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17 Apr 2017
16:01aturonskade: flaki: i noticed the bugzilla item about funding for RustFest
16:01aturonplease keep in mind that Mozilla has lots of different parts and sources of funding
16:02aturonyou should feel free to email me directly to ask about support from the Rust team itself
16:02aturon(which does have some budget)
16:02skadeaturon: I'm not that involved with RustFest Kyiv and this is the road flaki took :)
16:03aturonskade: ah ok, thanks
16:03skadealso, I still think it's not a useful way to offload the burden of finding the right channel for that to outsiders :). as you see, even flaki (who knows the most about mozilla of all of us) doesn't really know where to turn :)
16:04badboyI talked to flaki today about this, I'll make sure he gets your message
16:04skadeI'll keep that in mind for the next RustFest though, thanks :)
16:04aturonskade: understood, but i can't change overall processes. just: if you have stuff that involves the Rust team, always a good idea to reach out to me
16:05skadeaturon: yeah, I'm currently talking to open innovation about this :)
16:05aturonok cool (i've also been working on building more connections with them)
16:06skadeyeah, alex klepel is in berlin and he helps a lot with the non-financial help (twitter, newsletters, etc)
16:15skadeaturon: In any case, I've got a half-written email about this. Just general about the state of things, nothing that needs reaction.
16:15aturonskade: sounds good. i would love to streamline this process
16:16aturonskade: i was reaching out just because i didn't want things to go unfunded
16:16skadeaturon: afaik, the conf is fully funded
16:16badboyyes, for kyiv we seems to have it covered.
16:16badboyI'd still like to have Mozilla offically on board
16:16aturonok great
16:17aturonbadboy: indeed, mozilla should be sponsoring all Rust confs at some level for the time being
16:17skadewell, they _do_ cover the travel of quite some speakers
16:20skadewhcih reminds me that I have to plan my travels for that week :(
16:26flakiHey All!
16:27flakiThanks aturon -- I indeed have pinged you about this over email, a month or so ago :)
16:27aturonflaki: ooof, so you did D:
16:27aturonsorry about that
16:27flakiTL;DR was "Rust core has most resources locked down for RustConf, so I should reach out to devrel for sponsorship, but you'd help figure out something if they didn't"
16:28aturonyeah, and it looks like they're not responding to you?
16:28aturonin any case i left a comment on the relevant bug
16:29flakiso I did just that, pinged Sandra who said Rust core should also chip in, at the end of a lot of back and forth I filed the bug you just commented on to have *mozilla* figure out a way to do this :)
16:29aturonflaki: bah. my apologies
16:29flakiaturon: I was told Jason is taking this up with dave herman and the relevant folks and we should expect news this week :)
16:29aturonok cool
16:30flakiaturon: it's okay, not your fault, but the bug conveys a lot of our frustration it takes (for people well embedded in mozilla internals) to get funding for well based, mozillian-organized and _much needed_ events
16:30flakiso first of all we wanted to have rustfest sorted
16:31flakiand we wanted to make sure mozilla is in, regardless of all that
16:32aturonflaki: yep, i will work with sandra and others and try hard to make this happen
16:32flakibut also on the long term it will be essential to either have Mozilla implement a proper process or offload that process to something we have been trying to come up with (see: Rust Community EU)
16:32aturonthe idea of the "bundled" support package is a good one
16:33flakisomething *similar to, not neccessarily (only) Rust Community eu :)
16:34aturonflaki: OK, i will take as an action item to work with all these folks to establish a running process to avoid this pain in the future
18 Apr 2017
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