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11 Oct 2017
07:16skadetheJPster: I wouldn't know of anything
14:13booyaa[rust north is saved! huzzah!
14:14booyaa[turns out one of my speakers for this month has stepped in :)
14:14booyaa[i suspect more remote talks in my future lol
14:15booyaa[i've got one due next monday for rust edinburgh
14:48pflanzeWhat is Rust north?
15:00meetingbotThe meeting is on Weds @ 4PM and 11PM UTC. *happy bleeping noises*
15:16pflanzebooyaa[, did you add my Google account to the calendar? I still don't seem to have access.
15:16badboypflanze: what mail?
15:16badboy(if you mean the rust community calendar)
15:16badboylet me check and add it
15:17badboyyou're on it now
15:19pflanzeWorks, thanks badboy!
15:19badboyyou're welcome
15:29ericktHey folks! Im going to be 5-10 minutes late to the meeting. Could someone start it for me?
15:38theJPsterCould I stick on a quick item on the agenda about Cambridge Rust?
15:42booyaa[theJPster: go for it, still time methinks
16:01ag_dubshere for the meeting
16:03ag_dubsok i'mma help out @erickt
16:03ag_dubshey ya'll! who is here for the meeting?
16:04ag_dubsagenda is here:
16:05ag_dubsthere are currently no agenda items - so please add some if you have them
16:06ag_dubscc @booyaa[ @theJPster
16:08ag_dubs@skade @jntrnr @sebasmagri @edunham|conference
16:08* edunham|conference on phone on transit, only sorta here
16:09ag_dubsgot it! thanks for letting me know
16:09* jntrnr is on phone on plane
16:09ag_dubsi'm getting a sense that perhaps we are not having a meeting today
16:10ag_dubswell, the thing i wanted to talk about was RustBridge, how it went in Zurich and thoughts and plans for the future
16:10ag_dubson thing that was clear was that people new to Rust and people new to programming in general have a lot of trouble learning side by side and have different needs
16:11ag_dubsso if the event is organized like that, it is critical to have many mentors
16:11ag_dubsadditionally, i think it might be worth writing up what a mentors role is and how to be a good one
16:11ag_dubsi think in general, i would like to strengthen the focus of rust bridge to be people who are used to programming in one language and are moving to rust
16:12ag_dubsbecause i dont think rust is in a place yet where we can accomplish anything in ~4-5hrs for someone brand new to programming
16:12ag_dubsi'm curious about thoughts re that so def reach out to me if you have thoughts
16:13ag_dubsthe second thing is that i got a lot of people interested in running a rustbridge in other places- Brazil and Nice France
16:13ag_dubsoh! also Kiev
16:13ag_dubsthey wanted a type of "RustBridge in a box" and were curious if there were things required to "call it a RustBridge"
16:14ag_dubsso that's something i am going to be working on and would love others thoughts, cc @sebasmagri @carols10cents
16:14ericktHello! Im out of my car now and catching up
16:14Manishearthag_dubs: we could have a mini meeting i guess
16:15ag_dubsoh hello
16:15ag_dubslemme finish my lil monologue i guess
16:15ag_dubswhich is just finally, Rust Bridge at Rust Belt Rust, i'll tweet about it from the twitter soon and get the form link so if you can share plz help thanks
16:16* theJPster is back
16:17Manishearthi think we were pretty liberal about what it took for something to be a rustbridge in the past (this might have been before you were coordinating these? this was a while ago, and then there was a long gap of no rustbridge activity)
16:17ag_dubsyeah i was actually involved in the first one and set the stage with a small group for what is currently "rustbridge"
16:17Manishearthbut I think constraining it further but also having a kit making it easy to replicate (which we ... kind of ... have) is ok
16:18ag_dubswe actually dont have a kit at al
16:18Manishearthag_dubs: which "first one"?
16:18Manishearthah ok
16:18Manishearthag_dubs: wait, at rustfest? I thought we had some of these run before too?
16:18ag_dubsi dont know but i believe i was told that the one at rustfest was the first
16:19ag_dubsbut i dont think it completely matters
16:19ag_dubsthanks carol these are really helpful
16:19carols10centsif you're organizing an event and wonder if it could be considered a RailsBridge Workshop, we have two requirements:
16:19carols10cents The event should be free of charge.
