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11 Jul 2017
00:09misdreavusi will absolutely r+ a PR that adds twitter cards to rustdoc
00:10misdreavusthis is like a perfect storm of my interests
00:11misdreavushell, i'll freakin mentor that one
00:43misdreavuscarols10cents: i see no show notes mention of "how to find accepted-but-not-implemented rfcs", fyi
00:44carols10cents1 sec
00:44carols10centslook over there
00:45misdreavusdon't mind me, i'm just playing my phone game and listening to the show~
00:49carols10centsmisdreavus: whatever do you mean? i see the link there O:-)
00:49misdreavuscarols10cents: oh snap, guess i overlooked it :3
01:43ag_dubs@misdreavus i might take u up on that mentor author
01:43ag_dubswow brain wth
01:43ag_dubsANYWAYS, i&#39;ll give it a try and let you know if i run into any issues
01:44ag_dubsthe last time i tried to contribute to rustdoc steve told me i had to build the compiler or something and noped off immediately
01:52projektirI think that&#39;s still the case until Steve rewrites it.
01:53projektirI wanted to add like a one character change to Rustdoc.. I spent like a day or two figuring out just how to make the compiler behave on Windows lol
03:28misdreavusag_dubs: unfortunately you still have to build the compiler to work on rustdoc >_>
03:28ag_dubsheh yeah i know but i might find the patience
03:28misdreavusi collected some shortcuts in here tho
03:28projektirag_dubs: which OS are you on?
03:29projektiroh yeah that blog post is great
03:29projektirmisdreavus: why didn&#39;t you use a time machine to go back and give this to me before I started
03:29misdreavusprojektir: lol
03:29ag_dubsi have a debian machine too i can use
03:29projektirmy experience is mostly on Windows but I think other OSs are actually easier so yay
03:30misdreavusi do all my rust dev on arch linux >_>
03:30projektiranything unix like means installing all those weird libraries is a lot more straightforward
03:30misdreavusbut if you can build rust at all you&#39;re in a good position
03:30projektirmisdreavus: the thing I was missing early on was just the context
03:31projektirit took me a while to internalize &quot;yes, working on docs actually is this complicated&quot;
03:31misdreavusyou are technically messing with the bits that go into (nearly) every rust program ever
03:31misdreavusso no pressure
03:32projektirI&#39;m one of the crazy people who also tried to run tests
03:32projektirI&#39;m still amused there&#39;s a random time tests that /sometimes/ fails...
03:33projektirI think it&#39;s a &quot;make&quot; test, too, which makes it extra funny
03:33projektiri.e., one of tests that&#39;s not supposed to run on Windows in the first place
03:33misdreavusoh lol
03:35misdreavusanyway, i&#39;m headed to bed, but feel free to shoot questions my way (on here or twitter, i guess :P)
03:36misdreavusyou&#39;ll probably be messing with the area of rustdoc i have the most experience in
03:37misdreavusalternately, steve is also a rustdoc maintainer so he&#39;s probably a good resource :P
06:54booyaa[oh so looks like brson just did a TWIR FoF! :D
06:55booyaa[who needs meetingbot!
17:02meetingbotThis week&#39;s agenda: The meetings are this Weds @ 4PM and 11PM UTC. beep boop!
17:02booyaa[sorry bit late should&#39;ve been 4pm utc
17:06meetingbotTime to check the TWIR Friends of the Forest thread! boopity boop!
17:07booyaa[erickt: ^ let me know if that&#39;s the kinda nudge we need for the FotF thread
17:49Manisheartherickt: we should like probably do a meetup at some point :)
17:49Manisheartherickt: any thoughts for speakers?
17:49Manishearthmayeb the facebook folks?
18:54booyaa[Manishearth:that sounds very promising, can&#39;t to hear more (quantum computing)
18:54booyaa[erickt: that&#39;s a pretty cool idea (bbq) sadly i think most parks in london are not bbq friendly
19:54Manishearthbooyaa[: isn&#39;t the weather in london not bbq friendly?
20:23aidanhsManishearth: well it&#39;s been fine for weeks until you said that
12 Jul 2017
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