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17 Jul 2017
06:53booyaa[seriously thinking about throwing my hat into the rustfest cfp
07:24badboybooyaa[: DO IT
08:33booyaa[looks like i'll get a lot of help too, i've only done meetup talks. never done a conf.
08:33badboyrustfest is a good place to start with that
11:01aidanhsbooyaa[: do it! I'm in the same boat, everyone has to start somewhere. if nothing else, I reckon more submissions means more choice for organisers and so better conferences :)
11:16skadebooyaa[: do it!
12:42skadedoes anyone have insight in how the visualisations of the swift playground and such work?
13:04skadei'm very confused that there's no good visualisers for memory interactions of simple programs :/
14:37booyaa[skade: something like this?
14:39skadebooyaa[: interestingly, more like this: :D
14:43booyaa[oh i've heard of these kinda games, very nice!
14:43booyaa[but also yeah good way to see what code is doing
15:25meetingbotTime to check the TWIR Friends of the Forest thread! beep boop!
15:58ag_dubsis there an action item associated with meetingbot's telling us to czech the Friends of the Forest thread out?
16:00* notriddle assumes that ag_dubs meant to say check
16:02* ag_dubs nods
16:07carols10centsag_dubs: i think we're supposed to see if anyone nominated anyone, and if so, send a PR to This Week in Rust, and if not, we should nominate someone?
16:08ag_dubsgot it
16:08ag_dubslooks like @brson nominated and that's it
16:08ag_dubsdid we tweet about this or anything?
16:13carols10centsi think that nomination made it into TWiR last week
16:13carols10centsi dont think we tweeted
16:14carols10centsyep guillaume was last week
16:14carols10centsgot any ideas? :)
16:19ag_dubsyes but you aren't gonna like it ;)
16:49ericktcarols10cents / ag_dubs: fyi, I pushed up my MX changes to the intro-to-rust slidedeck:
16:52ag_dubsoh cool
16:52carols10centserickt: my image is to big for you, huh
17:00booyaa[i should prolly get meetingbot to check last twir's fotf and xref it against the thread...
17:16Manishearthaturon: btw are you doing the rustconf post?
17:16aturonManishearth: yes; still waiting for the RustFest one
17:21Manishearthyo skade hoverbear ^
17:21Manishearthaturon: need help writing copy for rustconf?
17:21aturonManishearth: if you're up for it, that'd be great!
17:23Manishearthaturon: actually it occurs to me that the copy for last year is already good? :)
17:23Manishearthprobably should throw in a line for rustbridge
17:23aturonManishearth: seems like a fine place to start with yeah
17:24erickteveryone please welcome ag_dubs and sebasmagri to the community team!
17:24Manishearth> In addition to the training sessions, on Friday there will be a RustBridge workshop session for people from underrepresented groups in tech
17:24Manisheartherickt: woo
17:24Manishearthaturon: aside from that I think we can just use last year's copy
17:25aturonag_dubs: sebasmagri: yay! welcome!
17:25sebasmagrithanks erickt, and welcome ag_dubs!
17:25Manishearthaturon: > There will also be a session on Tock, the secure embedded operating system
17:25ag_dubsthank ya'll! and right back atcha @sebasmagri !
17:25carols10centsyayayayayayay sebasmagri and ag_dubs !!!!!!!
17:27Manishearthaturon: can't actually cobble together the whole post bc my computer is busy running builds right now so everything is slow
17:29hoverbearaturon: I'll draft one tonight. Will PM you soon. Just making food
17:29edunhamwow nice r/rust logo... Gankro?
17:29aturonhoverbear: great, thanks! feel free to similarly borrow from last year's
17:29ericktedunham / bstrie: lol where'd that come from?
17:30Manishearthedunham: yeah gankro tweeted that at some point
17:30edunhamit came from the corner of
17:30hoverbearaturon: I'd have to see what it was haha
17:31carols10centsedunham: erickt
17:32Manishearthedunham: I know
17:32Manishearthedunham: i suspect bstrie put it there
17:32hoverbearNeeds lots of changes. We already had one fest this year and are planning the next two xD
17:33misdreavusag_dubs: sebasmagri: congrats!!!