16:19carols10cents The event should target a group of people that is underrepresented in tech, such as LGBTQ folks, women, black or latinx people, or others.
16:19carols10centsIf you're not doing those two things, you can totally still use the site, we just ask that you not call your event a RailsBridge workshop.
16:19carols10centsyeah like that railsbridge site is more of a "kit"
16:20Manishearthag_dubs: yeah i think we had some stuff in its previous incarnation but w/e
16:20carols10centsright now you have to like dig around in multiple different places
16:20ManishearthI think the current format is Working and what we had before was experimentation
16:20ag_dubsyeah so that's pretty much what i told people but they were also curious about having the curriculum we use written down
16:20ericktag_dubs: I agree that rust isn't yet at a place for new programmers. I also thought the rustbridge at rustconf was great
16:20ag_dubsand so its on me to get the compliment site stuff written down, and perhaps a document re how we use exercism
16:20ag_dubsthe preso alredy exists which is very useful
16:21ag_dubsyeah the rustconf one worked cuz we have 8 mentors :) it was awesome
16:21ericktyeah. I thought it'd be really easy to take it and run an event elsewhere
16:21Manishearth"target" is a bit underdefined there and folks tend to be confused about that though I'm not sure if it's worth it to overspecify
16:21ericktyeah that might have helped :)
16:21ag_dubsbut at rustfest i basically made steve do it, and one person showed up and said they'd liek to try to help
16:21ag_dubsok i am feeling overwhelmed by too many threads
16:22carols10centserickt: we won't really know if it's easy to take and run an event elsewhere til someone does it ;)
16:22carols10centserickt: also you should run the meeting now
16:22ag_dubstbh i *dont* think it is easy
16:22ericktcarols10cents: on it. I did want to talk about this when ag_dubs got back from rustfest
16:23ericktag_dubs: for certain degrees of easy :)
16:23erickthow did rustfest go with only two helpers?
16:24ag_dubsi think it was OK. i think it was very useful for people who had programming background and it was hard for those who didnt
16:24ag_dubsadditionally some people showed up who just wanted to learn how to teach, but they were not very respectful of the learners so that made it harder to go slower and keep it at a lower level
16:24ag_dubsthis i think indicates taht many people want to do a rustbridge but want a teacher training
16:24ag_dubswhcih is something i encountered before with nodetogether
16:25ericktwas it advertised as appropriate for people without a programming background?
16:25ag_dubsi dont have a great solution yet tho
16:25ag_dubsit was advertised for both
16:25ag_dubsbased on the rustconf exp
16:25ericktthat's interesting. maybe at rbr we could organize a training session (I still don't know if I can make it though...)
16:26ag_dubsthe complicated part is, if i am teaching rustbridge AND a teacher session
16:26ag_dubsthere's only one of me
16:26carols10centserickt: MAKE IT
16:26ag_dubsso, i think we need to have multiple workshop days or like, an online training maybe
16:26carols10centsalso only so many rooms
16:26ag_dubsand yeah it also requires a curriculum and prep
16:26carols10centsonline is a great idea!
16:26ag_dubsyeah online was what worked for nodetogether
16:27ericktI love the idea
16:27booyaa[me too, will go off and google to learn abit more about how the online stuff is org'd
16:27ag_dubsso yeah i can try to work on that but i think the first step is writing down the curriculum, writing down all the administrative stuff, writing a values statement
16:28ag_dubsso i'm thinking like... teacher training... jan 2018
16:28ag_dubsat the earliest
16:28ericktag_dubs: if you did training material for nodetogether, can you point us to your teaching docs?
16:28ag_dubsi have to figure out what their state is now that i handed the program over to the node community committee
16:28ag_dubsbut i can
16:29ag_dubs@booyaa[ what do you mean by how online stuff is org'd
16:29ericktsure, january seems reasonable (but that's also when I'm out cuz baby!)
16:30booyaa[ag_dubs: interested in how it works do you use something like an electronic class room system?
16:30ericktag_dubs: do you think we ought to wait for training before we encourage others to use the bridge materials to run events?
