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15 May 2017
08:15theJPsterIs it worth live streaming tomorrow's Cambridge meetup and are there any suggestions on how best to do that?
08:24booyaa[theJPster: google hangout?
08:26booyaa[which should work if the laptop has a webcam and mic (thinking of the maidsafe talk).
08:27booyaa[i'm still looking for a decent camera to record our talks. makes us less dependant on skillsmatter for a venue.
08:27theJPsterI have an EOS-M, which is great, but obviously it's no good for live streaming.
08:29booyaa[hey if you record it, you could upload it to the rust videos youtube channel! :)
08:29booyaa[still holding out for the colchester cambridge tunnel to be built
08:30booyaa[see if elon fancies trial his hyperloop in the uk... :P
08:41booyaa[i don't think i can make this time, but what's the easiest way to get to the science park from the station? this is where i find out there's more than one station in cambridge
08:54theJPsterThere is more than one station in Cambridge ... after May 21
08:55theJPsterBefore May 21, you need to get a Stagecoach A service to St Ives, and get off at the Science Park stop
08:55theJPsterAfter May 21, you need to get off at Cambridge North and either walk or I think there might be a shuttle bus to the Science Park
09:41booyaa[ah good to know
10:26aidanhstheJPster: wow, that's soon, awesome
10:27aidanhswell, from a starting point of "I didn't know it was happening". for people expecting it in 2015, less so
12:12badboyall rustfest ideos are online!
15:33booyaa[erickt: yt?
15:33edunham:D badboy++
15:34booyaa[actually erickt et al: friend's just fired a distress beacon he's in dire need of a rust dev preferably one with http and tokio skills. do we know anyone who's looking for work?
15:35carols10centsbooyaa[: jake and i are available for contracting
15:35booyaa[remote is doable initially, bonus if the person can work in london.
15:35booyaa[carols10cents: AWESOME! what's the best way to get hold of youz?
15:35booyaa[carols10cents: i completely forgot your day job :D
15:36carols10centsbooyaa[: email and :)
15:36carols10centsbooyaa[ and everyone: I ACCEPT MONEY IN EXCHANGE FOR RUST CODE
15:37carols10centsbooyaa[: we also worked on a project that uses tokio
15:38carols10centsso we've got the credz
15:38ericktcarols10cents: do you accept cookies in exchange for rust code?
15:38ericktI was doing some work on cookie-rs
15:38carols10centsprintln!("insert cookies here");
15:38ericktSo I'm overflowing with cookies
15:38carols10centshow many cookies are we talking
15:39carols10centsprintln!("here is 2 cookies' worth of rust code, insert cookies here");
15:39ericktNow one and a half. Sorry
15:44booyaa[are these like cryptocurrency?
15:45fwiw!crate cookie
15:45rustbotcookie (0.8.1) - Crate for parsing HTTP cookie headers and managing a cookie jar. Supports signed and private (encrypted + signed) jars. -> <>
15:52booyaa[thank you who ever added the link to rustbot
15:56Aaronepowerbooyaa I think it was Havvy
15:57misdreavusis it possible to amend my survey response? i want one for the &quot;essential crates&quot; question
15:57misdreavus**i forgot one
15:57ericktmisdreavus: technically yes, there&#39;s a url provided at the end of the survey to change results
15:58misdreavusah >_>
15:58ericktif you were logged into google, you also might be able to get to your results
15:58ericktanother option if that&#39;s not working is to just skip all questions but the essential crates question
15:58misdreavusi guess i missed the link, or just didn&#39;t think to save it
15:58carols10centsbirthday post is live! please upboat in the usual places
15:59ericktthat shouldn&#39;t mess with our statistics beyond just seeing that there&#39;s one extra survey
15:59misdreavusgoing back into the survey just puts me at the beginning, so i&#39;ll do the &quot;nothing but essential crates&quot; option
16:02misdreavusjust paging through makes it choose *something* for pages that are gated on the answer to some questions
16:02misdreavuse.g. it assumed i tried rust but stopped, or that i use rust at work
16:02ericktcarols10cents: ugh, on r/rust there are now two articles called &quot;2 years of rust&quot;
16:03carols10centserickt: nope, the official one is called &quot;Two years of rust&quot;
16:03ericktwell. yes.
16:03ericktbut if you read it out loud...
16:03carols10centsassert!(&quot;2&quot; != &quot;Two&quot;);
16:04carols10centshere is my opinion on that
16:08mbrubecknext year: THREE birthday posts
16:10ericktpure lunacy
16:21sebasmagriHappy Rust Day for all! make sure you do some Rust today... :-)
16:35booyaa[did anyone see the london rust cake from last year?
16:41booyaa[Patisserie (PAUL) asked vlad (my co-organiser) for the SVG so cut/print the logo
16:42booyaa[shame they couldn&#39;t 3d print the entire cake
16:52booyaa[!crate cake
16:52rustbotcake (0.1.0) - A delicious build tool with a obvious syntax. -> <>
16:52booyaa[!crate cargo-cake
16:52rustbotCrate &#39;cargo-cake&#39; does not exist.
16:52booyaa[is may 15th the official birthday of rust? or is it like easter?
16:53mbrubeckIn rust all feasts are movable via a simple memcpy
16:54booyaa[mbrubeck: scores 10 points for griffyndor!
16:55fwiweh, you borrow the cake when eating it? :P
17:14carols10centsbooyaa[: may 15th is the date that rust 1.0.0 was released
17:28booyaa[!crate cargo-cake
17:28rustbotcargo-cake (1.0.0) - A collection of IRC bots -> <>
17:28booyaa[oh arse deescription is wrong
17:53carols10cents!crate cargo-cake
17:53rustbotcargo-cake (1.0.1) - A cake for celebrating Rust&#39;s birthday -> <>
17:53carols10centsbooyaa[: post it to reddit!!
18:14booyaaWill do
18:36badboyO M G the rustfest picture is front and center /o\
18:56carols10centsbadboy: I TOLD YOU
18:57edunhamer, badboy ^
18:57carols10centsbooyaa[: ^^
18:58edunhamcarols10cents: thanks, i mis-tabbed
19:01badboycarols10cents: yes, it&#39;s good!
19:01badboyedunham|pto: cargo-cake already installed!
19:35badboyoh wow, the amount of comments I blocked and removed from our youtube channel today is ... incredibly high
19:36badboyone commentator managed to send more than a dozen comments to a single talk from our cologne meetup, insulting the speaker in each and everyone
19:36badboyto those with mod access to the channel: please check it from time to time
19:37badboymost comments seem to get withheld now anyway, but some might slip through
19:37badboyprojektir: because people are shit
19:37projektiri would hope those people wouldn&#39;t even know about those videos. >>
19:37carols10centsbadboy: was the username... a uh... sexual phrase in german?
19:38carols10centsa particular person has commented multiple times on the rustbeltrust videos over months
19:38badboycarols10cents: yes
19:38carols10centsbadboy: aha.
19:38badboyI blocked that one from our channel, but I&#39;m not sure youtube does the right thing there
20:15booyaa[starting to download the rustfest vids
20:15badboybooyaa[: Be warned! They are good.
21:37Manishearth> new Rust meetup group in california
21:37Manishearthme: owait I should check it out
21:38Manishearth> california is actually really quite big yknow
16 May 2017
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