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15 Mar 2017
12:01booyaaskade: donald?
12:05skaderust is now used for bad stickers...
12:05skadeoh, wait, semicolon - it's not rust
13:04frewsxcv`enum A { B, C };;;;;` is valid Rust
13:07badboymore helps more
14:52carols10centsare we still doing 5pm UTC today?
14:52badboyI guess. Though I won't make it
14:52carols10centsthat means it's 1pm EDT and 10am PDT
14:52badboyugh, timezones :D
14:53steveklabnikfriggin timezones
14:53skadehm, so, i'm at the hairdressers at that time
14:53steveklabnikthe docs team meeting and the core team meeting now conflict
14:53steveklabnikdue to one being defined as a local time and one being defined as UTC
14:53carols10centschange back to 4pm UTC for the summer?
14:53badboyyeah, we should move it again ... in 2 weeks :D
14:54badboywhen the important part of the world switches clocks I mean
14:54carols10centshow about 4:30 for 2 weeks
14:54badboywhatever. Today I'll probably miss it because conf.
14:54skadeWe need part of the Rust core team on mars
14:56badboyI don't see Mars Time on everytimezone
14:57carols10centslet's start our own time
14:57carols10centsrust time
14:57misdreavusbring back swatch internet time
14:57badboyThe Future<_>!
15:03skadeon the techspeakers telegram, someone just asked for help because he has 450 signups for a workshop at a conference in india (AI in Rust)
15:03staticassertthat is awesome
15:04badboyskade: uuuuh what?
15:05badboyskade: it&#39;s in the group for the winter program, right?
15:05badboyI see, I&#39;m not in that one :D
15:05badboybusy enough in the other one
15:06skadeI&#39;m not allowed to see that one :)
15:06skademisdreavus: urgh, that&#39;s equally horrible...
15:07badboyskade: you will eventually!
15:35ericktmeetup day!
15:37ericktoh darn. daylight savings time
15:37ericktdown with daylight savings time!
15:39ericktanyway, are y&#39;all going to be available in 20 minutes for the meeting?
15:39badboyI might jump out
15:44carols10centsi&#39;m around. change the topic!
15:49* edunham around, despite the darn DST
15:50edunhamfor the record I&#39;d also be around an hour later if that suited more timezones
15:51ericktI also can do an hour from now
15:51badboydo we have agenda items besides timing?
15:52carols10centsi was just researching some live streaming options
15:52carols10centsi think youtube live/hangouts on air would work
15:52carols10centsbut i&#39;d want to test out presenter switching
15:52carols10centsthat&#39;s basically my report
15:53ericktgreat! I don&#39;t have much beyond brainstorming underhandedness PR
15:53ericktI&#39;m not sure if our delay has produced more submissions yet :/
15:55ericktperhaps we reschedule if there&#39;s not more for the agenda?
15:57ericktI made a very empty
16:00meetingbotNo agenda has been set! :( The meeting is this Weds @ 5PM UTC. No minutes found for last week. :( *happy bleeping sounds*
16:01erickthi everyone!
16:01ericktmeeting time
16:01ericktwho&#39;s around? and would anyone prefer us to reschedule?
16:01ericktthere&#39;s, err, not much on the agenda
16:02brsoni&#39;m around
16:02erickthi brson!
16:02brsonhi erickt
16:03ericktoh and PS I won&#39;t be able to make next week&#39;s meeting, got a work conflict :(
16:03badboyyou should stop working
16:03ericktI should
16:03edunhamthat&#39;s ok, we can appoint a vice-erickt until our virtuous erickt returns
16:03badboysomeone who was not vice-erickt yet?
16:04ericktwho&#39;s been vice-erickt? badboy and Manishearth. has anyone else been? I can&#39;t remember
16:04edunhamI haven&#39;t officially
16:04ericktedunham: I don&#39;t think you did
16:05edunhamnot yet!
16:05ericktgreat! want to organize it?
16:05edunhamI was only 80% sure I&#39;d be at the meeting next week but if a leader is needed, I can step up
16:05* edunham puts &quot;be vice-erickt today, very important&quot; on calendar
16:05ericktas vice-erickt, you can always cajole someone into being vice-vice-erickt if you need it
16:05edunham:) ok
16:06ericktanyone have anything for today?
