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13 Sep 2017
02:03erickthey everyone! just reminding all y'all to add agenda items:
06:51booyaa[i'll remove the agenda check from meeting bot until i can work out how to parse the docs
06:51booyaa[i'm pretty certain i saw a python package to do this though
15:00meetingbotThe meeting is on Weds @ 4PM and 11PM UTC. *happy bleeping noises*
15:18ericktbooyaa[ / carols10cents / edunham / ag_dubs / sebasmagri / bstrie / skade / badboy: agenda items for today?
15:25booyaa[erickt: can't access the doc from work :( can we get a status check on the global meetup?
15:27ericktbooyaa[: odd. but I'm betting there's been no progress :(
15:27ericktI haven't had time
15:31ag_dubsim' gonna add some documents for rustbridge
15:54erickt\m/ \m/
15:57theJPsterIt's probably not worth an agenda item, but the Cambridge Rust Meetup is trying to regularise access to the venue (rather than doing it ad-hoc). We had a meeting today and had lots of sage nodding and general agreement that it would be A Good Thing. So that's good.
15:59skadeI'm here, but on spotty connection
16:00ericktmeeting time!
16:00ericktthat's enough, survivor
16:00ericktwho's in?
16:01erickttheJPster: great! I'm not sure how to help though :)
16:01theJPstererickt, just keep being an awesome project the office wants to be associated with :)
16:01ericktbooyaa[ / carols10cents / edunham / ag_dubs / sebasmagri / bstrie / badboy: meeting time!
16:02ericktaw shucks
16:03ericktI suppose we have critical mass to begin :)
16:04ericktso item one
16:04ericktI'm gonna be out for a bit January and February cuz I'm having a kid :D
16:04Manishearthomg congrats
16:05erickt:) so we're gonna have to account for that for future organization
16:05ericktcuz my ever shrinking free time is getting even, err, shrinkier
16:07ag_dubswill someone need to step up to do organizing in that time
16:07ericktso either we'll have to start rotating who is driving agenda, or someone will have to take it from me :)
16:07carols10centsbaby baby baby baby
16:07ericktcarols10cents: wanna come babysit?
16:08steveklabniki don't understand, if we're adding *more people*, then won't we get stuff done even *faster*?
16:08steveklabnik(also congrats!)
16:08erickti am looking forward to buying some integer32 onesies, they look cool
16:08ericktsteveklabnik: hehe
16:08carols10centsthey make every baby cuter. Fact
16:08ericktwe don't have to figure out transition plans now, but something to keep in mind in the future
16:09ericktitem two
16:09erickty'all hear about this upcoming impl period?
16:09ericktstarts next week
16:10ericktI want to make sure we get our projects integrated since it might be some good visibility for us
16:11ericktso I have some ideas on what we can do, but I wanted to ask you all if you had more, and if any of you want to help lead them
16:11theJPsterIs that related to the impl days after RustFest Zurich?
16:11ericktfirst is around rustbridge
16:11ag_dubsi believe yes, @theJPster
16:11erickttheJPster: yeah
16:11ag_dubs"first is around rustbridge" can u say more @erickt ?
16:11skadeimpl days is basically the kick-off for this
16:11ericktthe big things I see are helping ag_dubs ship the bridge website, which means at least creating tickets on where people can help
16:12ericktag_dubs: ^ :)
16:12ericktand actually getting people to organize bridge events
16:12ag_dubshi yeah so my goal is to finish the website today. tbh i'm not sure it's a great task for a lot of people, esp not new people
16:12ericktag_dubs: why you have to be so productive
16:13ag_dubsit's not really about that so much as the overhead of managing people
16:13ag_dubsit turns out that communication has proven harder than actually just doing the work
16:14ericktso on rustbridge then, do you have any ideas how new people could help contribute?
16:14ag_dubsespecially across timezones and stuff. i def want it to get there but i dont think it's open source really yet. (the source is available but we dont have the infra and docs to make it contributable yet)
16:14ag_dubsi think in general new people contributing might look to places with more mentors, like the project teams
16:15ericktThat could be a project. we don't necessarily have to frame this as just new people either
16:15ag_dubsfor sure
16:15ericktit's also for us to focus on, rather than starting new initiatives
16:15ag_dubsi would be interested in a curriculum working group
16:15ag_dubsto get that all written down and audited
16:16ag_dubsbut i dont think it is a good idea for new people
16:16ericktadded to the agenda. Would you be interested in leading that group?
