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12 Jul 2017
03:07ericktwoo got my hotel room for rustconf
03:07ericktgot an extra bed if anyone wants to split a room
03:30ag_dubs^ current status on the rustbridge site
03:31ag_dubsabout to add a markdown templating shenanigans so we can write the content in markdown and not html
03:33aturonag_dubs: \o/
03:33ag_dubsits got some nice auto deploy to gh-pages and a nice auto-reload dev workflow so working on stuff is pleasant
09:30booyaa[totally stealing the travis and livereload stuff, thanks!
14:55ericktMeeting day!
14:56badboyin an hour?
14:58ericktbadboy: yep
14:58badboyI'll run.
14:58ericktUgh no seat on the train. How can I do community stuff standing up ;_;
15:02ericktbooyaa[ skade Manishearth edunham carols10cents brson badboy sebasmagri ag_dubs: anything for the agenda?
15:02ag_dubswebsite update
15:03ag_dubslink ^
15:05booyaa[ugh meeting bot where are you? *goes to check mail*
15:05ag_dubsmeeting bot?
15:07meetingbotThis week's agenda: The meetings are this Weds @ 4PM and 11PM UTC.
15:07booyaa[^-- yeah i think my cron-ish might be off
15:07booyaa[also grammareing
15:09skadeerickt: still: we need to move for the 24 hours of rust event
15:10ericktskade: yeah
15:14ericktskade / Manishearth: are you also planning on doing underhanded reviews?
15:14skadephew, I'm planning, but don't wait on my
15:38booyaa[yip me cronish was off.. thank goodness for this site,22_*_*_2,3
15:39ambaxterthat is amazing
15:40badboyI use for that :D
15:58ericktit's nearly meeting time!
15:58ericktI just got to my desk, so no final countdown
15:58erickt(dudeldu du, de du du du, de do, de du du du)
15:59erickt\m/ and etc
15:59* skade is surprised erickt speaks german
16:00ericktI wish I spoke german!
16:00ericktoh meeting time!
16:00erickthey meetingbot, where are ya
16:00booyaaerickt (IRC): we could outsource the YouTube to meetingbot if you want
16:00skadeNo one who speaks german can be an evil man. (
16:00ericktwho is in?
16:00ag_dubshiii o/
16:00skadebooyaa: I suggested that a while ago, but artisan choosing of final countdown vids was preferred
16:00erickthi ag_dubs!
16:01ericktthat's true, heirloom final countdowns are objectively better
16:01edunham\o only 1min late
16:01ericktlets get started
16:02Manisheartherickt: nope
16:02ericktManishearth: they're subjectively better?
16:02Manisheartherickt: no, talking about underhanded
16:02skadesorry, I have to check for all windows being closed here in meatspace
16:02ericktoh haha
16:03ericktok lets start of with underhanded
16:03ag_dubswhat is going on with the final countdown stuff, i'm confused
16:03ericktag_dubs: hehe
16:03ag_dubsoh whoops, ok no need if we are moving on lol
16:03ericktag_dubs: we traditionally start off our meetings with a rendition of final countdown
16:03ag_dubsaaaah i see
16:04ericktoccasionally skade contributes other hairband music from the eighties to mix things up
16:04ericktI've recently been exploring terrible covers of final countdown
16:04skadecurl | grep "4 minutes and 55 seconds"
16:05skadein any case, all windows closed :)
16:05ag_dubswhoa that is a long time
16:05ericktanyway, underhanded
16:05ericktbadboy and hoverbear get bonus credits for getting the reviews done, but Manishearth, skade, and I still need to work on em
16:06ericktI'm getting mine done tonight
16:06ag_dubswhat is an underhanded review?
16:06hoverbearI even used the marking rubrick
16:06erickt(he convinces himself)
16:06ag_dubssounds sinister tbqh
16:06ericktag_dubs: yep! that's the idea
16:06ag_dubsum so
16:06ericktgame we ran a while ago
16:06ag_dubsif you can tell me all the sites you have i can fix the font on them
16:07ag_dubsya'll have that fira font weight issue
16:07hoverbearSo they use Fira Code?
16:07ag_dubsits impossible to read
16:07ericktoh, yuck
16:07ag_dubsrustdoc and the site had this issue too and i fixed it
16:07ag_dubsits a corrupted font file from google fonts
16:07hoverbearag_dubs: Can we use Fira code for the code please please please?
