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17 May 2017
01:03carols10centsSimonSapin: badboy i got september for rustfest zurich from
07:34booyaa[wow making my way through the kiev talks, really enjoying the talks. excellent work everyone!
07:57booyaa[i don't know if this is a mod question, but what's best channel mode settings on mozilla? looks like i get the defaults (+nrt)
07:57booyaa[i've noticed most of the rust ones have CFfj? which i can't find docs for
08:04badboysomeone randomly hitting the keyboard for modes
09:12booyaa[badboy: lol
14:47ericktmeeting day!
15:06booyaa[moin mr. t!
15:13badboyI'm out at a conference, so can't join in
15:19ericktbooyaa[: mornin
15:20ericktbadboy: you could invite the conference to our meeting
15:20ericktwe don't want to be rude
15:20badboyerickt: you don't want that :/
15:20ericktanyone have agenda items? booyaa[ / badboy / carols10cents / skade / bstrie / carols10cents / brson / johannh
15:21carols10centswhy'd i get 2 mentions
15:21carols10centsbadboy: i don't understand, there aren't any rust conferences happening right now
15:23badboyI _do_ have non-Rust topics to talk about
15:23badboy(ok, well, not pure rust at least)
15:24carols10centsbadboy: ????? does not compute
15:24ericktcarols10cents: :) I really wanted to make sure you are paying attention
15:28ericktanyone want to punch up our description on urlo?
15:28ericktI threw in a simple sentence
15:30theJPsterWe had a meetup yesterday. It was fun!
15:30ericktmeetups are fun
15:31booyaa[theJPster: who spoke in the end? and how many attendees?
15:31theJPsterAt least one person was disappointed there wasn't any pizza. So, something for next time maybe.
15:31booyaa[erickt: where's your sentence? i only see brson's
15:32ericktbooyaa[: I edited brsons
15:32theJPsterI got everyone to introduce themselves, then I did a talk. 20 booked, 18 showed up I think
15:32booyaa[theJPster: heh i've been blessed didn't have a gripe about lack of pizza
15:32ericktit was a placeholder
15:32booyaa[i shall ruminate
15:32carols10centstheJPster: keep in mind that no matter what you do, someone will complain about something ;)
15:33theJPsterAt least with codenode you can eat outside. The Science Park is a bit barren from a food point of view.
15:33theJPsterUnless we do it Thursday lunchtime when the gourmet food vans arrive.
15:34booyaa[tell you what i'll front some krispy kremes when i visit
15:34booyaa[who knows maybe by then, they'll do savour donuts *gags*
15:54ericktit's time to rock!!!
16:00ericktmeeeting time!
16:01ericktwho else is in today?
16:01theJPsterI might hang around for this one. Got in to work late today.
16:01skadeI have to leave early today, I have to speak to the tech speakers about rust later
16:02sebasmagri\o / 2 (means half available)
16:02ericktok so lets get started. I didn't see anything new on the agenda
16:02ericktso lets first start with underhanded
16:03ericktI got us a proper semi-hardened instance running in amazon with the submissions uploaded
16:03ericktwho wants to review?
16:03skadehoverbear too
16:03* erickt waves at hoverbear
16:04erickt(long time no see!)
16:04hoverbearerickt: yeah well come to Berlin! :)
16:04ericktif only it was next door!
16:05hoverbearerickt: it is, the door frame is just a few thousand kilometers
16:06skadesoo, how will access be given to the instance?
16:06ericktso ok, the two options I see we have. I could either give you access by way of you giving me an ssh key, or I can decompress the submissions, make sure they're not full of viruses, and upload them to s3 or google drive
16:09ericktedunham / Manishearth: didn't you also want to judge?
16:12ericktskade: you now should be able to do `ssh underhanded@`
16:12ericktthat account should have pretty limited privileges
16:13ericktbut I did install rustup
16:13ericktaturon: interested in judging for underhanded?
16:14aturonerickt: i do not have the bandwidth
16:14ericktfor everyone else, we should carve out an official time to review
16:17ericktok next up, worldwide conference
16:17ericktI finally sent the email I said I&#39;d send a week ago
16:18ericktwhat&#39;s next for us to do? start putting together a CFP?
16:18ericktdo we need a date for the CFP? or could we just say more abstractly &quot;in the fall&quot;?
16:19carols10centsif we dont have a date
16:19carols10centswe need to be ok with speakers potentially dropping out
16:19carols10centsonce we have a date if they&#39;re not available
16:20carols10centsare we ok with that?
16:20ericktcarols10cents: I just don&#39;t know how long it&#39;s gonna take to lock in locations
16:21carols10centswell we&#39;re not going to lock in locations until we have a date either
16:21carols10centshow do we know if the locations are available?
16:21ericktyeah :)
16:22ericktI suppose the first thing we need for locations we need to identify volunteers to host the events, otherwise we just can&#39;t run things in those spaces.
