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19 May 2017
07:15booyaa[aww yiss! finally cracked google/icalendar's recurrence rule!
07:15booyaa[meetingbot v2 is a coming!
11:58steveklabnikskade: do you know who that is
11:59skadesteveklabnik: no?
12:00steveklabnikjust for some context
13:39Phrohdohmisdreavus: I was told "You won't be able to see the name. It is on the second floor of the parking garage. I'll prop the door open." :|
13:39misdreavusnice -_-
15:28hjr3_i havent heard of strcat in a long time
15:30* carols10cents takes drag of cigarette
17:07Phrohdohmisdreavus: I got some useful information!
17:07PhrohdohIt is above the Mexican Sugar
17:09Phrohdohoh this is even closer to my work than I thought
17:12misdreavusPhrohdoh: nice!
17:13misdreavusPhrohdoh: i feel like this update (or at least a reminder post with better directions) should hit twitter
17:13Phrohdohwill do
17:14Phrohdohmisdreavus: done
17:15Phrohdoh@rustlang please rt
17:15Phrohdohdidn't have enough chars to include the maps link
17:16misdreavusaaaand twitter is still on the fritz
17:17PhrohdohSo I think I'll quickly go through the slides ( using so people don't have to wait for a local install to play along. Do you have any suggestions? Note I'm going to explain mutability and immutable borrows etc a bit differently. I don't thing the book example is the best way to ex
17:17Phrohdohplain that.
17:17misdreavusbook first ed, or book second ed?
17:18Phrohdoher no not that book
17:18misdreavusoh, one in the slides
17:18PhrohdohI wish I had the source to these slides
17:19PhrohdohI've already been told a few slides are confusing
17:20carols10centsPhrohdoh: it's too bad badboy isn't in this room or anything
17:20carols10centsPhrohdoh: also it looks like it's remark, so the markdown source is in a hidden textarea that has id "source", if you view source :)
17:21Phrohdohcarols10cents: ok, maybe I'll have time to rip all of that out, but I doubt it
17:21Phrohdohthe meetup is a few minutes after I leave work
17:21carols10centsah so it's "i wish i had the source and time" :)
17:22misdreavusPhrohdoh: there's also if you want to look at another deck
17:23PhrohdohI looked at that one (on github, not ran through remark or anything) but the hellorust one won only because it is already ready to go
17:23misdreavusah, right, you don't have to spin up a SimpleHTTPServer or whatever
17:24Phrohdohyeah, it would only take a few seconds but with my luck the world would fall apart
17:25Phrohdohmisdreavus: I'll probably lean on you quite a bit during the intro/slides
17:25Phrohdohyou know way more than I do
17:25misdreavuslol, works for me
17:25carols10centsnot promising they're the same as what's in the repo
17:25carols10centsbut they're close
17:26misdreavusooh <3
17:26PhrohdohThanks! I&#39;ll use a mix of that and having them play in the playground
17:26Phrohdoh(I don&#39;t want people to have to wait for a local install to get a taste)
17:27misdreavusyeah, the playground is fantastic for situations like this
17:28Phrohdoh> Kinda like arrays in other languages, but worse.
17:32rustbotRust&#39;s Mascot -
17:33fwiw!learn ferris2 = Rust&#39;s Mascot -
17:33rustbotLearned factoid &#39;ferris2&#39;.
17:33frewsxcv!learn ferris3 = ferris2
17:33rustbotLearned factoid &#39;ferris3&#39;.
17:33frewsxcv!learn ferris3 = !ferris2
17:33rustbotCannot rewrite &#39;ferris3&#39;. Use `ferris3 f= new description` or !forget if you really wanted to replace.
17:33frewsxcv!learn ferris3 f= !ferris2
17:33rustbotLearned factoid &#39;ferris3&#39;.
17:42misdreavusdid you mean for !ferris3 to alias to !ferris2?
17:46edunhamis it off-topic for this channel to put cycles in the bot?
17:47Manishearthif it&#39;s got the word ferris in it ill allow it
17:48Manishearth!learn play = playbot: &quot;!play&quot;
17:48rustbotCannot rewrite &#39;play&#39;. Use `play f= new description` or !forget if you really wanted to replace.
17:48Manishearth!learn playb = playbot: &quot;!playb&quot;
17:48rustbotLearned factoid &#39;playb&#39;.
17:48rustbotplaybot: &quot;!playb&quot;
17:48Manishearthaw, playbot uses notices
17:48Manishearth!unlearn playb
17:48Manishearth!forget playb
17:48rustbotForgotten factoid &#39;playb&#39;
17:49Manishearth!learn playb = \_(?)_/
17:49rustbotLearned factoid &#39;playb&#39;.
17:49Manishearth!unlearn playb
17:49Manishearth!forget playb
17:49rustbotForgotten factoid &#39;playb&#39;
17:49Manishearthoh well
18:46stiancarols10cents: is there any eta for the book release?
18:46steveklabnikofficial eta is october
18:46carols10centsas of now
18:46carols10centsbut that may change
18:46steveklabnikthe e is &#39;estimate&#39;
18:46stianI pre-ordered a while ago and tbh I&#39;ll wait
18:47stianbut it&#39;ll be great to get it in book form
18:47carols10centssteveklabnik: no one understands the word estimate :(
18:47stianI&#39;ve neved owned a programming book except the old C book by K&R
18:47stianand that I never read
18:47stianhey, writing a book isn&#39;t easy!
18:48steveklabnikcarols10cents: true
18:48stiantake solace in that the documentation you&#39;ve been writing has been incredibly helpful to me, as a new programmer
18:48carols10centsstian: then whyyyyyyy ywould you aaaaaask if you know the answer is &quot;when it&#39;s done&quot;
18:49carols10centsstian: I&#39;m glad it&#39;s been helpful so far though :)
18:49stiancarols10cents: becuase I haven&#39;t been following progress at all and I was curious how far out it was
18:49PhrohdohMaybe because &quot;when it&#39;s done&quot; isn&#39;t a good answer in most real world scenarios? :)
18:49steveklabnikwe have a draft of every chapter
18:49steveklabnikit&#39;s all in editing
18:49steveklabnikwhich takes time!
18:49carols10centsit&#39;s the only true answer :)
18:49stianno I know I get it
18:49stiandon&#39;t misunderstand me here haha
18:50stianI was offered the pre-order so obviously I&#39;m interested
18:50carols10centsstian: i&#39;m sorry, i have baggage with this question
18:51stianI can&#39;t wait to have a printed copy to tug around tbh
18:51carols10centsstian: on that we are in agreement :)
18:52carols10centsand with that... back to rearranging chapter 13 for me
18:53stiancarols10cents: Good luck? :)
19:18carols10centsstian: thanks :)
21:16sebasmagriFirst Rust project found in GSoC
21:24sebasmagriA Redox one
21:25sebasmagriand of course a bunch under Mozilla&#39;s umbrella
21:26sebasmagriwe should do a post in about this... I&#39;ll try to kick it off over the weekend...
22:18Phrohdohcarols10cents: I just noticed that ferris moves back and forth and snaps in your slides
22:18carols10centsyes haha
22:18carols10centsi forget where i got it from...
22:20Phrohdoh is 404 :-(
22:45carols10centsPhrohdoh: i warned you my slides might be out of date
22:46Phrohdohcarols10cents: yeah, np
22:46PhrohdohI am bastardizing them right now in a frenzy
20 May 2017
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