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17 Mar 2017
06:58sebasmagricarols10cents: been trying to preorder the book for a while but when I go to the cart it says it's empty... :-(
07:00scottsebasmagri: I had the same problem and fixed it by going to rather than (https, not http)
07:02sebasmagrithanks scott will try
07:04scottManishearth: bstrie: huon: can someone pin this comment? is that a thing reddit mods can do?
07:07Manishearthscott: yep
07:08Manishearthscott: can't sticky yours, only mine. done
07:08scottManishearth: thanks!
08:13badboyuff, if that is the actual shipping rate to germany:
08:14scottbadboy: ouch :(
08:19badboyfrom the 1.16 announcement post alone you can see that steveklabnik is using Windows :D
08:20scottI noticed that :P
13:30WindowsBunnyTrackPopupMenusteveklabnik: I see you've been tab completing file names in powershell :P
13:30steveklabnikWindowsBunnyTrackPopupMenu: yes :p
13:31WindowsBunnyTrackPopupMenuoh boy, a proper rust book
13:31stianbut why!?
13:31stianYeah I'm totally ordering that
13:31* WindowsBunnyTrackPopupMenu hopes there is at least one bunny picture in that book
13:31carols10centsWindowsBunnyTrackPopupMenu: no, crabs. crabs is our thing
13:31stianoh :( I can't add it to cart..
13:32carols10centsstian: go to https
13:32badboycarols10cents: \o/
13:32badboycarols10cents: otherwise you need to grab me a copy and I drop by to get it ;)
13:32carols10centsnostarch just upgraded their website
13:32stianhrmf ok
13:32badboy(and if that happens I want a signature in there!!!)
13:32carols10centsbadboy: that is also an option, and totally!! rust belt rust is also in october, justsayin :)
13:33WindowsBunnyTrackPopupMenusteveklabnik: for winapi, the difference between cargo build and cargo check is 0.1 seconds (out of 12 seconds)
13:33badboycarols10cents: I might be in the right time zone by then, but probably in another country
13:33WindowsBunnyTrackPopupMenusteveklabnik: the difference is only that big due to a bug
13:35stianpreorder in :D
13:40booyaa[hopefully carols10cents and steveklabnik will visit LDN sometime in the future to sign my copy
13:41carols10centsbooyaa[: throw a conference!
13:54booyaa[heh i bet y'all have seen this one already
13:59carols10centsRUST: THE LONGEST WAR (with the borrow checker)
14:43booyaa[mmm i think no starch's cart doesn't like websense will try and preorder when i get home
14:47Aaronepowerbooyaa[ You have to be on the https website
14:55sebasmagribadboy: it's the same shipping rate to Mexico :-) :-(
15:36badboysebasmagri: yeah, but if nostrach can expand it to amazon and co it will get cheaper
15:39sebasmagriwould be great to promote it here... that would make it accessible for more people
15:57sebasmagriHTTPS Everywhere helps with the nostarch issue btw
18 Mar 2017
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