16:07hoverbearI want my fancy ligatures
16:07ag_dubsum, sure lol
16:07ericktwow, it renders ok on osx
16:08ag_dubsweird i'm also on osx
16:08ag_dubsi think it depends on some other stuff, i dunno
16:08ag_dubsit also causes &'s to bleed down the pages in some circumstances
16:08ericktag_dubs: here's the repo:
16:09ag_dubsANYWAYS, i super derailed, sorry about that
16:09ag_dubscool thanks
16:09mbrubeckag_dubs: That's caused by a buggy version of the Source Code Pro font
16:09ericktI think we should probably consolidate this under, we probably don't need tons of websites
16:09ericktManishearth / skade when do you think you can get your reviews done?
16:10skadeas written before, I'm not sure when I will be done (if ever), so don't wait for me :)
16:10skadeI hope I will find some time this week
16:11erickthoverbear / badboy did you put in your votes for the winner?
16:11ericktif not, please start a thread
16:11badboynot really votes, will do this then
16:11hoverbearerickt: No votes. You gave a rubrick and I marked to that
16:12ericktok, please pick your favorite
16:12hoverbearI liked the cargo metadata one because I couldn't figure out how that worked until I checked the exploit
16:12ericktthen we need to start doing a writeup like
16:12erickthoverbear: please reply on the mailing list :)
16:13ericktanyone want to volunteer to start writing up a post like ^?
16:14hoverbearAnyone have any good ideas for a workshop at Rustfest for dogs that we can call RuffFest?
16:14skadeerickt: I never received my mailing list invitiation by the way
16:14ericktskade: still!?
16:14skadeerickt: i think there's something broken
16:14hoverbearI'm thinking like "Learning the borrow checker through fetch" or something
16:14skadelet's sort that out out side of the meeting tomorrow or so
16:16Manisheartherickt: I won't be able to, im just getting busier and busier
16:16erickthoverbear: heh
16:16ericktthen I'll get my stuff done, we can start doing the writeup
16:16ericktwhich might still give skade enough time to chime in before we finish
16:17ericktalright, well I'll start a doc, but badboy / hoverbear I'll need your help writing it up
16:17ericktnext up, the survey
16:18ericktunfortunately jntrnr is probably asleep
16:18ericktManishearth / edunham do you know the current state of things?
16:18ericktor maybe aturon if you are around?
16:19aturonerickt: sorry, state of things re: what?
16:19aturonoh, survey
16:19aturonlast i heard, jntrnr was planning to work through the full data set with some others
16:19aturonand ultimately write up a blog post
16:20aturonand also give some of the raw textual results to each subteam
16:20ericktyeah, myself, Manish and emily :)
16:20aturonnot sure how far that's progressed...
16:20aturonhah ok, then you know at least as much as i do!
16:20ericktwell, I'll ping jonathan in the afternoon
16:21ericktnext up, brson you had a few things from last week:
16:21ericktare you in?
16:22ag_dubsi have not seen him yet today
16:22ag_dubsand he's not in the channel
16:22ericktoh ok, well then moving on, since I don't know much about that subject
16:22ericktag_dubs: you're already doing awesome work on the website
16:22ag_dubsyes yes
16:23ag_dubsso basically all the build scaffolding is there and i have it ~50% documented, but i've filed issues, created labels, etc, so if people want to hop in i think now ish is a good point to do so
16:23erickthow do we start?
16:23ag_dubsi've specifically been documenting all the stuff because i dont expect rust people to necessarily know all the classic js shenanigans
16:23ericktI think rustfest cfp has been announced, we could post it there
16:24ericktand I think we got a few things on we could start moving over
16:24ag_dubsso i didn't create a section for a blog but i def can
16:25ericktthat's awesome!
16:25ag_dubsalso assuming we like this direction i am happy to get it out of my personal github
16:25ag_dubsi mostly just put it there cuz this was a proof of concept
16:25ericktyeah we could move this into the rust-community namespace
16:25ericktand setup to point at it
16:26ag_dubsdoes rustbridge have a twitter? (sorta kinda not on topic but still a q i had)
16:26skadeThere's a @rustbridge twitter account, but there's an unfortunate name clash
16:26ag_dubswho owns that?
