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19 Apr 2017
02:26WindowsBunnynotriddle: Was this awful comment yours?
02:28projektirWindowsBunny: well, that's not very nice. :/
03:03notriddleWindowsBunny: yep
03:04projektirnotriddle: :(
03:05projektirnotriddle: why, man
03:05notriddleBecause I think the Bunny Code is not a very good Code Of Conduct.
03:06projektirI mean it's kinda a joke CoC. Why the hostility?
03:06WindowsBunnynotriddle: How is it not good? It effectively gives me the power to stop any behavior I don't like.
03:06WindowsBunnyAnd it is intended to be satire of CoCs anyway.
03:06notriddleThen I guess it's not intended to be a very good CoC.
03:07projektirThere are nicer ways to express that, tho.
03:08WindowsBunnynotriddle: It's very good at being both satire and letting me stop bad behavior. What more do you want from a CoC?
03:08notriddleProbably so, yeah. I can change it, then...
03:09WindowsBunnynotriddle: If you have suggestions for how to improve it, I'd love them
03:11sebasmagriMy wife wants to reproduce Ferris using this style of 8bit plastic composition that's being used nowadays, what do you think of using that as a starting point?
03:12sebasmagriI promise I'll take some to RustConf :-)
03:12notriddleYou don't need a CoC to spell out that you're allowed to stop bad behavior. Owning the repo gives you that. AFAICT, the goal of a CoC is to give people an idea of what "bad behavior" is. The only behavior that Bunny Code spells out is stuff that isn't a real problem anywhere.
03:12projektirnotriddle: I feel like he's just joking around, though. I'm trying to figure out what can be accomplished with angrily lashing out at that "CoC" and I am drawing a blank.
03:14notriddleIt's deleted.
03:14projektirsebasmagri: tbh I don't think that's very good pixel art, but it may be a decent starting point for making good pixel art.
03:14* projektir runs away
03:15sebasmagriprojektir: it's my first time doing this and I know I'm not good... x-D
03:15projektirsebasmagri: for first time it's very good :)
03:16sebasmagriThe problem is that if I add a second level of resolution, then the physical version will be bigger
03:16projektirI thought I saw this earlier, though, was this used in r/place or am I mixing it up
03:16sebasmagrioh you're right, I believe there was one on r/place
03:16projektirsebasmagri: yeah so pixel art is tricky but you can get a lot of expression by a very small amount of pixels if you know how to place them :3
03:17notriddleActually, no, the one in /r/place has a "shadow" on the bottom that the imgur link lacks.
03:17projektirnotriddle: fair enough, I don't have the other image handy
03:18projektirsebasmagri: how big is this supposed to be in actual pixel size?
03:18sebasmagriprojektir: it's like 2mm per pixel
03:19projektirI meant pixel count
03:19projektir25x25 etc.
03:19projektirthe image itself ix not sized in the same... relative pixel size idk right terms
03:20sebasmagrioh, it's like 32x24
03:20* notriddle will try to avoid being a humorless git in the future.
03:20WindowsBunnynotriddle: I personally find it quite obvious what the bad behavior is. Those 3 numbered things under the Conduct section describe exactly what the bad behavior is.
03:20projektirnotriddle: at least you're not a repo that has commands that do completely different things depending on which flag you use
03:21projektirs/CVS/VCS I should go to sleep
03:27sebasmagriI took the r/place's one and updated colors to match the original Ferris' ones this was supposed to be quick :-)
07:05SergioWhat does that mean?
07:48skadeI understand it as not having to have expectations towards mozilla
09:14badboysuch dot.
09:15killercuphigher level dot
09:15badboyimpl Dot for .
09:45badboygnaaaah, compiling ANYTHING which references Linux Kernel headers is a pain in the ass
09:47skadeI told you to write your thesis in redox, but you wouldn't listen
09:49badboy> /usr/src/linux-headers-4.10.0-041000/arch/x86/include/
09:50badboy> error: old-style parameter declarations in prototyped function definition
10:17theJPsterIs there ever funding available for speakers/helpers at RustFest to help towards travel/accommodation costs?
10:18badboywe cover travel and accomodation for speakers
13:29skadedid anyone follow up with that person that tried to find people for a rust camp in england?
13:29skade(beyond my very short interaction with them in URLO)
13:48ericktmeeting days!