16:06ericktI suppose we could call it if we don&#39;t have anything to talk about
16:06edunhamso yeah AFAIK we have a handful of &quot;yeah an hour later would be fine&quot;, a couple of &quot;I need it an hour later if I&#39;m going to be able to attend&quot;, and no votes against
16:07edunhamso I&#39;d like to confirm what time I&#39;m to show up to run next week&#39;s :)
16:07ericktwell we can check back in if people show up at 5pm UTC
16:11edunhamhmm this makes me just want to document everybody&#39;s usual time zone and meeting constraints in the team repo somewhere
16:12edunham(like, &quot;I am in CET and can only do 5pm-11pm local time&quot; or w/e)
16:12erickti think we did that way back when we first organized, but we&#39;ve have some moves around the world
16:12ericktso it might be worthwhile updating those numbers
16:13edunhamwhere did that used to be documented?
16:13erickti think it was just an email
16:13ericktI&#39;ll see if i can find it
16:15ericktah, no, edunham we didn&#39;t have something formal:
16:15erickti just knew back then that some people were in Germany and India
16:18edunhamthink that&#39;d be ok info to stick in README?
16:19edunhamactually just &quot;which time ranges UTC do you find convenient&quot; would be more efficient
16:21ericktI like that phrasing
16:22ericktit lets people reveal less about themselves if they don&#39;t want to say where they are from
16:22edunhamgood point
16:23ericktcool. You going to add that to the readme?
16:23ericktor would you rather I do it?
16:25edunhamI&#39;m making a wiki page and filing an issue, actually
16:26edunhamsince process to edit wiki is way lighter weight
16:26edunhamjust thinking about the best ways to phrase stuff to say what I actually mean, which is tricker than usual with time zones
16:26edunhamis the meeting usually pegged to UTC, or to Pacific?
16:28edunhamok cool
16:31frewsxcvGitter joins GitLab:
16:31badboydidn&#39;t gitlab just released with some other chat integration?
16:33killercupyeah, mattermost is their opensource slack clone
16:34badboyI see
16:37badboyfrewsxcv: now it&#39;s gone oO
16:45booyaanot bad i think gitter was their first pivot (from trope)
16:45booyaatroupe even
16:46thejpsterHey everyone. How is it Wednesday again already? Only seems like five minutes since the last meeting!
16:47booyaathejpster: until you get the meeting right, it will repeat
16:47booyaaevery day
16:47carols10centsgroundhog meeting day
16:47thejpsterAm I Tom Cruise or Emily Blunt?
16:48frewsxcvIf the community meeting gets moved or got moved, it&#39;d be helpful if the Rust Community Calendar reflected that
16:48badboyonce we decide on the timing we will :D
16:50carols10centsno no no you&#39;re bill murray
16:51thejpsterReally. I&#39;m surprised I&#39;m not better at French poetry at this point.
16:53carols10centsthere are a lot of time loop movies, it turns out
16:55frewsxcvOh, they&#39;re planning to open source Gitter
16:55frewsxcvIt&#39;d be awesome if Gitter just became a Matrix server
16:56booyaai love my riot client lets me keep in touch with you folks when i&#39;m unable to break out the laptop
16:56edunhamerickt: this was more confusing than I thought it&#39;d be, but I think I did it right.
16:57edunhamnot the least because early morning UTC Wednesday is actually my Tuesday evening
16:57edunham(which remains a fine time to meet, just for the record)
16:57badboybut ... but ... early mornings!
16:58edunhambadboy: hey, the fact that i happen to be available early in your morning carries no information about whether *you* consider yourself available at that time
16:59edunhamif you&#39;re not, and there exists a time when everyone is, we should obviously use that time.
16:59badboyhehe, yeah
16:59badboyI&#39;ll check later.
16:59edunhambadboy: please update the wiki page with your availability at whatever intervals of the year might change it :)
17:00edunhamif you don&#39;t, you might end up with the dreaded early-meeting ;)
17:00badboyI will, I will
17:03badboyah, back online under a different url:
17:04* edunham emailed link to community list
17:07carols10centsis 24:00 an actual time?
