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14 Jul 2017
00:01misdreavusi think the issue just gets created by the first person to come think about it
00:13ag_dubsgot it @misdreavus i know that one exists, as i already commented on it, i just can't find it again
00:13ag_dubsdo you know what repo it is?
00:16ag_dubs(if you find out lemme know, i'm head afk for the next few hours)
01:02misdreavusah, didn't realize next week's was already open >_>
01:28ag_dubsthought: next meeting note link in the channel desc?
01:32carols10centsthere's one there but it's horribly out of date because we're terrible
01:32carols10centsif meetingbot could do it however....
07:19booyaa[just needs ops... i've made meetingbot promise he won't go rogue if he gets the +o
07:19booyaa[it's a shame you can't give set topic as a priv
07:21badboyback when irc came up everyone was nice
07:22badboyso a single op setting was ok
07:24booyaa[heh not on the networks i was on... there was always people trying to netsplit to take over the channel.
07:25booyaa[ooo ooo, i think i've come up with a handy solution. horribly over engineered, but a solution.
07:26booyaa[*grabs paper, glue and scissors*
07:31booyaa[i swear carol does this to give me cool mini projects...
07:31badboyshe's good at that
07:34booyaa[hey aren't you meant to be travelling the world and spreading the good word of rust?
07:35badboynot yet
07:36badboyfinal thesis talk next week ;)
07:38booyaa[is this where you have to defend your thesis?
09:03sebkI just found the list of IRC channels.
09:03sebkcould #rust-sci be added to that list?
09:04sebk"Scientific computing with/in Rust"
09:04badboyon the website?
09:05badboysebk: care to send a PR?
09:06badboythe site definitely needs some more care here and there
09:12sebkuh. how did I manage to mess that up?
09:13badboyyou need an actual link
09:13badboysee just below the list
09:13badboyfor every [#channelname][shortname] there's an [shortname]: http:...
09:14badboyMarkdown allows to separate the link syntax into two parts
09:14sebkand I also fail at github. yay
09:20badboynow we need to wait for someone with the right to merge
12:03booyaaBit late to the game, but I really love the ergonomics of the rocket api. Very productive in a few minutes.
12:24skadeIt's just so baked to it's internals :/
12:24skade(I don't know if that changed recently)
12:56theJPsterCan anyone here answer a question about RustFest in Zurich?
12:57theJPsterI'm a little confused by - do speakers with accepted CFPs get covered for (tickets and hotel), or (tickets, hotel and travel)?
12:58badboyfor the past events we covered tavel as well. I'll check with the team
12:58badboyskade: hoverbear ^
12:59hoverbearPlus a dinner
12:59hoverbeartheJPster: ^
12:59badboy.oO(why am I not there again?)
12:59hoverbearbadboy: Because you're busy travelling
12:59skadeIts an omission in the guide
12:59badboyright :D
12:59skadeI'll add it
13:00skadedo we pay full travel or up to 800 Euro?
13:01theJPsterYeah, for travel is just says "The same goes for travel information!", which could apply to the line above (about hanging out with Rustaceans) or the line above that (about hotel costs).
13:01hoverbearskade: I think this is a budget decision
13:01hoverbearEg if we have 12 speakers coming from Taiwan we might not be able to afford it
13:01skadewe should still provide an expectation
13:01skade"at least"
13:02hoverbearskade: We can't say more than best effort until we look at the numbers
13:02skadehoverbear: we did look at the numbers :)
13:02hoverbearskade: Sure but we didn't set a high water mark
13:03skadeyeah, but "best effort" is not okay, it needs to be a set minimum number
13:03theJPsterI think it would be fair to set a ceiling (and also point out you'll cover 2nd/standard class, not first/business class)...
13:03theJPsterskade, do you mean maximum number?
13:04theJPsterI mean, if you live in Zurich, minimum travel expenses of 500 might be considered overly generous.
13:04theJPsterAlthough, I don't know, I understand it's a bit pricey.