13:49* erickt can't wait to get out from under all this real work stuff
13:53theJPsterWhat's rust camp?
13:57skadethat wasn't a name :)
13:58theJPsterI assume it's like Band Campo
13:58theJPsterCampo? Camp.
13:58theJPsterIt's very possible that reference is from before people here were born, which makes me feel very old.
13:59ericktskade: is this what you are talking about?
13:59skadeerickt: just found it and replied again
14:09theJPsterskade: Happy to talk at Zurich on embedded stuff.
14:12projektirThat's a pretty cool idea (the unconference thing).
14:12skadeyeah, the issue is just that i need someone to help me with all that embedded thingy-stuff
14:12skadethat I'm carrying around :D
14:17ericktfyi, meeting is at 4pm UTC
15:00meetingbotThis week's agenda: The meeting is this Weds @ 4PM and 10PM UTC. No minutes found for last week. :( *mournful bleating*
15:14ericktmeetingbot, you liar
15:15ericktit's right in the topic!
15:15ericktI thought we were on good terms
15:15ericktbut you have to go and pull that off, dontcha
15:32locks10pm utc? xD
15:32locksoohh, two meetings
15:32locksdouble the fun
15:53ericktlocks: yep! we now have members in an inconvenient triangle (trisphere?) Europe, US, and New Zealand
15:54lockswe have the same problem
15:57theJPsterTook me a moment to realise I'm currently on +0100. Stupid daylight savings.
15:58erickttheJPster: it's the worst!
15:58ericktbut if you get it wrong today, we got you covered cuz we got two meeting
16:00ericktmeeting time!!!
16:00ericktwho's here today?
16:01ericktbig thing on the table is getting this worldwide meetup setup
16:01locksunless you get it wrong both times
16:01ericktlocks: then we'll plan another meeting!
16:01ericktwe'll just have a 24hour meeting
16:02* locks puts Happy's videoclip as backdrop
16:02ericktcarols10cents / Manishearth: you around?
16:02carols10centsi think Manishearth is traveling
16:03carols10centsso no updates on airmo stuff
16:03erickthrm. well I don't want to waste too much time on trying to figure out tech stuff
16:04ericktso we should probably start advancing towards figuring out a CFP and hosting locations
16:04ericktcarols10cents: I can't remember, did you put out a CFP before you had a firm date?
16:04carols10centserickt: nope
16:04ericktor did you lock in a place first?
16:04carols10centsdate 1st
16:04carols10centsotherwise people don't know if they're available :-/
16:05ericktbah. people should work around our schedule
16:05ericktme me me
16:05carols10centswe could try the other way
16:06carols10centsand just make it clear that the deadline wont be until after we have a date
16:06carols10centswe're considering a weekend in sept
16:06carols10centsand if it turns out you're not available, no worries
16:06carols10centsget people thinking about it
16:06bstrieoh wait is there a meeting?
16:06bstrieam I here totally by accident??
16:06carols10centsthe real tough thing is going to be
16:06erickthi bstrie!
16:06carols10centseach rust conference has their own cfp app
16:07carols10centsso which do we use
16:07bstriewhichever one is written in rust, obvs
16:07ericktcarols10cents: I think the sensible thing to do is make our own cfp
16:07carols10centsor do we go with the 18th standard
16:07ericktthen you'll need to fight with yourself
16:07locksdone, next
16:07carols10centslook we need to be able to customize questions
16:07lockssorry ,that's the wrong one
16:08carols10centslike what time zone are you in, what language would you be giving your talk in
16:08ericktcarols10cents: two times over cuz you are on the core team, and now rustconf is under your leadership!
16:08locksyes sebasmagri
16:08carols10centsdoes papercall let you do that?
