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11 Sep 2017
08:28* theJPster is back in the UK, after a week away
08:28theJPsterDid I miss anything good?
08:31SergioAll the things, theJPster.
08:31SergioAll the thing.
08:31booyaa[theJPster: we're up to rust 2.0
08:32theJPsterThat's the one that's source compatible with COBOL, right?
08:32SergioNo, that RFC was scrapped.
08:33SergioRust 2.0 is C++.
08:33SergioSo, there's that.
08:33theJPsterAh, much better. Learning a new syntax was hard.
10:36booyaa[i've been trying to google it, but not had much success. there's a google hangout that allows you to broadcast rather than do a group video call. i seem to recall you just give a url and everyone joins it to see your hangout.
10:37booyaa[wondering how i enable it in hangout.
10:37booyaa[i know it different from channels (which i think is the term for group video calls
12:31theJPsterbooyaa[, I use Zoom or Webex at work.
12:38aidanhsbooyaa[: there's no skillsmatter link for the meetup on the 20th
12:43carols10centsbooyaa[: i think that got turned into youtube live?
12:49theJPsterFor YouTube live, it seems like is the recommendation
13:08booyaa[aidanhs: k, will check mail. might've missed the rsvp url. thanks.
13:09booyaa[thanks for the hangout tips
14:39booyaa[aidanhs: fixed (skillsmatter rsvp).
14:51aidanhsalso, one of my coworkers stumbled across your f6s posting- congrats :)
14:57booyaa[early days, still hoping to get funding (unless there's some news). i best go look, incase someone's expecting to me to hand in my notice for the $dayjob
15:00meetingbotTime to check the TWIR Friends of the Forest thread! boopity boop!
17:37aturonag_dubs: just checking in -- erickt mentioned that you're interested in heading up a working group for RustBridge during the impl period?
17:38steveklabnikshe is not likely to be around this week at all
17:38steveklabnikfeel free to /msg me
17:42ManishearthGankro: carols10cents got a topic for today's recording? or do it later this week?
17:42GankroI'd rather push it back, gfx team is having a pseudo-all hands here this week
17:46Manishearthi might step out of the next one, since I've been in a bunch so far (will be around to record though)
19:29notriddleIs there some preferred way to make sure doesn't get lost? File an issue in rust-community/team or something?
19:37carols10centsnotriddle: the community team doesn't have admin on discourse :-/ it'll have to be one of these people?
19:39notriddlesteveklabnik , huon, aturon, banderson: ^
19:40aturonnotriddle: carols10cents: we should expand the set of discourse admins
19:40aturonnotriddle: open an issue on rust-lang/rust, cc me?
19:41notriddle... sure, okay.
20:13frewsxcvhuon should probably be removed
20:15Manishearthi'm fine with huon still being there
23:52mbrubecknotriddle: thanks for all the various discourse help/pointers, by the way
12 Sep 2017
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