17:34hoverbearWe at Rustfest are proudly trying to make it very difficult for steveklabnik to go to every rust conf
17:37hoverbearI mean, what other conf would give it's keynotes the chance to go to Chernobyl??
17:38hoverbearNoone say a nuclear conf
17:38hoverbearOr doomsday preppers conf or something
17:43sebasmagrithanks misdreavus
17:48ag_dubsq: i think this is also wycats and dherman's doing
17:49ag_dubsthere's been a question of whether rustbridge should be its own org or under rust-community
17:49ag_dubsif i want to move that rustbridge repo- where should i?
17:49ag_dubsslash should we try to get them to hand that org over in addition to the twitter handle?
17:50ag_dubsand is someone taking point on that or should i? (i'm happy to, both of em are my buds so it's easy to chat tow/ em)
17:50ag_dubsto chat w/them* oy typing
17:52ag_dubsalso is someone making a PR to
17:52ag_dubsi am happy to
17:52ag_dubscc @erickt ^
17:54ag_dubs@sebasmagri what is your gh username?
17:55ag_dubsnvm found ya!
17:55sebasmagriag_dubs: :D
18:06ag_dubslol i got too excited so i made a PR
18:06sebasmagri:D <3
18:09Manishearthcarols10cents: when did the RBR site add speakers? :D
18:09Manishearthalso +1 perplexinglyemma keynote
18:22carols10centsManishearth: this weekend :)
18:22carols10centsSOME OF US are ready for the blog post
18:25carols10centsyeah i am really excited to hear about how emma&#39;s GSoC project ends up, her blog is awesome
19:09Manishearthwoboats: hey, we&#39;re doing the ATC podcast today btw
19:09Manishearthwant to join?
19:10woboatsManishearth, can&#39;t, thanks though
19:10Manishearthwoboats: np
19:10woboatswill be good to hear what other ppl think/say about it :)
19:11ManishearthI guess this one will be more of a discussion than a Q&A
19:13Manishearthwoboats: no need to come up with a clever name for this episode, your RFC title covers that already :D
19:14ManishearthGankro: starting the podcast sketch in
19:14Gankrooh shit
19:14Gankrowhen is that
19:15ManishearthGankro: two hours
19:21Manishearthcarols10cents: are you going to be creepily listening in? :p
19:22carols10centsManishearth: no, i have a thing :) i&#39;m just adding things i want to hear about later :)
19:22Manishearthok creepily pulling the puppet strings
20:42Manishearthwoboats: btw, the RFC says you can&#39;t do monads, but can&#39;t we do something like
20:42woboatsyou can create something equally as expressive as Monad
20:43Manishearthtrait Monad<T> { type AbstractSelf<T>; fn map} impl<T> Monad<T> for Option<T> {type AbstractSelf<U> = Option<U>}
20:43woboatsbut you cannot literally translate the type class from Haskell, is probably what I meant
20:43Manishearthoh ok
20:43Manishearththe only thing missing is the ability to enforce that AbstractSelf<T> + Self
20:43ManishearthAbstractSelf<T> = Self
20:45Manishearththough ...
20:45woboatsMost implementations I&#39;ve seen use a dummy type
20:45Manishearthif you had associated traits you could
20:46Manishearthbut to constrain the associated traits you need higher ... classed? traits? graduated traits?
20:46Manishearthwhee this is fun
20:46misdreavuspostdoc traits
20:46misdreavusalternately, galaxy brain traits
20:47Manishearthwoboats: ahhh
20:47Manishearthwoboats: yeah
20:48Manishearthi guess this is equally as hacky as AbstractSelf
20:48woboatspretty much
20:53woboatsManishearth, how to enforce the relationship if you&#39;re using dummy types:
20:55woboatsbasically more dark magic along these lines lets you get method syntax and everything else
20:57ag_dubshey frens is it common to wait... like a whole day for travis to run?
