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16 Mar 2017
14:49badboy"oh rust, isn't that the language steveklabnik does?"
14:49badboysteveklabnik: we need to do a workshop next year here for more advanced rust
16:32steveklabniklet's do it
16:32steveklabnikwhich conf?
16:43steveklabnikah cool
17:21staticassertHow does rust's cargo doc work? Does it just search for doc comments and generate html or is there rust-parsing involved?
17:21steveklabnikit runs rustdoc
17:21steveklabnikwhich does that work
17:22steveklabnik"searching for doc comments" is parsing
17:23staticassertI'll check out the internals in rustdoc
17:23staticassertI guess I emant if any of it is rust-specific or if you could just point it at a markdown file
17:23steveklabnikrustdoc also has the ability to be pointed at a markdown file
17:23steveklabnikbut like, it knows how to syntax highlight rust code
17:23steveklabnikso it has to undersand it, semantically
17:29staticassertthat makes sense, thanks
17:30booyaa[my weekend project is to take this list here and sniff out the company's repos and see who's tinkering with rust
17:30booyaa[also i love this list
17 Mar 2017
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