16:08locksI believe so
16:08carols10centswait have we decided on the language issue
16:09carols10centswe could argue about that now if we dont have anything else
16:09sebasmagriI don't think papercall let you add geo/time info for each proposal
16:09sebasmagribut we should check it out
16:11erickthm. english would be the easiest, since that's how I think our largest community communicates
16:11carols10centsi disagree let's fight
16:11carols10cents(i'm just in a fighting mood today)
16:11sebasmagriwe should have the schedule in english, with a language indicator and the title of the talk in the language as a tooltip
16:11erickthowever, as part of the CFP we could gather up what languages people might want to present under
16:11locksI like the timezone boxed language thing
16:12ericktwe could also potentially have parallel talks if we're on youtube
16:12sebasmagriLike `Bla bla | Time @ TZ(with UTC as tooltip) | Spanish(with bla bla in spanish as tooltip)`
16:13ericktwe could survey our meetup organizers to see what languages their community speaks
16:13sebasmagriit's mostly english currently
16:13bstriecarols10cents: you've gone mad with power
16:13sebasmagrioh 1 sec
16:13ericktwe need another rust survey
16:14ericktooh, we should put out the survey in different languages
16:16bstriebtw I've announced the boston 1.0 anniversary party meetup
16:16carols10centsok the only way i can see to ask custom questions in papercall
16:16Manisheartherickt: carols10cents I am here
16:16carols10centsis you can ask a bunch of questions, and submitters can answer all of them in one text box
16:16ericktbstrie: oh yeah, we got our birthday on
16:16carols10centswhich is a problem because people don't friggin read directions ever
16:17locksemberconf has a cfp app I think?
16:17carols10centslocks: we're not at a loss for apps, each rust conference has their own lolo
16:17carols10centsit's a matter of deciding between them
16:17sebasmagrithis is a list of rust meetups I gathered from
16:17locksit's SWOT time
16:18bstriewhy don't we ask other confs for what they use, and then use their thing, so that they're on the hook for maintaining it
16:18lockswhat are the apps
16:18carols10centsmine is
16:18carols10centsidk what the others are
16:18carols10centsbstrie: we are the other confs
16:18bstrieerickt: oh awesome speaker, I was wondering what dropbox was up to these days
16:18bstriecarols10cents: I mean, non-rust confs
16:18sebasmagriI'm afraid that most conferences CFP apps do not have this `distributed` requirement
16:18ericktcarols10cents: just checked the 2016 survey, 94.5% responders are fluent in english, 17.6% other, 14.2% german, 10.9% in french
16:19erickteverything else is under 10 percent
16:19ericktbut the survey was in english, so take it with a grain of salt
16:19bstriewe can find folks to translate the survey this year, if we have the energy
16:19bstriecertainly into german
16:19locksI can do PT
16:19carols10centsi still think it would be nice to have a few talks in other languages
16:19bstriecarols10cents: where, at RBR?
16:19carols10centsbstrie: no, in the remote conf
16:20bstrieaha, first I've heard of this
16:22carols10centsbstrie:, take a look at the meeting minutes around march 1
16:22carols10centswe havent announced yet because we havent picked a date because we're not sure if airmo IT people can help us
16:23ericktManishearth: oh hey you said you're here. any word from moz on using their space?
16:24ericktcarols10cents: yeah
16:25ericktfyi, technically we're supposed to end in 5 minutes, but we can keep going as long as all y'all want to keep talking
16:27erickthow about we send out a mail to the organizer list saying we want to do this worldwide thing on a weekend in september. tentatively 9/16 or 9/23
16:28ericktto hold the date, and invite them to next week's meetup
16:28carols10cents ship it
16:28ericktfor CFP, lets use whatever is most convenient
16:28badboya worldwide thing on my birthday? I'm in!
16:29ericktbadboy: sold! we'll sing you happy birthday around the world
16:29skadeoh, is the meeting back at 6?
16:29ericktskade: 10pm UTC?
16:29ericktif that's 6 for you?
16:30skademe and timezones
16:30ericktoh, 4pm == 6pm UTC
16:30ericktwe can keep going though
16:31skadeerickt: ha, that will be a september
16:31skadeone rustfest is planned for the 29th (september)
16:31ericktoh? hrm
16:32ericktcan you reschedule rustfest? ;)
16:32skadeI see no collision there
16:32skadeso, is everything discussed already? I've got a small thing
16:32erickthow about then 6/6 or 9/16, to give a little separation from rustfest
16:33erickterr, 9/6
16:33skade9/16 sounds great
16:33ericktor 2017-09-06 or 2017-09-16 for those of you that write dates in odd orders (which frankly I prefer)
16:34ericktI suppose we don't need to block ourselves on deciding a CFP app at the moment
16:34ericktanything else on the worldwide meetup?
