo I probably should decline
07:44TrangarI&#39;ll just enroll the powers of the local hackerspace
07:44skadeyeah, that makes sense
07:44badboyBring RustSchool to RustFest!
07:44TrangarWhere/when is rustfest?
07:44TrangarI&#39;m guessing SF
07:45badboyEnd of this month in Kyiv and probably in September again somewhere else
07:45TrangarSo, next week
08:21badboy[] Unable to lookup local address for 2a01:a700:4a07:1:9049:15c5:4186:3971: Error reverse-resolving &#39;2a01:a700:4a07:1:9049:15c5:4186:3971&#39;: Name or service not known
08:38booyaa[mmm why does the community calendar ics (tried public and private urls) show future team meetings?
08:38badboyis that a problem?
08:40booyaa[prolly not in the long run, i&#39;m planning to get meeting bot to poll the feed on daily basis looking for meeting by its title
08:40booyaa[it&#39;s just a bit tricky for testing, i&#39;ll use yesterday&#39;s as a reference
08:41badboynot sure what you mean?
08:42booyaa[yes it&#39;s doesn&#39;t
08:42booyaa[rather than does XD
08:42badboyhm, my calendar does have the future dates
08:42badboyand my personal calendar has it as well
08:42badboymaking my whole calendar a mess :D
08:44booyaa[yeah i was not popular when i added them to the family calendar heh
08:45badboyFamily-driven meetings
08:58badboymeeting time! -_-
15:17booyaa[skade: did you delete that tweet? i saw it briefly then it vanished
15:58bstriembrubeck: Tsutsukakushi is spamming hitler&#39;s birthday, can you deal with that?
15:58bstrievarious channels
16:01sebasmagriHey ppl, can someone give me a pointer to the organizers mailing list?
16:11bstriesebasmagri: I believe erickt can hand out invites?
16:18sebasmagribstrie: will reach out... thanks!
18:29bstriejntrnr: are you the one masterminding the community survey? is it in a state where others can review it?
18:41jntrnrbstrie: I haven&#39;t done the revisions for 2017 yet so it&#39;s still 2016&#39;s survey
18:59bstrieaha, ok
19:02WindowsBunnyjntrnr: Don&#39;t forget a question for the species of the person answering the survey
19:04jntrnrif name.begins_with(&quot;WindowsBunny&quot;) { Bunny } else { Human }
19:04badboyone bunny and thousands of non-bunnies?
19:09badboydid anyone answer the folks from edingburgh yet?
19:09badboydo we know someone in Scotland?
21 Apr 2017
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