16:23carols10centsi dont think locations need to gate anything else
16:23carols10centswe don&#39;t *need* locations anywhere
16:23theJPsterWhat size venues do you think you&#39;ll need?
16:23erickttheJPster: I was thinking meetup size
16:24ericktbut I suppose it depends on the interest
16:24booyaa[has the date been decided yet is it weekend or weekday?
16:24ericktI would say weekend
16:24ericktif there&#39;s a chance of it actually being 24 hours
16:25erickthas rustfest zurich picked a date?
16:25booyaa[theJPster: you thinking about stepping up for the uk? i might drive across if so. i tend to avoid the big smoke on a weekend.
16:25theJPstertempted. Need to space out the favours I ask thought ;)
16:26ericktskade: has rustfest zurich picked a date?
16:28erickthow about we tentatively say September 23 for the worldwide meetup? (wwm?)
16:28carols10centsGOOD DO IT
16:29theJPsterNail it down and give it a shake to see if it sticks.
16:30bstrieoh right, a meeting!
16:31* erickt waves at bstrie
16:31bstrieyes, I wanted to bring up underhanded, since there was a reddit thread asking about it last week
16:31ericktbooyaa[: hm? according to my calendar 2017-09-23 and 2017-09-24 is a weekend
16:32ericktbstrie: took a little bit to get a hardened environment setup, but it&#39;s there, and all the submissions are now uploaded
16:32booyaa[ah sorry i misread as 21st
16:32ericktwe now just need to get judges to judge
16:34ericktbstrie: wanna judge?
16:34bstrieI don&#39;t feel especially qualified to review underhandedness
16:35bstriethough I could if nobody else steps up. how many reviewers do you have?
16:35sebasmagrican we do an internal call of the reviews for those who want to learn? :-)
16:35aidanhsminor note, my submissions recommend using docker for ease of building and testing
16:35ericktskade hoverbear, and I thought Manishearth and edunham
16:36ericktand myself
16:36erickthi aidanhs!
16:36ericktwe are going to get back to you reall soon now
16:36ericktsorry it&#39;s taken so long!
16:36aidanhsdon&#39;t mind me, just eavesdropping
16:37ericktsebasmagri: internal review of the underhanded submissions?
16:37aidanhsdon&#39;t worry about it, there were only two submitters right? not exactly high profile :) I&#39;m almost more interested to find out who I was &#39;up against&#39;!
16:39erickthm. anyone else have anything for the agenda?
16:39theJPsterWhere do I send dates for future meetups?
16:40erickttheJPster: for your meetups, or the wwm?
16:40theJPsterlocal meetups
16:40erickttheJPster: we could get you onto
16:41booyaa[theJPster: got a gmail address? we can give you editor access
16:41theJPstererickt: Already sent a PR for the groups page
16:42erickttheJPster: invite sent
16:42erickttheJPster: oh? what&#39;s the PR?
16:42theJPsterIt added the line that says &quot;Cambridge Rust, Cambridge.&quot;
16:43erickttheJPster: against which repository?
16:44theJPstererickt:, like the link says at the top ;)
16:44ericktoh, you are already on that page :)
16:45theJPsterWhat time zone is that calendar?
16:46erickttheJPster: you should create events and explicitly set the timezone
16:46ericktthen google will put it in the right spot for everyone
16:46theJPsterFair enough. It was trying to tell me my meeting was at 10.30am yesterday.
16:46theJPsterIt looks better now I view it though my Google Calendar.
16:47theJPsterAh yes, the embedded view linked above was set to PST
16:48skadeerickt: sorry, I had to drop out. we haven&#39;t picked a date, still waiting for a reply from the university
16:48theJPstergotta run. Thanks everyone.
16:48booyaa[theJPster: o/
16:48ericktskade: great
16:49ericktso I think if there&#39;s nothing else, we can wrap up
16:50skadejust met someone who supports the video infrastructure in mozilla
16:50ericktskade: great!
16:50ericktdid you bring up the virtual conference idea?
17:00skadeyeah, got a contact
17:00skadeI just don&#39;t want to open up too many channels at once.
17:22skadesomeone just assumed ms2ger is a bot in the tech speakers call /cc Manishearth
17:54skadeanyone wants to explore adding rust to
18:01booyaa[i seem to recall someone had looked at this, i recognise the ui
18:03booyaa[or not according to my irc logs
19:08booyaa[must&#39;ve dreamt it
22:02* jntrnr looks around
22:05Manishearthi have to do an interview in a bit so maybe won&#39;t be here much
22:43carols10centshrm are yinz ok with this sentiment bc i&#39;m not
22:44edunhamwow that&#39;s definitely unconstructive
22:45edunhamI&#39;d call that an insult as well
22:46edunhamIf I was a mod I&#39;d definitely take it down, but then again I&#39;m not a mod and won&#39;t claim to grasp the nuances of it.
22:47aturonbstrie: ^
22:48edunhamcarols10cents: lol yup &quot;I&#39;m not on board with the idea that we must suppress all expressions of annoyance and frustration.&quot; is the key. We&#39;re not onboard with folks expressing annoyance and frustration in that way.