16:34ericktif not, then take it away skade
16:35skadeokay, so contacted me that they have RSS support now. if everyones fine, I'll attach the community blog as a test and the blog at earliest convenience
16:35skadethat's about it :)
16:36ericktthere's also which I recently discovered
16:37booyaa[i need to link meeting bot to the google calendar, would make things easier for announcements. i think google calendars still have rss/atom feeds
16:38sebasmagrioh and it's written in Rust :-)
16:38skadeerickt: yeah, but i don't want to feed an aggregator into an aggregator :)
16:38skadeI could ask about their stance, though :)
16:38ericktskade: of course!
16:38ericktbut we could add the planet rust sources into
16:38ericktthen they could fight it out
16:39ericktwhich would make bloodthirsty carols10cents happy
16:39carols10centsFIGHT. ME.
16:39ericktbooyaa[: I don't see an RSS feed, but I did find an .ics link:
16:40booyaa[erickt: cool there's prolly a parser for ical
16:40ericktI bet
16:40booyaa[i would not want to fight carols10cents not unless the rest of the team formed into voltron
16:40booyaa[even then it would be a close battle
16:41skadebadboy: when is the rustfest meeting today?
16:41ericktalrighty then, if there's nothing else, I'm gonna start working on a draft to the organizer team. i'll send it off to community-team@ before i send it everywhere else
17:11bstriecarols10cents: did that software conservancy guy ever get back to you?
17:11carols10centsbstrie: nope
17:11bstrieah well
17:44Manisheartherickt: I thought I already gave an update?
17:44Manishearthwe can use the space, the issue is the streaming -- we can't get someone to handle that 24hrs. we could potentially do it ourselvse
19:34frewsxcvAnyone know when RustConf CFP is supposed to open?
19:37frewsxcvI should probably start prepping for a proposal anyways
21:00meetingbotThis week's agenda: The meeting is this Weds @ 4PM and 10PM UTC. No minutes found for last week. :( *mournful bleating*
21:45ericktT-15 minutes!
21:47badboy'til going to bed, yeah :P
21:50* jntrnr pants
21:50jntrnromg I'm actually going to make it to this for a change
21:50jntrnrmaybe... :o
21:53ericktjntrnr: get ready!
21:54ericktit's time for the final final countdown!
21:54ericktof today
21:55* jntrnr plays
21:56* jntrnr still doesn't know why they fly low over a marsh at the beginning
21:57ericktbecause it's epic
21:57jntrnrBands named after places... Europe... Boston... Kansas... UK...
22:00ericktand it's time!
22:00ericktwho's in?
22:00erickthi jntrnr! it's been so long!
22:00* jntrnr lets Eye of the Tiger play
22:00jntrnrgreetz :D
22:00ericktI shifted over to the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack
22:01jntrnris it just the two of us?
22:01ericktmight be you and me today, if badboy went to sleep :)
22:01erickthave you started working on the survey?
22:01jntrnrtbh I looked at it but that's as far as I've gotten
22:02ericktah ok. so one thing skade suggested was using a different technology to run the survey, since he found the raw text hard to manipulate
22:02ericktdo you have experience with alternative tools?
22:02jntrnrI don't
22:02jntrnrdid he have suggestions?
22:03jntrnrI like how we could craft it based on their answers
22:03jntrnrand export to excel
22:03ericktme too
22:03jntrnrtbh I thought the data output was fine, but I did have to massage some
22:03jntrnrbut that's normal working with raw data
22:04ericktseems like there are a bunch of alternatives
22:05ericktwell, I figure we'd have to script out extracting data, which isn't *that* scary. but maybe other alternatives can make prettier forms?
22:06ericktanyway, do you have an estimate on how long it'll take to get out the door?
22:06ericktor are we too early?
22:06* jntrnr listens to the crickets
22:06ericktit'd be wonderful if we could announce it during our birthday parties
22:06jntrnrwhen is that?
22:06ericktabstractly? may
22:07ericktthe sf meetup is on the 4th
22:07ericktboston is on the 3rd, i think (bstrie?)
22:07jntrnrI'll see if I can get some people together to work on it
22:07ericktsure. we could carve out a working session, maybe over the weekend?
22:07jntrnrI found the feedback from the last one but it seems like there were at least a couple bigger changes people wanted to make
22:08jntrnrbut yeah, wishing carols10cents and skade were here
22:08jntrnrbrson I think is still out
22:08ericktI think so
22:08jntrnrwe were talking survey
22:09erickthm. looking at it might only be a few questions to add
22:09jntrnrthere were some revisions we wanted to do for the new one
22:09jntrnrI mean, I can take a swing at doing the changes and then let folks review
22:10skadeah, so google forms is just a terrible mess that writes to spreadsheets
22:10ericktskade: have you used typeform?