16:16ag_dubswe need people who have taught rustbridges to do it so i think that is @carols10cents @sebasmagri and i
16:17ag_dubsselfishly i would also like to contribute to the language during the impl period so it would be really helpful to not have something super ambitious for rustbridge
16:17ag_dubsas i'm also running 2 events during the period
16:17ag_dubswhich is a bunch of work on its own
16:18ag_dubsits important that people running diversity initiatives also contribute to the project or there can be problems, so i'm sensitive to that
16:18ericktcarols10cents / sebasmagri: do you two also interested in helping to drive this?
16:19ag_dubsi think maybe sebastian isn't attending so i can reach out to him later
16:19ericktoh ok
16:19sebasmagrisure thing! I'm completely willing to do so
16:20ag_dubsoh! hey. sorry, i thought your user was greyed out/away
16:20ericktthe other initiatives I thought we could pursue is on modernizing to sync up with ag_dubs's work on bridge
16:20ag_dubsi think a nice idea might be unifying all the community team pages
16:21ag_dubsi think it's pretty complicated to have them all as separate repos
16:21sebasmagriag_dubs: np! should we try to meet with carols10cents later? probably brinker experience would be useful for this as well...
16:22ericktthe last major project I can think of is on internationalization
16:22ericktit'd be great to get the RFC published
16:23ericktand come up with some tasking on how to get that project rolled out
16:23ag_dubs"probably brinker experience would be useful for this as well..." what is brinker?
16:23sebasmagriyeah! I really need some feedback there though...
16:24ericktsebasmagri: noted
16:24ericktanyone else have ideas?
16:24sebasmagriin the process we can have a strike team to do the tasking and kick it off
16:25ericktsebasmagri: yeah
16:26sebasmagriag_dubs: sorry, probably a Matrix issue, I meant brinker's experience, as he shown interest on contributing with RB...
16:26carols10centssebasmagri: are you talking about andrew brinker?
16:26ericktI also added re-forming the rustbridge working group
16:27sebasmagriyep carols10cents , was using his handle here...
16:27carols10centssebasmagri: yeah i think that was what was confusing ag_dubs :)
16:28ericktanything else on the impl period?
16:29ericktthen moving on!
16:29ericktwe're done! I wanted to talk to you about my roll out strategy
16:30ericktmy plan is to merge in the blogs into
16:31ericktit seems silly to me to have separate blogs
16:31ericktso, I was just about to first push up a PR to migrate the content over, unless anyone has any arguments against it
16:31ag_dubsi think it sounds like a really great idea!
16:31skadeI'm all for it
16:32ericktthen I was gonna push up the results for final copy-editing, before publishing it
16:32ericktI was also going to publish the submissions to
16:33ericktwhere we'll have the submissions grouped by $YEAR/$SUBMITTER/$SUBMISSIONS
16:33ericktI checked the licenses, and they're all mit or apache
16:34ericktso, edunham / bstrie, the last thing is for you two is to settle our prizes
16:34ag_dubsseems good! i would just make sure its communicated to users that they'll be put there
16:34ericktwill do!
16:34ag_dubsalso, it's possible that users might prefer a link instead of the source if people are already hosting the code on their own repo so that people know where to file issues or PRs
16:35ag_dubs(just spitballing, might not actually be an issue)
16:35ericktfirst pr to migrate blog posts:
16:35aidanhs(observer opinion: I'd personally say rust should self-host so they don't go missing in time)
16:36ericktag_dubs: that's a good point. we can host the submission at the time, but put links into any updated submission
16:36ag_dubs@aidanhs people are gonna want to opt out, and i think we should allow that
16:37ag_dubsunless when they submit there's something like the npm policy that says rust owns them forever, and even then people don't love that
16:37aidanhsthe rules did require MIT/apache iirc, but I leave it to your judgement
16:37ericktag_dubs: fyi, aidanhs is one of our two submittors
16:37ericktI'm not sure if the other submitter is onine
16:38ag_dubstotally, i dont want to preoptimize, just thinking that people might not want to give away their code for public display when submitting and might make them not submit
16:38ag_dubsbut i'll leave it to ya'll
16:39ericktwe did ask them to assume that anything they give us will be published
16:39ericktone thing I did remove was the AUTHORS file, since I'm not sure if people want their email address listed
16:40ericktthe license files do state who own the project though
16:40edunhamerickt: ok! do you want both shipped together, or should we independently ship as appropriate?
16:40ericktaidanhs: you okay with that?
16:40edunham(re: prizes)
16:40ericktthey could be separate, since you and bstrie are on opposite sides of the country
16:41ericktso any comments before we start the process?
16:42aidanhserickt: I'm fine AUTHORS removal since it's under a directory with my name, but for groups maybe you'd want to just censor email? unsure
16:43bstrieis there a draft of the blog post announcing the winner?
