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14 Mar 2017
07:33booyaaaturon: we can put it on agenda for this week. although to be fair most of the rustbridge team hang out here
13:13jerI soooo hope that I'll make it to RustFest, just for the keynotes (and of course the other talks and folks!)
13:32booyaawoo just noticed Rust is considered a core language in Visual Studio 2017
14:36frewsxcvDoes Microsoft use Rust for anything?
14:40skadeno, but Microsoft is A+ when it comes to programming languages
14:41booyaayeah they had a brief weird moment with python in vs 2013-2015, but this appears to be resolved in 2017.
15:03skadewell, they are the largest sponsor for Haskell, for example
15:04steveklabniki know that they track it working in the WSL
15:25skade*sigh*... mozilal
15:26skadeI had set up an appointment with some people about rustfest zurich and the mozillians missed the appointment
15:26skadewhich is okay, they are all volunteers in europe now
15:26skadebut it's rather shit when everyone takes an hour of their work day, then waits for 15 minutes for someone who forgot the time
15:27skadeso, excluding the rust community, missed appointments are now way above 90% :(
15:27skadeshows how great the idea of only doing volunteer work works
15:29skadebut, let's remove all paid community positions after trying it out for a year:
15:42staticassertHey, who runs the site?
15:42steveklabnikit's run by us
15:45staticassertIs it open source? I want to try making a 'byexample' site, and was hoping to just grab what rust does and modify the text.
15:45staticassertI am not capable of front end dev
15:47skadesorry :)
15:47staticassertSweet, thank you.
15:48skadenot sure about how amendable it is for other things, but at least it can give you an impression of the stack
15:48staticassertYeah, it's less generic than I'd thought :P
15:48staticassertbut I see gitbook is used
15:48skadeafaik, mdbook is preferred by many nowadays?
15:48skadeI don't know why
15:48staticassertoh hm
15:48staticassertok I'll check that out
15:56steveklabnikstian: i would encourage you to not copy RBE
15:56steveklabnikit is basically super super technical debt
15:57steveklabnikthe idea is that we will port it to mdbook eventually
15:57steveklabnikthe only missing feature is to make the code areas editable
16:00meetingbotNo agenda has been set! :( The meeting is this Weds @ 5PM UTC. No minutes found for last week. :( *happy bleeping sounds*
16:20stiansteveklabnik: huh? :P
16:20steveklabniksorry, i don't know why i pinged you
16:20misdreavustoo many s- or st- names
16:20steveklabniki meant staticassert . frigggin tabs
16:20stianheheh :)
16:34staticassertoh mdBook is written in rust
17:11staticasserthm, seems like mdbook doesn't support pony in its markdown?
17:18steveklabnikiirc it uses highlight.js?
17:18steveklabnikso depends if that supports it
17:19steveklabnikyou do pony? neat. i'm friends with some of the core team people, they're great
17:23staticassertsteveklabnik: I'm trying to learn. I'm writing a "ponybyexample" as a way to get familiar. I *really* like the language.
17:23staticassertI would love to see some of what makes rust so great make its way into pony - doc comments, for example
17:24staticassertIt looks like there is a fork of highlightjs with pony support
17:26steveklabnikyou should tell the team about your ideas; they're very receptive from what i hear
17:27staticassertYeah, I should try to get more involved. I just don't want to be 'that guy' being like "oh just be more like rust!"
17:27staticassertI think once I get a bit more familiar with the language it'll be coming from a more informed place and maybe I can contribute those features more directly
17:30skadestaticassert: why not? people use us as inspiration and we're very happy to help
17:30skadeI don't see the problem
17:30skade"OMG, the rust people do a lot of stuff, let's not do it, b/c it is rust" sounds like a weird approach
17:30staticassertskade: well I think the issue is coming into a project without any real knowledge of the project, and saying "I think we should do it this way"
17:31skadestaticassert: chance are they have _no_ approach to all these things, so copying is just great
17:31staticassertIt's less about rust doing it and more about jumping into a project uninformed and saying "let's do it this way just beacuse a project I like does it that way"
17:31staticassertAnd even if they're receptive - who's going to do it? Doc comments seem low priority. Am I going to do it? I don't know anything about the compiler right now.