22:48carols10centsand like humor is fine, but punching down humor is not
22:49edunhamLooks from the 3mins I&#39;ve looked at it like we might have just found a fundamental difference of opinion with the community standards. FWIW I think you handled the thread as well as could be imagined, carols10cents :)
22:50aturonfwiw, this particular person has had problems in the past along these lines
22:51carols10centsyeah i think i had them tagged in my reddit enhancement suite thing but my tags got corrupted
22:52aturonfwiw: omg
22:53aturonwhy would you do that to yourself!?
22:53carols10centsi know someone whose name is walter hoops, and his irc nick is whoops
22:53fwiwaturon: thanks for the compliment :)))
22:57edunhamcarols10cents: the mis-pings there must be pretty funny
22:57edunham&quot;you called?&quot; &quot;whoops, didn&#39;t mean to ping you&quot;
22:58edunham&quot;that pinged me too!&quot; &quot;whoops! ...whoops&quot;
22:59aidanhsas a casual observer, and putting tone aside, I&#39;d maybe understand the reaction if this was an RCE or something. but the comment doesn&#39;t say anything except &quot;this is terrible&quot; which doesn&#39;t clarify why it&#39;s so bad (the scenarios I&#39;m coming up with are...contrived)
23:14carols10centsbut also.... we don&#39;t put tone aside here
23:17aidanhsas I&#39;d expect. I just didn&#39;t have anything to contribute on that front
23:21aturoncarols10cents: troll fed:
23:22aturonthis is pretty much a hill i&#39;m willing to die on
23:23steveklabniki did not see this in that thread at all
23:23* steveklabnik saw the one or tow initial positive comments
23:23carols10centsaturon: <3
23:27edunhamLogged into Reddit just to upvote that.
23:32frewsxcvI feel like theres gotta be a better place for this discussion than on the comments for this blog post
23:33frewsxcvI don&#39;t think it&#39;s fair to label kmc a troll here. They definitely aren&#39;t trolling
23:34steveklabnikit is unneccesarily inflammatory
23:34steveklabnikthat is close enough to trolling imho
23:35steveklabnikat the very least, while they&#39;re talking about a legit issue, they are not doing it in a constructive wya
23:36aturonfrewsxcv: I&#39;m less interested in the label and more interested in what we consider appropriate ways of talking to each other
23:40ManishearthI&#39;m in the middle of something, but quick thoughts:
23:40Manishearth - it is technical criticism, but abrasive
23:40Manishearth - not trolling
23:40Manishearth - I don&#39;t think carols10cents was being fair with the &quot;bug free library&quot; comment
23:40Manishearth - security is a sensitive topic
23:41Manishearth - I think we should not have such comments but I&#39;m not 100% sure if we should enforce it
23:41Manishearthbrb once i finish the thing and look closer at the thread
23:44aturonI regret flippantly using the term &quot;troll&quot;, please ignore that distraction n
23:45carols10centsManishearth: we don&#39;t shame people here
23:45Manishearthcarols10cents: yes
23:45carols10centsManishearth: because we are all guilty
23:46carols10centsManishearth: also i dont see how my fairness is relevant
23:47Manishearthcarols10cents: i meant that it was not relevant, and only derailed further. it wasn&#39;t relevant because while we are all guilty of writing bugs if you write a major bug you should advertise that in the readme or w/e
23:47Manishearththe core sentiment there is correct
23:47Manishearththe shaming is not
23:48Manishearth(and it seems to be that the bug is actually not major because cookies aren&#39;t supported anyway)
23:48Manishearthbut w/e
23:48Manishearthnot so important
23:48Manishearthi was just throwing out thoughts as i went through
23:48carols10centsyes so why was my fairness the 3rd thought of yours
23:50Manishearthcarols10cents: I saw aturon&#39;s comment first (yall linked to it), then kmc&#39;s, then the discussion around aturon&#39;s comment
23:51Manishearthagain, im still doing a thing and cant look too closely
23:51Manishearthlm finish
23:51carols10centsManishearth: i linked to the top thread at 6:43 EDT
23:51Manishearthcarols10cents: i didn&#39;t see that first
23:51carols10centsManishearth: it doesn&#39;t seem fair to me for you to judge my fairness while you&#39;re distracted
23:53Manishearthi will give a better analysis in 5m when im done and i have another chance to go through everything
23:56Manishearthok, back
23:58ManishearthSo, I think I agree with aturon and carols10cents in that thread
23:58ManishearthI still do not think the &quot;bug free library&quot; comment was warranted
23:58ManishearthI obviously do not think the original comment was warranted
23:59ManishearthI&#39;m not sure if I should delete it. Probably should leave a mod note, but I can&#39;t really word it better than aturon at this point
23:59carols10centsManishearth: can you explain more what you mean by &quot; I still do not think the &quot;bug free library&quot; comment was warranted&quot;
18 May 2017
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