16:43ericktbstrie: yeah, I can post it privately if you want to read it first
16:44bstriesure :)
16:44bstrieor you can email it to me
16:44bstrieI've got some metal ferrises ready to mail, though only three right now, need to find some quality rusty metal to cut more
16:46ericktbstrie and everyone, I mailed y'all the docs
16:46ericktplease get me any comments before 12pm PST when we can go live
16:47ericktaidanhs: we didn't get group submissions this time around
16:47ericktI do have github mentions queued up once we post the submissions
16:47ericktanything else?
16:48ericktok, then ag_dubs, want to finish up with bridge?
16:48ag_dubssure i just wanted to share the work i've done to push things forward
16:49ag_dubsi'll be doing outreach to meetup/community groups later today/early tomorrow
16:49ag_dubsi've reached out to dave herman and yehuda katz to get the twitter and github org transferred to me
16:49ag_dubsi intend to finish the website today so that i can link to it in the rustbridge stuff
16:49ag_dubserr, rustbridge zurich stuff
16:50ag_dubsi'm organizing it on google docs because this is what i've had the most success with before
16:50ericktyeah that's pretty good
16:51ag_dubsi've shared the links to the stuff i use in the agenda, if anyone has trouble accessing lemme know
16:51ericktdon't forget to lock down access to the signup sheet
16:51ericktsignup sheet responses
16:52ag_dubsone thing: if you are planning on coming to rustbridge zurich and mentoring- reach out to lemme know
16:52ag_dubsi'll eventually set up a mentor form, but for now just ping me
16:53ericktag_dubs: I think you should probably make "Please tell us a bit about yourself and any underrepresented groups/communities that you identify as part of. " optional. I could imagine some people might want to opt out of sharing personal data
16:54ag_dubsi've used it for nodetogether events and it's not ever been an issue. the main thing is to use that to make sure that people who are attending are from underrepresented groups
16:55ag_dubsthey need to write something, but what they write isn't dictated
16:55ericktag_dubs: oh ok, I'll defer to your experience
16:55ag_dubs(i do that instead of a gender/race/economic status/language/disability field)
16:56ag_dubssome people just use it to say "hi i'm X and i want to learn programming" which is fine
16:57ag_dubsat somepoint i think it would be cool to figure out how to do it in diff languages. i dont know how google forms deals with that exactly, but i do know that question is particularly confusing in translation
16:58ericktI suppose we could probably have separate sign up forms.
16:58ag_dubs(in india people used it to describe how advanced they were at programming about 50% of the time, which was odd)
16:58ag_dubsyeah makes sense
16:59ericktag_dubs: I've also seen some of the *bridge events invite underrepresented people and their guests. would we want to do that?
17:00ericktsuch as
17:01ag_dubs&quot;and their guests&quot;? <-- is that the part you are focusing on?
17:01ag_dubsoh this &quot;People who identify as men are welcome to come and learn so long as they are guests of an attendee who does not identify as a man. &quot;
17:01ag_dubsi dont make underrepresented only about women
17:01ag_dubsthere are plenty of men from underrepresented groups
17:01ag_dubsso i dont think that is related and i&#39;ve not run into that issue before-
17:02ericktoh, certainly
17:02ag_dubsclojure bridge appears to be only for women
17:02ag_dubs&quot;This workshop is for women&quot;
17:02ag_dubswhich is something i specifically don&#39;t believe in
17:03ericktyeah, I can support that
17:03ag_dubsok i have a hard stop now
17:03ag_dubssorry :(
17:03ericktno worries!
17:04ag_dubsthanks ya&#39;ll!
17:04ericktI should head off too!
17:04ericktthanks everyone!
17:05booyaaAlso gz erickt (I was too late earlier and didn&#39;t want to break the flow)
17:05ericktthanks booyaa !
17:27carols10centsi think whether or not to allow guests should be up to each event runner
17:30Manishearthag_dubs: the vocabulary/framework of &quot;privilege&quot; and &quot;underrepresented&quot; basically doesn&#39;t exist in india rn
17:30Manishearthor, it does in very small groups
17:30Manishearththis is frustrating because if you wish to discuss these topics with folks you either have to sub in rougher versions of this
17:31Manishearthor you have to explain EVERYTHING
21:00meetingbotThe meeting is on Weds @ 4PM and 11PM UTC. *happy bleeping noises*
22:54lockswhere can I send a PR to the 1.20 release post?
22:56badboyerickt: uuuuh congrats!
22:57badboythough that causes a major problem for the team because that effectively means the vice-erickt title is kinda taken
14 Sep 2017
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