16:30ag_dubsok no, so the training stays simple
16:30ag_dubsits a google hangout
16:30booyaa[ah okay
16:30ag_dubsi dont like high tech shenanigans for this
16:30ag_dubsi dont have enough time to prep and i dont think it is necessary
16:30ag_dubsi dont think people will do it without training but i would have to ask them, they seem to want training
16:31ericktI was more asking about "should we tell people they should wait" if they haven't run an event anymore
16:31erickt*run an event yet
16:31ag_dubsno i dont think so
16:31ag_dubsbut also are there people you have to tell to wait?
16:31ag_dubsi dont think that's a sitch we have atm
16:31ericktmainly I don't want to make attendees to suffer
16:32ericktnaw, but I have been planning for months on trying to pull something together in the bay area
16:32ag_dubsi think i covered the reasonable next steps
16:32ag_dubsand i feel OK with the plan
16:32ericktme too
16:32ag_dubsif people want to help, lemme know
16:32ag_dubsi would like to move on to literally anything else
16:33booyaa[ag_dubs: if we want, just start participating in teh rustbridge repo?
16:33booyaa[(to help)
16:33ag_dubsso i have the rustbridge org now
16:33ericktwell the big agenda item I have is that I'm gonna be taking a leave of absence come January, because baby and they apparently demand attention
16:33ag_dubsand i will open issues on the meta repo
16:34ericktso I wanted to ask all y'all if anyone wants to volunteer to help pushing the agenda for a few months
16:34ericktassuming I'm dazed and confused for some period of time after the kid shows up
16:35ericktI figure we can at least rotate who is running the meetings
16:35ag_dubsi would be happy to help volunteer
16:35ag_dubstho i felt as tho my attempt today was not terribly successful :(
16:36ericktit was great!
16:36booyaa[me too, once i shift back to gmt
16:36ag_dubsi think the key thing is people being on time and having discussion points
16:37ericktyep. We also ought to start organizing some of our bigger agenda items. One of the ideas that jntrnr, aturon and I batted around was trying to shift when the community survey came out, to better align with the annual agenda
16:37ag_dubsoh that seems like a good idea
16:37ericktso we might need to kick that off earlier.
16:38erickthaving 2018 being the year of rustbridge would be great too, so the training aligns well with that
16:38ericktoh, and I guess we should start planning underhanded 2018 soon too
16:39ericktbut I figure we can start doing that before I leave
16:39ericktcarols10cents: you okay bubbling things up to the core team while I'm out?
16:39carols10centserickt: sure
16:39ag_dubswhat does "being the year of rustbridge" mean exactly
16:39ag_dubsi think while there is a lot of interest in helping we still haven't seen much of a coordinated effort (this is a failing on my part and i'm working on it)
16:40ericktag_dubs: I mean we should actually get some more events organized around the world. so it's not just you, carols10cents, and sebasmagri running them :)
16:40ag_dubssure. i think we should get the team together and set goals and see how that goes- i'm wary of getting too ambitious
16:41ericktsounds good to me
16:42ericktso then the last thing I had was if anyone wants to help organizing the next underhanded
16:43sebasmagrisorry! I've been dumped with work... But I look forward to having more RustBridge mentors/sessions... We have one pending on Florida if there's anyone interested on helping...
16:43ericktsebasmagri: no worries!
16:43ericktreally? that's great!
16:43ag_dubsyeah! let me know when so i can update the website
16:44sebasmagrisure thing ag_dubs
16:45ericktI'll create a ticket to gather up folks for underhanded
16:45ericktI guess the last last thing I had, skade, I'm not sure if you're around, but is happening again this year?
16:46ericktbut beyond that I think I'm done. Anyone else have any agenda items?
16:47erickt(ticket for finding underhanded organizers:
16:48ericktif not, then I guess I'll gavel this meeting adjourned!
16:48ericktthanks everyone
16:48ericktand thanks ag_dubs for running it this morning!
19:44skadeerickt: I'll not rerun, it wasn't meeting its goals.
21:00meetingbotThe meeting is on Weds @ 4PM and 11PM UTC. beep boop!
12 Oct 2017
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