16:26skadedave herman and yehuda katz
16:27Manishearthag_dubs: it's the other rust bridge project
16:27ag_dubsalso yeah SEO for rustbridge is rough because people think its for bridging rust to diff langs
16:27ag_dubshave we thought about a diff name so there is no confusion?
16:27ericktoh, actually I talked to dherman about that and he's fine giving us the name
16:27ag_dubsoh word nice
16:27ericktI'll ping him about getting @rustbridge
16:27skadewell, bridge, because of the connection to the bridgefoundry
16:27skadeso, yeah, that's settled, but not yet resolved :)
16:28ag_dubsis anyone here thinking they'll be contirbuting the website in the next week or so? just so i have a sense
16:28ag_dubs(i can also just keep plugging along)
16:28ericktag_dubs: sebasmagri mentioned working on it as well
16:29ericktI'm not quite sure my time
16:29skadeI usually follow along with these things, so maybe I have a typo fix from time to time :)
16:29anna-liaoJust wondering if it would be helpful for me to submit some edit suggestions for the workshop materials? I guess that won'
16:29ag_dubscool, writing and editing content will be very helpful
16:29anna-liaot actually be on the website.
16:29ericktoh and anna-liao hello!
16:29ag_dubsthe materials will be on the website in a certain fashion, i haven't entirely decided yet
16:29anna-liaoI noticed there are some spots where it still needs content fielled
16:29ag_dubsbut that's what the "learn" page is for
16:30ericktwe also should get a link to somewhere
16:30ericktor move the book somehow into your repo
16:30ag_dubsthe book?
16:30ericktManishearth: you set this up
16:30ag_dubsi do not think we should track technical work on a website with curriculum materials
16:30ericktag_dubs: Manishearth started converting the tutorials into this format
16:31erickthow should we do it? just have a link to it?
16:31ag_dubsand yeah so i think we also probably need to audit the materials and see whats actually ahppening
16:31ag_dubsafaik most rustbridges were taught not with those materials
16:31ag_dubsso that's a thing to consider
16:31ericktyeah. in MX I think it riffed off of
16:31* ag_dubs nods
16:31ericktbut I'm not sure how much of it was derived from the document
16:32ag_dubs@carols10cents and i are gonna use
16:32ag_dubsfor rustconf
16:32ag_dubsand that's what i used at rustfest
16:32ag_dubsANYWAYS- is there a rustbridge meeting?
16:32ericktag_dubs: btw I saw you and carols10cents are working on the rustbridge at the conf? sebasmagri and I were also planning on coming up for that day
16:32ag_dubsdont want to bog this convo down with that stuff
16:33ag_dubsoh whoa AWESOME yay
16:33ericktwe used to have a dedicated one, but it sorta merged into this meeting
16:33ag_dubsit would be great to work with ya'll
16:33ericktwhen that group became a little less active
16:33carols10centsyay TAs!
16:34ag_dubsyeah so my main plan is to align this website with the curriculum that carol and i have used and will use at rustconf, and then go from there
16:34erickthi carols10cents!
16:34carols10centshiiiii sorry i'm laaaate :)
16:34ag_dubsi would be down for a like... every other week meeting to look at curriculum stuff
16:34ericktsure. I also need to push up my changes to the into slides
16:35ag_dubsi want to make sure that we are putting effort toward materials that we will actually use and/or get materials to a place where we can actually use them :)
16:35skadeyep, which kind of brings up the discussion where the project felt kind of stalled: what do we want to teach?
16:36* ag_dubs nods
16:37ag_dubsok! i will schedule a every other week rust bridge meeting where we can talk about this stuff
16:37skadeI'd be happy to join
16:37ag_dubscool i'll file an issue with the time/agenda
16:37ag_dubs(we can figure out what time works, but i'll make a suggestion)
16:37ericktfeel free to also schedule working sessions, I find it's much easier for me to concentrate on things when I carve out some time for em
16:37* ag_dubs nods
16:38ag_dubsi work at like 2am so i feel bad
16:39ericktalright so next agenda item, skade, any luck digging up any whitepapers?