22:11skadeonly on the input side
22:11bstrieerickt: announce what? rbr cfp? survey?
22:11skadebut I heard good things about it
22:11ericktbstrie: announce survey at the birthday parties
22:11skade(also, I know one of the people who implemented it)
22:11ericktmight not be worthwhile, but a good way to draw attention to it
22:11jntrnrahh, if we want to move to new tech, that's going to be a bit more time involvement
22:13jntrnrskade: do you have a better survey system you like?
22:14skadenope, I'd have a look at typeform
22:14skadethere's also surveymonkey, but their interface seems very clunky
22:15erickt - $29 a year, which isn't so bad
22:17ericktit doesn'
22:17ericktt seem like there's a way to automatically convert survey
22:18ericktooh, that's a bit more then
22:18skadealso, you need to have pro+ if you want to remove branding and such...
22:19jntrnrseems like google is the lesser evil still?
22:19skadei think, for surveymonkey, mozilla devrel has an account
22:19ericktyeah, it might be easiest to start there. we could convert it later if we have freetime
22:19skadejntrnr: have you had a look at the resulting data?
22:19jntrnroh they might lemme ask
22:19jntrnrskade: for the google thing? yeah I did the analysis
22:20ericktskade: it's not great, but hey, you built a rust data extractor for it :)
22:20jntrnrI haven't looked at the output from a surveymonkey though
22:20ericktthat was fun :)
22:20skadedid you use the google thingy or work on the raw data?
22:20skadeah, I see. that was great :)
22:20skadeI mean, in the end, if you keep everything very carefully aligned, you can use google forms, it's just not very pleasant
22:20ericktseems surveymonkey does about the same thing?
22:21skadewell, the issue was mainly that Google Forms doesn't properly quote data, for example
22:22ericktoh? I don't remember that
22:23ericktdo you remember where you had to handle that?
22:23skadeIf you have a free-form answer that has a comma, you'll get "anwer1, answer2, all I'm saying, is"
22:23skadeyep, in exactly those cases
22:23skadethat can be circumvented by going xlsx->csv over excel or something
22:24jntrnrskade: I thought google forms had xls output or am I remembering wrong?
22:24ericktah, yeah
22:24ericktI'm looking through my code and I do see myself reading xlsx, but I don't remember why
22:25skadeyep, and then you need to fight with that ugly behaviour of trying to find out which one in this thing is the free-text answer
22:25jntrnryeah, it does
22:25jntrnryeah, that's true
22:25jntrnrmaybe we if we put those last?
22:25skadeso, I guess, with enough care (for example by making the free-text a seperate "answer"), you could circumvent that, too
22:25ericktthat's true, that was annoying
22:25skadewell, but what is "last"?
22:26jntrnrI'll see if i can clean that up also
22:26jntrnrI think your idea of just separating them so they are their own column
22:26ericktI did have to prepopulate my code with the responses
22:26skadeIn any case, probably makes sense to have the reading script ready before the survey starts
22:26jntrnrso we can tweak it before it's live
22:26bstrieerickt: is there a place where we can proofread the survey?
22:27ericktbstrie: yeah it's on google drive in the "rust community private" folder
22:29bstrieerickt: I have no idea how to find folder in google drive
22:29bstrieoh I found it through the search box
22:31ericktwell, jntrnr want to see if mozilla has a surveymonkey account?
22:31ericktin the meantime, we could just start adding in the new questions
22:32ericktto google forms, then solve the export problem later
22:32jntrnrerickt: I thought we agreed google was okay as long as we made the fixes?
22:32jntrnrI took some notes
22:32ericktoh I suppose
22:33ericktalright fine. hm. so I might have some time on sunday to work on stuff
22:33ericktor randomly on evenings
22:33jntrnrI'll try to carve out a block of time to make the fixes
22:33jntrnrthen we can try a tool on it
22:34skadeokay, please share drafts early, we had some back and forth with some of the questions last time :)
22:34skadesooo, I'll head to bed
22:34ericktalright well I should also be getting to work
22:35jntrnrthx all
22:35ericktthank you all!
20 Apr 2017
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