17:07carols10centsor does it go 23:59-00:00?
17:07* erickt unfortunately needs to deal with some work stuff, so I&#39;m gonna be distracted at the moment
17:08badboy> Where convenient, the notation 24:00 may also be used to refer to midnight at the end of a given date[5] that is, 24:00 of one day is the same time as 00:00 of the following day.
17:09skadedamn, this time I had time for the old meeting date :(
17:10carols10centsthanks badboy !
17:11edunhamcarols10cents: I use it for &quot;the minute after 23:59&quot; though I don&#39;t know if that&#39;s really kosher
17:12edunhamUTC midnight is my local 4pm or 5pm, so I&#39;m available both Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon local -- thus early-morning and late-night UTC
17:14carols10centsmy head hurts
17:15carols10centsi just subtracted 3 hours from yours to get mine, edunham... were you going for 8am-11pm local time?
17:17edunhamI can do 6am or 7am local time in a pinch, but I prefer not to commit to doing it long term
17:17edunhamthough IRC meetings are nice for &quot;wake up, pull out laptop, take meeting, go back to sleep&quot; kind of thing
17:22edunham /me puts helpful words on own entry so others in Pacific can blindly copy/paste
17:27* Manishearth blindly copy pastes
20:00WindowsBunnyBeginDeferWindowPoscarols10cents: I actually wonder if I could take advantage of my macros to emit #[doc] attributes and whether they would count for the doc coverage measurement
20:01WindowsBunnyBeginDeferWindowPosactually that would only work if you properly analyzed expanded output
20:01WindowsBunnyBeginDeferWindowPosif you just naively measure the number of lines that are //! or /// then winapi will fall flat :(
20:02* WindowsBunnyBeginDeferWindowPos wants an exception for winapi
20:02WindowsBunnyBeginDeferWindowPosI could make a massive file which is entirely lines of ///!
20:02WindowsBunnyBeginDeferWindowPoswhich would of course compress really well and not affect crate size
20:03WindowsBunnyBeginDeferWindowPosLook at what your guidelines are making me consider doing D:
20:06carols10centsWindowsBunnyBeginDeferWindowPos: you could just be normal
20:07WindowsBunnyBeginDeferWindowPosI considered that, but I decided I&#39;d rather be special
20:08WindowsBunnyBeginDeferWindowPoscarols10cents: Also, please never add any metrics based on examples or integration tests in the .crate itself because I specifically *don&#39;t* include those in the winapi .crate to keep the file size down
20:10carols10centsWindowsBunnyGetClipboardData: that is not in the rfc as currently being considered
20:11carols10centsWindowsBunnyGetClipboardData: also note that gaming the docs only works if you end up in the top 20%
20:11WindowsBunnyGetClipboardDataSo I&#39;ll just have to figure out what the cutoff ratio is and just go a bit above that
20:12carols10centshave fun! glad you&#39;re choosing to spend your time on this!
20:13WindowsBunnyGetClipboardDataI could even call that file full of empty comments
20:23misdreavusdoes the rfc say how it&#39;ll count the documented/undocumented items?
20:36* misdreavus runs off to read
20:38WindowsBunnyGetClipboardDatamisdreavus: greps for lines that have /// or //!
20:38misdreavusyeah, just saw it
20:38WindowsBunnyGetClipboardDataand have a .rs extension
20:38misdreavuswould it be worth amending this if/when rustdoc gets a machine-parseable output?
20:39misdreavusguess that has a chance to dilute the metric they&#39;re trying to capture
20:40misdreavusnamely *how much* docs have been written
20:40misdreavusnot just *how many items* have docs
20:41misdreavuswonder what egg-mode&#39;s ratio is >_>
20:48misdreavus0.46, as of my last published version :D
21:06booyaabadboy: finally read that wasm paper you posted. lotsa maths! but very useful for further reading
22:15WindowsBunnyGetClipboardDatamisdreavus: I&#39;m around 0.0026 for winapi
22:43badboybooyaa: it&#39;s theoretical computer science, math is to be expected :d
16 Mar 2017
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