20:57badboyag_dubs: it depends.
20:57badboysometimes it is just stuck
20:57steveklabniksmall brain: watching traivs run
20:57steveklabnikinfinite brain: check in on traivs once a week
20:57ag_dubsno bb no
20:57steveklabnik(basically, yes it is :( )
20:58steveklabniksomtimes it really feels like it&#39;s up to chance
20:58* ag_dubs nods
20:58badboyag_dubs: but rust-www is running now!
20:58badboyWhile I got you here, steveklabnik, who&#39;s responsible for rust-www? ^^
20:58steveklabnikit&#39;s .... ah badboy beat me to it
20:58steveklabnikbadboy: core and edunham
20:59carols10centsi brought this up in rust-infra
20:59carols10centsbut i think people are like, working now and stuff?
20:59carols10centsno one&#39;s answering meeeeeee
20:59badboyhi carols10cents <3
20:59carols10centsnot in here silly
20:59badboyjust wanted to check how to get forward
20:59carols10centsin infra :)
20:59woboatsManishearth, oops the code I just sent you would overlap, don&#39;t mention it
20:59badboycarols10cents: oh
20:59steveklabnikbadboy: ah i can look at that, sorry :(
21:02steveklabniklol :(
21:03badboysteveklabnik: \o/
21:04steveklabnikcarols10cents: haha sorry :(
21:26jgahey, blue hat cfp is open (microsoft security conference) and I&#39;d like to see some presentation about rust and firefox oxidation and how many bugs could have been prevented
21:26jgaanyone interested or do you know anyone that could be interested in giving such presentation?
21:33Manishearthjga: pcwalton did an analysis at some point
21:33Manishearthbut it&#39;s hard to tell how many bugs were prevented
21:36ManishearthGankro: where you at
21:36GankroManishearth: FUCJ
21:37Gankro5 min
21:37Manishearthsgrif is rebooting
21:37Manishearthactually let me reboot too
21:38Manishearthi have an osx bug that makes kernel_task take up all the cpu if lrft on too long
21:40GankroI had literally left for home
21:40GankroManishearth: link for vidyo room?
21:41GankroWait shit he&#39;s rebooting
21:42ManishearthGankro: my room
21:42GankroManishearth: that&#39;s not a link I can magic vidyo to
21:49* WindowsBunny wonders what sorts of stickers to expect from edunham
21:56edunhamWindowsBunny: tl;dr whatever you request. If you said &quot;anything&quot;, there might be some non-Rust tech stickers mixed in.
22:14WindowsBunnyedunham: Well you said my request was a dangerous request :P
22:14WindowsBunnyso now I&#39;m wondering just how dangerous of a sticker you might end up sending me
22:18edunhamWindowsBunny: just a bunch of un-Rusty things that I thought a Rustacean might like.
22:19jgaManishearth: interesting
22:27Phrohdohmisdreavus: if I can figure out this async-io/thread/etc stuff I&#39;ll have an async commercial service written in rust that I think would be great to talk about at a meetup
22:28Phrohdohcould start trying to gauge interest in another meetup
22:28Phrohdohbut futures is really kicking me in the teeth
22:28misdreavusi for one would love another meetup
22:34Manishearthcarols10cents: ok so you are waaaay better at this hosting thing :)
22:36Manishearthag_dubs: the rename is straightforward, but we need to allow for the old name without breaking the new one. might want to add a register_alias() function to the lint context that maintains a separate map of lint name aliases
22:48ag_dubsok! i uh, might have more questions, but i will keep that in mind!
23:19* Manishearth edits out an um ... so ... for instance .. like
23:20ManishearthGankro: thoughts on the title? Friends in Higher Kindedness, Ceci n&#39;est pas un burrito? Or something else?
23:24GankroManishearth: idk, literally haskell?
18 Jul 2017
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