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16 May 2017
10:42stjepangAnyone knows how to give op privileges to users in a new channel? #crossbeam has a blank topic and noone is an op, so it'd be nice to fix that :)
10:47badboystjepang: the channel creator has the rights
10:47badboyotherwise you need to look for a irc admin
10:47badboybut first check if the channel is actually registered
10:48stjepangbadboy: It's not registered yet. A bunch of people were joining/leaving the channel, and now nobody is the creator.
10:55badboythen you should be able to do so
10:56badboy(though that might actually not be possible without op, hmmm)
10:59stjepangYeah, ChanServ says "You must be a channel operator to register the channel."
11:01badboyyeah, than your only option is to find an irc admin
11:01badboyor get rid of all users in the channel and be fast enough
12:48booyaa[skade et al: do we have a list of rust speakers / trainers. this is in reference to the email from the g-research guys. i don't if anyone wants to take over comms, i don't appear to be asking the right questions and/or they're not being clear what they want from this engagement. this is who is contacting us
13:06aidanhsha, I know someone who works there, went for dinner with them about 6 months ago and evangelised rust. maybe it had an effect :P
13:06skadebooyaa[: I'm also a bit confused. Also, world class...
13:27booyaaaidanhs; so it was you! loljk I hope you were wearing your Rust Evangelism Strike Force outfit. Can you tell us what you think they need to know? I think they're a .net shop? Either using C# or C++
14:17aidanhsbooyaa: I'm not aware of their question :) I think some of their stuff has pretty intense performance requirements, but can also imagine use of c# when that's a softer requirement
14:22skadeSimonSapin I found a workable visualization for your example
14:22SimonSapinskade: what is it like?
14:33skadeTo be cleaned up
14:56SimonSapin says RustFest Zurich is in September
14:56SimonSapinI think only "fall 2017" was announced before?
15:06booyaa[woah we get two rust fests? in a year?
15:13badboySimonSapin: uhm, weeeell
15:13badboyfall was announced, right
15:13badboy_internally_ there are preferred days so "september" is not too wrong
15:13badboybooyaa[: and only 2 because we're running out of months steveklabnik can attend one
15:24booyaa[wow so much rust fest.
15:25booyaa[wow tokio devs are like super rare then...
15:26badboyas in tokio-rs or the city?
15:38badboybooyaa[: oh saw the mail now
15:38badboyif we can stall all these job offerings until November I'd be happy to take one up
15:42booyaa[maybe carol and jake can keep the seats warm and do a handover to you later on?
15:42booyaa[Just In Time Tokio
15:52ericktbadboy: can't you just speed up your graduation? do you really need to sleep?
15:52misdreavusnah, these job postings are good, that way i have time to get a position for when my contract expires in a couple months
15:53misdreavusjust need to actually apply for them >_>
15:55badboyerickt: well, the problem is: right now I'm not even sleeping much, as I'm on a conf trip since sunday :D
15:56erickthm. you could move to mars, where you'd have an extra 39 minutes per day!
16:20mbrubeckerickt: I just watched The Martian last night... it didn't occur to me how much coding I could get done if I were stranded millions of miles from Earth.
16:21ericktmbrubeck: biggest downside would be doing a rustup would take forever
16:26Manishearthcan't waste time fixing rust breakages if you don't rustup rollsafe.jpg
16:28badboyerickt: good that rust is so stable by now
16:28badboyain't nobody need impl Trait...
16:29mbrubeckDID YOU HEAR? NO_STD IS STABLE IN RUST 1.6!!! slowpoke.jpg
16:32booyaaI wonder if someone made a voice recognition module for web rtc. Then we could have a RESF hot line.
16:32booyaaRESF hot line: please still state your emergency.
16:32booyaaCaller: I need a dev who can do rocket and diesel!
16:33projektirRESF hotline would be amazing.
16:33badboy"Alexa, please find me a Rocket engineer"
16:33badboyoh wait...
16:36booyaaI think I'll start small with a lil chatbot...
17:22carols10centsthere was a rails hotline at some point
17:22misdreavusomg yes
17:24carols10centsit's on indefinite hiatus
19:36Phrohdohmisdreavus: Are you up for the meetup this Friday in Plano? Trying to get a headcount
19:37misdreavusPhrohdoh: yeah
19:37misdreavusPhrohdoh: can you pm me the address?
19:37Phrohdohwill do
19:39PhrohdohOf course anyone and everyone else is welcome too
19:42Phrohdohheadcount is 6 so far, would love more!
19:44projektir6 is not bad for a first time I would say.
19:44Phrohdohtweeted, pls rt
20:15SimonSapin "Liz Baillie - The Illustrated Adventure Survival Guide for New Rustaceans" ends with "I have been Liz." I wonder if the past tense is a reference to _why disappearing from the internet
20:46ManishearthSimonSapin: I think "I have been X" is a not uncommon way to end an event
20:46Manishearthstill, could be a reference
20:46SimonSapinok, I hadnt seen/heard it before
20:49bstrieManishearth: ping
20:50Manishearthbstrie: pong
20:50ManishearthSimonSapin: it's kinda a transferred epithet, but not really. the past tense refers to the talk, the rest to the self. it's a nice turn of phrase, whatever it is
20:52bstrieManishearth: someone on freenode was asking about how to get a review for their PR to the unicode-segmentation crate, which is under an org I've never heard of and owned by someone I've never seen. but I can see that you've approved PRs before from raph, so I was wondering if you're the proper point of contact :P
20:52Manishearthbstrie: yes, I'm a maintainer. as is SimonSapin
20:52Manishearthoh ugh I never finished writign a comment there
20:53ManishearthSimonSapin: you've certainly done more unicode rust stuff than i have :)
20:54ManishearthI just rant about it more
21:04SimonSapinManishearth: it felt strange to me because "I have been" seems to imply "I am no more", though obviously she was still on the stage while showing that slide
21:04bstrieit's not uncommon for newscasters to sign off with "this has been so-and-so"
21:05Manishearth^ yep
21:05Manishearthit's an old-ish style
21:05misdreavusor entertainers
21:05bstrieor at least isn't in my fantasy stereotype of historical newscasters
21:05ManishearthSimonSapin: yeah, like I said, it's an interesting turn of phrase
21:05Manishearthit is not supposed to make sense when literally taken
21:05ManishearthSimonSapin: it's similar to
21:06bstrieit's like that old mitch hedberg line: "I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too."
21:06SimonSapinbstrie: sure, "this has been" because "this" is the show/program/thing thats ending
21:06ManishearthSimonSapin: no, bstrie means "this has been Manish"
21:06bstrieI think it's more common on radio, probably
21:07Manishearth(a) "has been" doesn't imply "isn't anymore", just usually does
21:07SimonSapinstill, in "this has been Manish", "this" could implicitly be "Manishs talk"
21:07Manishearth(b) it's really saying the show/talk "has been", but transferring to the show
21:07ManishearthSimonSapin: yep, same principle here. yes, it sounds different, but it's the same thing going on
21:07bstriewait, this isn't rust-offtopic
21:08SimonSapinit is if you believe it is
21:08mbrubeckthis has been #rust-offtopic
17 May 2017
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