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13 Jul 2017
08:50booyaaMmm no agenda eh?
09:46skadei've seen something fun in elixirstatus by the way: they have "ad banners"
09:46skadewhich are just regular repeating messages pointing out things like "here's the following standard resource"
09:46skadehow about a rust ad network? :D
10:45booyaa[that's a good idea!
10:46booyaa[also i've completely forgotten the url of our version?
10:46booyaa[ the power of grep compeles you!
10:47badboy works too
10:52booyaa[yeah got redirect there
10:53skadeit's the same :)
10:53skade(the banners feature is currently off, by the way :D)
10:56booyaa[hoping to have a few blog rust posts coming along soon
10:56booyaa[will definitely post my presentation when i've done it next thursday
13:18theJPsterPfft. Chasing supposed (valgrind reported) memory leaks in the pthread timer API is not my idea of a fun Thursday.
13:23booyaa[badboy: state of rust static site generators
13:25badboyah nice
14:45booyaa[skade: would it be okay to announce meetups via the herald?
14:47skadebooyaa[: sure
15:43aidanhsbooyaa[: that sounds like a cool talk, fingers crossed skillsmatter record it!
16:12booyaa[cheers :D
16:12booyaa[also the RFE crew should totally use Rust Herald ;)
16:12booyaa[to announce new podcasts
16:13booyaa[one of my favourite things about hearing the team speak is to here how things are pronounced... epoch is a great example
17:02ag_dubswe should add a page to the hearld about how to submit your post
17:02ag_dubsits not immediately clear that it accepts posts and its def not clear how to do that
17:03ag_dubsor... wait.. oh wow- just anyone can post anything?
17:04ag_dubswhew- aren't we worried about bots and moderation?
17:04ag_dubs(i wanted to tweet something out about it but it seems a lil dangerous)
17:16notriddle(1) You need a GitHub account.
17:16notriddle(2) I think posting something puts in in a moderator queue, and doesn't actually post it to the Twitter right away.
17:31ag_dubsit def posts right away
17:32ag_dubsunless someone was watching the exact same time i tested
17:33notriddleHuh, okay.
17:33ag_dubsand u can put any twtter account
17:33ag_dubsit doesnt auth
17:34notriddleBut it does require you to have a GitHub account. So I'm not sure why it's any worse than something like Reddit or doesn't auth either.
17:34ag_dubsi mean i could spam anyone i want on twitter
17:36badboyyeah, that's definitely not optimal
17:37badboyuuuuh the rust mx tshirt :D
18:06edunhambadboy: hey uh do you have the source for that fantastic card thingy you added to the repo?
18:08badboyI think I only have that pdf. let me check. otherwise I'll ask sandra
18:08edunhamok that would be fantastic
18:10badboySandra only sent me the PDF version. I'll ask for another format
18:27badboybooyaa[: gnah, I really hate that cobalt does not include the full text in the rss feed
18:28badboyI'm really considering just writing a template to emit the feed with fulltext
19:07booyaabadboy (IRC): ah didn't know this, do you just get titles? I might hack on that
20:17steveklabnikwho did this
20:18steveklabnikbecause it wasn't me
20:21ag_dubssorry bb
20:21ag_dubsit was me
20:22notriddleYou can delete Tweets if you log into Twitter as @RustHerald
20:22ag_dubsi did it for the issue i filed with elixirstatus which is where @skade told me to file
20:22steveklabnikit's all good
20:22ag_dubs@notriddle i do not have creds and i'm not entirely certain i should
20:22ag_dubsbut i'd like that tweet to remain until elixirstatus gets back to me on the issue
20:49booyaa[ag_dubs: good spot
21:27ag_dubslol @carols10cents
21:48badboyah, a good night story by steveklabnik in rfc 2052 :)
21:52KiChjangindeed, i just received the notification and it looks like steveklabnik went into super sayan mode
22:16aturonskade: badboy: carols10cents: up for another post like for the upcoming confs?
22:16aturonif so, would you be willing to send me a similar blurb as last year?
22:16carols10centsaturon: yes! when would you like it by?
22:17aturonend of tomorrow would be swell
22:17carols10centsyeeep ok
22:17* carols10cents reshuffles schedule
22:18aturoncarols10cents: hah sorry! i can also draft something
22:18carols10centsit's ok, i think i can swing it :)
22:18badboyaturon: yes! I'll forward it to the team (I'm not directly involved this time)
22:18carols10centsi just want to get ticket sales open so there's a link to click on!
22:18aturonbadboy: ah ok, sorry!
22:18badboyaturon: no problem
22:18aturoncarols10cents: oh! lol
22:18badboyI still get their mails :D
22:19aturoncarols10cents: to be clear, i intend to make the post monday morning
22:19aturonso you'd have the weekend to make the link work
22:19carols10centsdefinitely doable then
22:21badboymail sent
22:24Manishearthcarols10cents: badboy skade hoverbear: could y'all send a short blurb about your respective conferences for a version of ?
22:24carols10centsManishearth: aturon just asked that :)
22:25badboycarols10cents: why don't you have yours ready then? that were at least 8 minutes time!
22:25carols10centsbadboy: why arent the rustfest videos up yet?
22:26badboyyou just postponed them by a week
22:27Manishearthwait what
22:27Manisheartharen't the rustfest videos up already?
22:27badboyshe's talking about the next ones!
22:27badboywhich now got postponed
22:28Manishearthi was like "wait what did zurich happen why did nobody tell me"
22:29badboyrustfest happens fast, but not _that_ fast
22:40carols10centsManishearth: why aren't the rustconf videos up yet?
22:41carols10centsManishearth: i think i want to skip out of podcast recording monday, that way we all will have missed an episode :) gotta keep things new and fresh. so it's up to you
22:42badboy /o\ I don't have a mic yet to jump in
22:45carols10centsbadboy: i've just been using my internal mic
22:45carols10centsdo it
22:45badboynope, mines crappy. tried that :D
22:45badboyalso I am out of town on monday
22:46badboyso if we move it by a day or something I could organize one
22:46Manishearthcarols10cents: because *certain* rustconf speakers (*cough* carol *cough*) are being lazy and not doing their talks yet
23:10Manishearthcarols10cents: aaah
23:10Manishearthcarols10cents: ok, ill try
23:10ManishearthGankro: do we have a topic we want to talk about monday?
23:10carols10centsManishearth: i believe in youuuu
23:10GankroManishearth: idk I show up when people tell me to
23:11ManishearthGankro: pls show up im all alone otherwise
23:11Gankrocarol playing hookie?!
23:11carols10centsinvite a guest on
23:12carols10centsmaybe sgrif?
23:12ManishearthGankro: we could do ATCs if we invite sgrif or boats
23:13GankroManishearth: lemme eat dinner/think
23:31ag_dubsanyone wanna do a quick code review?
23:55ag_dubshey uh, where's the agenda for the meeting for the community team again?
23:56ag_dubsi'm look through the repo and i can't find the issue :/
23:56ag_dubsi want to add this to it:
14 Jul 2017
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