13:04skadetheJPster: no, because if we can affort full, we pay full
13:05skadeokay, we have 625 per person allocated just for travel, so saying 800 is safe
13:06theJPsterOK, yes, we mean the same thing. I would consider that "We will pay your standard-class travel expenses up to a maximum of 1000". That's what insurance policies in the UK tend to say.
13:06skade(because we will have some people costing less, flights from europe to zurich are rather cheap)
13:07theJPsterOh I see. So you have a minimum maximum, as the maximum might go up of you have surplus money. Got it.
13:08theJPsterI was really surprised, return from Stansted is about 200.
13:19skadeI was flying to Birmingham around christmas and it cost me 300 Frankfurt<> Birmingham, or alternatively 120 pp for Frankfurt<>Zurich<>Birmingham (return included)
13:29theJPsterskade: !?
13:36skadetheJPster: hmm?
13:36theJPsterskade: Oh, I was just expressing my surprise at the absurd ticket pricing.
13:37skadeyeah, algorithms
13:37skadewell, different airline, different price
13:37skadethe best thing was that my plane was late on the way home and I feared missing the connection (30 minutes)
13:38skadeso, out of the plane, into the bus, run through immigration, then from international terminal to europe, find gate, back into the bus, back to... the very same plane
13:47ag_dubshey! @carols10cents @skade if i were to make a doodle for scheduling the rustbridge meeting- is posting in rust-community/team the correct place to do it?
13:49skadeyeah, alternatively, send a mail to (for which someone should add you anyways)
13:49skadeag_dubs: ^
13:49ag_dubsheh i would prefer to avoid email if possible
13:49ag_dubsgithub issues is way more my style :)
13:50skadeag_dubs: yeah, they go to email for anyone interested anywasy
13:50skadeI need a universal ticket tracker :(
13:50* ag_dubs nods
13:52ag_dubs@skade this is a p cool project to help with github notifications ->
13:53skadei&#39;m kinda okay with them, it&#39;s more like having a number notification systems (one for each client + github + gitlab + stash + email) :)
14:12ag_dubsquestion: if i wanted to run a rustbridge workshop at the zurich rustfest would that be something the conf would help me with a travel stipend for?
14:13ag_dubsthe CFP doesn&#39;t seem to be for workshops, just talks
14:19skadelemme check...
14:19skadethere&#39;s a workshop category...
14:19skade_updating the guide_
14:20skadeag_dubs: we have a sizable budget for anyone involved to cover their expenses
14:20skadewhich means &quot;yes&quot;
14:23skadeag_dubs: I updated the guides again
14:23skadecommunicating _everything_: the hardest part in running a conf
14:25skadeag_dubs: ah, finally, we should really have a &quot;let&#39;s pick up the scraps&quot;-session for rustbridge
14:26skadefor example, we have a committed budget for mozilla (it&#39;s not high, but also just a &quot;let&#39;s see where this goes, there might be more&quot;-like committment)
14:28ag_dubsheh yeah communication for confs is so hard and so important
14:28ag_dubsok cool i&#39;ll submit rustbridge to the CFP
14:28skadealso: no one ever reads :)
14:29ag_dubsyeah- fwiw i did read the guide to see if there was a workshop section first before asking ;)
14:29skadeyeah, &quot;no one&quot; also doesn&#39;t quite apply, you are right
14:29skadealso, send a notice to too, as there&#39;s some venue planning and announcement work involved
14:29* ag_dubs nods
14:30ag_dubswill do
14:30skadewe know about that anyways already
14:30ag_dubsok- do you know if anyone else is interested in doing it?
14:31skadewell, at least johannh was involved in berlin and might be interested
14:31skadeso, yes, possibly a couple
14:44ag_dubsif you know of people who are interested, do you think you could facilitate us coordinating?
14:44ag_dubs@skade ^
14:44notriddleOkay, I&#39;m stumped. I see how you activate it, but what does marking an issue as a duplicate actually do in the new GitHub Issues update?
14:44ag_dubsthere&#39;s an update?
