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18 May 2017
00:02Manishearthcarols10cents: in general IMO when dealing with potentially-heated or already-heated situations requiring moderation deescalation is important. When someone is Mad on the Internet and are being told to be Not Mad, misunderstanding them is the last thing you want to do -- it furthers an impression that they are misunderstood and being yelled at due to a misunderstanding.
00:03Manishearththe issue was not about the existence of the bug, it was about the fact that bug wasn't advertised in the readme or w/e
00:03Manishearththis isn't really too problematic
00:04Manishearthand I'm not sayign the escalation is your *fault*. but in general I'm in favor of being more careful in these situations
00:04Manishearthand ultimately your comment did misrepresent/strawman the point kmc was making.
00:04Manishearththat said, this is all a real minor issue here. the main issue is the original comment
00:04carols10centsManishearth: he was acting selfrighteous
00:05Manishearthcarols10cents: yes
00:05carols10centsManishearth: and i was pointing that out
00:05frewsxcv(s/he/they/ iirc)
00:06carols10centsManishearth: thank you for acknowledging that the main issue is the original comment
00:06Manishearthit is, it always was, sorry if i gave you the wrong impression there :)
00:07carols10centsManishearth: yes, i'm sorry i got defensive when i saw that that was one of the first things you noticed
00:07Manishearthbut with aturon's comment IMO there's not much more i can do there aside from a "mod note: i agree" or something. But I do want the team to be more careful in handling such situations. We usually are, and I was surprised to see it not be the case here, so I thought I'd spell out why.
00:08ManishearthExcept of course I was busy and didn't get a chance to spell out the issue there so that was a bad idea :)
00:08Manishearthjust saying "your comment is bad and you should feel bad" was not constructive, sorry about that
00:09Manishearthadded a note
00:10carols10centsi know i have more work to do in the level of diplomacy i use in communication.
00:10Manishearthwe all do
00:11carols10centsi am just concerned sometimes that we're *too* diplomatic and not clear enough about what is and is not acceptable
00:11Manishearthmoderation is ... hard
00:11carols10centsso probably being clearer instead of snarky would have been better, just "this sentiment is not appropriate here" and leave.
00:12ManishearthI just wanna say, the git devs are so nice. I did not expect this.
00:13Manishearth> I'm assuming you're newer to the community, so Welcome! Take a load off
00:13Manishearthand stay a while :)
00:13Manishearthand helpful with patch submission
00:14Manishearth(apologies for changing the subject, just got another nice git dev email even though im being an idiot on their ML and doing idiot things, and they're all nice about it, and it makes me happy)
00:14edunhamManishearth: I strongly suspect that you are behaving constructively, even if you're ignorant about local practices, and they probably appreciate that a lot
00:15Manishearthedunham: perhaps yeah
00:15edunhamlike, I can't imagine you emailing them with "it's broken fix it EOM", which is what I would say if you asked me to impersonate "being an idiot on a mailing list"
00:15Manishearthi need to A/B this
00:15Manishearthedunham: pls be an idiot on the git ML for me
00:38fwiw!learn love =
00:38rustbotLearned factoid 'love'.
00:39fwiw"it's possible to have good faith technical discussion, and to get to the bottom of issues including prioritization and values, all while treating each other kindly and with respect"
00:40fwiw!love @ aturon's post
00:40rustbotaturon's post:
00:52bstrieaturon: yo aturon I was typing up my response while you were posting yours so I didn't see it, but thanks for being such a good project lead
01:11aturonbstrie: <3 thanks, that means a lot
08:02rustbotRust YouTube channel is
08:21skade!love rustbot&#39;s new features
08:21skade!love @ rustbot&#39;s new features
08:21rustbotrustbot&#39;s new features:
08:24HavvyI might as well turn love into an actual command.
08:25rustbotYou&#39;re doing good work, everybody!
08:25HavvyI can even make ! work too...
08:40fwiw!checkmark @ feature added
08:40rustbotfeature added:
08:59Trangar!checkmark @ Suggested RIIR
08:59rustbotSuggested RIIR:
09:01theJPsterThat reddit thread is really weird now it&#39;s been redacted.
09:02Havvy!learn check @= checkmark
09:02rustbotLearned alias &#39;check&#39; => &#39;checkmark&#39;.
09:04fwiwself redacting or mod redacting?
09:04fwiw!check @ smile protected
09:04rustbotsmile protected:
09:05Havvy!check @ privilege
09:16skade!checkmark @ got things done
09:16rustbotgot things done:
09:19HavvyIt&#39;s abuse of @.
09:19Havvy!check @ abuse of @
09:19rustbotabuse of @:
09:20fwiwHavvy: it&#39;s a feature :D
13:56misdreavus!love @ abuse of @
13:56rustbotabuse of @:
14:59erickt!check @ Wanting to join in the fun
14:59rustbotWanting to join in the fun:
15:24* rustbot approved
21:41joelHas the venue for RustConf 2017 been published?
21:41steveklabniksame as last year
21:41steveklabnikthe nines hotel
21:41steveklabnikit is not on the website because we are very behind
21:47frewsxcvlooks like kmc deleted their comments?
19 May 2017
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