16:39skadeerickt: nope, sadly not. I'll have to take another look at my backups
16:40ericktk. carols10cents have you put any together? I haven't found any good examples yet
16:40carols10centsi have not
16:40ericktI've only been able to find more scientific papers, like
16:41carols10centsi havent really looked very hard yet
16:41carols10centsaturon sent this
16:41badboy(ok, I have to go for now, see you later!(
16:42skadelightbend (scala) has some
16:42ericktcarols10cents: hm, that seems a little different than what I was thinking
16:42carols10centserickt: yes
16:42carols10centsthat's all i've got so far tho lol
16:43ag_dubswhat are we looking for exactly?
16:43ag_dubsexamples of language white papers?
16:43ag_dubsthere's a bunch of ones that node.js produces that i can send alont
16:44ag_dubsalong*, even
16:44carols10centsag_dubs is the best
16:44ag_dubspffft :P
16:44ericktI was thinking "I'd give this thing to a CIO to try to convince them to let us use rust"
16:44* ag_dubs nods
16:44ag_dubsthat is exactly what the node.js ones are
16:44ag_dubswe also have npm ones
16:44carols10cents"At your business factory, Rust will make more business faster and safer"
16:45ag_dubsso uh, who do i send that to or where do i put it or..?
16:45ericktmainly I wanted examples, so I could go up to some of our users and say "could you write smething like this about rust"?
16:45ag_dubslol no one likes writing that shit
16:45ag_dubsit's miserable
16:45ag_dubsbut, many people will do it for p cheap- jsut not free
16:45ericktyep, that's why I want to make other people write them for me!
16:46ag_dubsi feel like a small budget might be in order for that stuff, in my experience at least
16:46ag_dubsok cool, thanks @carols10cents
16:46* erickt makes puppydog eyes at aturon and carols10cents for moneys
16:46skadeI also think so. Whitepapers should be well written and getting a good writer might be worth it
16:46ag_dubsyeah totally
16:46ag_dubsthat might be a good cnadidate for the matchmaking fund service thing
16:47ag_dubsthat i need to make website for
16:47* carols10cents throws $2 at erickt
16:47skadematchmaking fund service thing?
16:47ag_dubsyeah it was from the all hands, i'm not sure who is in charge of writing up and disseminating those notes
16:47* ag_dubs side-eyes aturon
16:47* carols10cents puts finger on nose
16:47aturonag_dubs: you rang?
16:48ericktwe'd like money to throw at people to write us up whitepapers
16:48ag_dubswas vaguely mentioning the "matchmaking" funding service we discussed
16:48aturonah yeah -- i wanted to get back in touch about that
16:48carols10centsi'd throw some money at it from i32 if we could put like "commissioned by integer32, a rust consultancy" on it
16:48ag_dubswasn't sure where those notes landed, if officially, if at all
16:48aturonall that stuff is public
16:49ag_dubscool cool
16:49aturonyou bet
16:49aturonso, while i'm here and on this topic --
16:49ag_dubsand yeah ping me if/when you want to chat about that
16:49ericktcarols10cents: I suggest changing your line to "commissioned by integer32, a rust consultancy, whom you should be throwing lots of money at"
16:49aturoni think this is a *super* important thing and want to make sure somebody can own/run with it
16:49carols10centsi am into that amendment
16:49ericktcarols10cents: always be selling
16:49aturonag_dubs: you still up for leading the charge?
16:49ag_dubsi can def make website :)
16:49* skade also has a consultancy, but no one ever asks us for money :)
16:49ag_dubsas for some of the other stuff, a team would be nice, if possible
16:49aturonag_dubs: +1
16:49ag_dubslike policies and that shenanigans
16:50aturoni think we'll probably want to start working out that stuff at the core team level, but ultimately it should be a community team thing?
16:50ericktskade: sorry! can you throw money at us?!
16:50ag_dubsi can own having it on the agenda for this meeting every week until we ship it
16:50ericktyou also should always be selling ;)
16:50aturonag_dubs: :D awesome
16:50skadeerickt: I can consider that :)
16:50aturon(does everyone know what we're even talking about??)
16:51ag_dubsprobably not, heh, but maybe at the next meeting i can make a brief preso on it
16:51ag_dubswith a vague timeline and a list of needs/wants
16:51carols10centsag_dubs is the best!
16:51ericktbtw, that all hands link on paper isn't public
16:52aturonerickt: oh hm, people ahve to join the rust org to get access
16:52aturonin any case, looks like we don't really have much notes on this topic...