14:44skadeag_dubs: yes, definitely
14:45ag_dubs@notriddle do you have a link to the blog post? i&#39;m quite interested
14:45ag_dubs(and potentially down to help you sort out that behavior, just need some context)
14:46ag_dubsah yeah- so i think it just improves the workflow of saved replies and adds the timeline notice instead of a comment?
14:47ag_dubserr, in addition to a comment, rather
14:48notriddleI marked as a duplicate, in case you see something (like locked comments?) that I don&#39;t.
14:48notriddleIt really was a duplicate (and that&#39;s how I found out about the new feature).
14:51ag_dubsyeah as far as i can tell this new feature is really just adding &quot;duplicate&quot; as a keyword that kicks of timeline events
14:52ag_dubsi&#39;m not sure it does anything else (and it doesn&#39;t seem to claim to) but i agree i would have expected a bit more in change of behavior
14:52notriddle... &#39;mkay.
15:15ag_dubs @skade @aturon @steveklabnik @carols10cents + anyone else... i&#39;d be interested in your feedback on this about text i just wrote for the rust bridge site
15:18aturonag_dubs: looks really good! the one thing i might add to the Why Rust bit -- could say more explicitly that Rust is focused on *empowering* a much broader set of people to do systems programming in general
15:19ag_dubsoh yeah! that&#39;s great feedback- mind mentioning that on the issue?
15:19ag_dubsalso if there are links to other ergonomics or beginner stuff that the lang team is focused on that i missed lemme know
15:20ag_dubsi tried to grab the stuff fro the roadmap that i felt was relevant
15:21aturonag_dubs: sure thing
15:21booyaa[skade: re: email - did you mean prize (rather than price)?
15:25ag_dubsthanks so much for the helpful reviews ya&#39;ll
15:36booyaa[lol, best update my presentation. looks like one of the tools i was look at has started doing asset pipelining
15:37booyaa[plaese no more new features until i&#39;ve delivered my talk!
15:51ag_dubsheh @booyaa[ my presentation on js modularity and tools struggles with the same problem
15:51ag_dubslots of empathy for ya
15:53badboyI had the same a week before my rbr workshop
15:53badboywhen homu finally merged my PR and I could throw away like 10 steps of my tutorial D:
18:42SergioRocket 0.3 is out! If anyone has a second, would love an upvote for the Rocket release on Hacker News!
18:47steveklabnikdone :)
18:49SergioThanks, steveklabnik! :D
18:59SergioIf anyone else has a spare upvote, would love your support. :)
20:57sebasmagrigreat work Sergio
21:23steveklabnikdo talks like end up on youtube?
21:23steveklabnikor do they stay on
21:24steveklabnikhoverbear: skade ^ i feel like yinz would know
21:25hoverbearsteveklabnik: No idea if they go on YT. Can always download them though
21:25steveklabniknot on my fancy new tv i can&#39;t
21:25steveklabnikthanks though
21:25hoverbearSo download it and put it unlisted on YT :3
21:26steveklabnikso many bytes transferred for no good reason
21:26steveklabnik&quot;let me download this here to upload it there to download it again elsewhere in the room&quot;
21:27hoverbearWell, rehost it with the HTTPServer of python and use http? =D
21:42skadesteveklabnik: generally not, unless someone transfers then
21:44steveklabnikcool cool
21:44steveklabnikit&#39;s not a real problem, just wnated to know :)
21:58SergioThanks, sebasmagri!
23:13bstriecarols10cents: who&#39;s this new person in the integer32 org on github?
23:13carols10centsbstrie: our intern!
23:13bstrieyou have an intern??
23:14carols10centswe have an intern!!
23:14bstrieunpaid? is she like, your niece? :P
23:14carols10centsshe&#39;s awesome!!
23:14carols10centsshe is paid and she is not related to us, thankyouverymuch :P
23:15bstrieyou must be rolling in the dough!
23:16carols10centsoh ya, totally
15 Jul 2017
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