17:31skadeyeah, but that means you are assuming they have a strategy and have that covered
17:32skadewell, you, for starters :)
17:32staticassertRight, that's my point. It would be on me. And I'm not familiar enough with the project yet to do something like that, so I'd rather just wait.
17:32staticassertBut I do like the language so far and I'm working to get more familiar with it.
17:33skadewell, I started the Rust community work because I knew almost no Rust and that's how I was able to benefit the project immediately :)
17:33staticassertYep, that's why I'm starting a ponybyexample
17:33staticassertI figure I can contribute while I learn, and then take on something a bit more difficult like doc comments as I get more familiar
17:34skadesure, but make clear that you got something here benefiting the project that you got from somewhere else and that there's more of that :)
17:34skademy issue was not your approach, but hiding it behind that not "pushing them to be more like Rust" rethoric
17:35skadeit's not needed :)
17:35staticassertYeah, I wasn't intending that to be "don't do what rust does" or "be different for the sake of it" and instead more like "I don't know the project well enough to sugges tsomething just because I like rust"
17:36skadewell, suggest it because you think the way the rust people handle it works :)
17:38staticassertHow does that live code editor work? Is it hooked up to the sandbox?
17:38skadeyes, it is
17:41skadeI'm just rather passionate about this because I see that feeling very often. Also the "I don't feel enough in the community yet"
17:41skadeon the other hand, especially for projects, it's incredibly hard to find people with lasting interest :)
17:41skadethere's an obvious mismatch there :)
17:42staticassertYeah, I'm trying to ignore the "I'm not involved enough to comment" attitude. I feel that way about rust sometimes as well, since the community is more established to some extent.
17:42skadefor more on this, see my talk at </ad>
17:42staticassert:P I&#39;ll check it out
17:42skadeyet to be written :D
17:42staticassertlol oh
17:43skadebut accepted and it has a date
17:44staticassertNice. I shuld sign up for another conference. Speaking at rustconf was a lot of fun, and very motivating.
17:49staticasserthm, trying to figure out how to do a &#39;sub&#39; chapter - like 1.1. Not seeing anything in mdbook about this.
17:52steveklabnikyou don&#39;t need the ch- stuff in filenames
17:52steveklabnikwe just do it for the book rn
17:53staticassertoh wonderful, thanks steveklabnik
17:54staticassertYeah that works for gitbook I guess but not for mdbook I don&#39;t think :P so I&#39;m gonna just switch to mdbook
17:56steveklabnikwait what doesn&#39;t? that is an mdbook file
17:56staticassertoh what
17:56staticassertI&#39;m getting errors about indentation
17:56staticassertapparently I had to indent mor elol
17:56steveklabnikdid you indent exactly 4 spaces?
17:57staticassertI did not, but then I did
17:57staticassertand now it works :P
17:57steveklabniki am a committer on mdbook and will probably be working on it over the next few months
17:57steveklabnikso please open tons of issues ;)
17:58staticassertah cool, good to know
17:58staticassertIf I run into any bugs I&#39;ll file an issue
18:05staticassertperfect timing, my laptop charger is broken, and it&#39;s a blizzard out
18:33staticassertKind of weird that &#39;use&#39; is under &#39;enum&#39; in the rustbyexample book
18:33staticassertLike it&#39;s introduced as a subset of the enum section
22:16jerfrehberg: pong
22:16frehbergI just sent an email to community-team. I intend to set up a rust meetup in Dresden. Any advice?
22:17jerget into contact with those in Dresden already running one?
22:56jeryep, this, but florian already answered the mail as well
23:20frehbergjer: Ok, thanks, lets see where rustdresden is meeting
15 Mar 2017
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