16:52carols10centsalso are you sure you've looked over all those notes to make sure you want them public aturon ...?
16:53carols10centseven the... super secret stuff?
16:53skadeI don't have a dropbox account :/
16:53ericktif you want to add anything to next week's meeting
16:53aturoncarols10cents: they've been public all along; i checked in on the sensitive items and i think it's OK
16:54aturoncarols10cents: pm me if you have concerns
16:54carols10centsaturon: i'm mostly being silly
16:54* carols10cents posts them to hacker news
16:54skadecarols10cents: ah, you were that, last year?
16:54ag_dubsyeah i'm calling it rustfund til yall fire me or we have a better name
16:54aturonag_dubs: anyway, feel free to hit me up if you have questions etc
16:54ag_dubscool @aturon will do :)
16:54aturonag_dubs: i'm not sure there could be a better name tbh
16:55ericktok so we got five minutes left
16:55ericktany last minute things?
16:55skadeI lost a little track, are we talking about a community fund again, suddenly?
16:56ag_dubswe are creating a site to help people discover funding opportunites for people involved in rust
16:56skadeah, good *looses blood pressure*
16:56ag_dubsbut i will make a lil preso next week so that its all clear and stuff
16:57skadeah, by the way, just as stray info: i'm back on the board for Ruby Berlin, tasked with the task to turn it into a language-independent non-profit
16:57skade(which just is a bit of workload on the side)
16:57ericktoh yeah, one last thing to think about, brson, sebasmagri, and I were thinking we should organize a localization team
16:57aturonskade: ah nice!
16:58ericktso please let us know if you know of anyone who might be interested in helping to scope out the team concept
16:59ag_dubsi can help with an localization impl
16:59ag_dubssteve already has talked to me about all the duplication for the rustlang site and doing some tooling to fix that
17:00aturonag_dubs: holy cow, you're on fire
17:00erickthow do we steal you away fulltime from npm?
17:00ag_dubspay me, or end capitalism
17:00ericktsounds simple enough!
17:00aturonrust is all about eliminating existing tradeoffs!
17:01steveklabniki actually lol&#39;d at that one aturon
17:01ericktlike capitalism!
17:01ag_dubswe both did haha
17:01* aturon shoots, and scores!
17:02ericktManishearth and anyone else in SF today, anyone want lunch?
17:02ericktit&#39;s been too long!
17:02Manisheartherickt: I&#39;m not in SF today :)
17:02Manisheartherickt: friday i am
17:02ericktbut it&#39;s not friday!
17:02carols10centsnot with that attitude
17:03skadein any case, I&#39;m off
17:03ag_dubso/ bye ya&#39;ll
17:03skadestill, we need to talk about that 24 hours thing at some point, maybe I&#39;ll come up with a task list
17:03ag_dubsalso, if you have feedback re design of the rustbridge site, or anything regarding it, feel free to file an issue or ping me personally
17:46sebasmagriHi! Sorry I wasn&#39;t able to make it on time for the meeting... Are we doing the afternoon session?
17:46sebasmagriag_dubs: I&#39;ll definitely look at rustbridge-www
17:47sebasmagriAnd wrt l10n, erickt should we kick off a thread in irlo or urlo?
17:47ericktsebasmagri: I&#39;m gonna try to!
17:48erickton l10n, I figure we first start brainstorming up a pre-rfc on what&#39;s in and out of scope, then we can start pitching it on irlo/urlo
17:48sebasmagrithere&#39;s also a new Spanish speaking telegram channel for all of LatAm and Spain in which some people are interested on the multilingual URLO categories again...
17:48ericktand then put together a proper rfc for a real team
17:49sebasmagrierickt: yep, should we do an issue in rust-community/team to discuss it initially?
17:51ericktsebasmagri: sure! want to create one?
17:51sebasmagrisure thing erickt
18:38dowwieare the RustConf talks going to be video recorded and distributed?
18:40badboydowwie: everything will be available on
18:40badboy(at least we try to get our hands on all rust content and link it from there)
18:41dowwiebadboy: k
19:07carols10centsare the rustconf videos up yet?
19:09Havvycarols10cents: Yeah, I want to see them before I attend.
21:00meetingbotNo agenda has been set! :( The meeting is on Weds @ 4PM and 11PM UTC. boopity boop!
13 Jul 2017
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