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11 Aug 2017
08:06ManishearthI really really really dislike this kind of argument
08:11HavvyManishearth: Related, but unrelated, but I don't actually know why those functions cannot just be in the stdlib? They're conversion functions between stdlib types, so it feels like if they are useful at all, they should be there.
08:14ManishearthHavvy: i explained it
08:14Manishearththere isn't a reason
08:15ManishearthThe default path for all pre 1.0 unstable functions is remove
08:15Manishearthwhen it was removed it wasn't saying "we don't want this ever"
08:15ManishearthI do feel this should exist in the stdlib
08:16ManishearthAnd I bet an RFC will be successful in adding it
08:18HavvyAh, you linked to a specific comment you wrote, thought you linked to the thread.
08:18Havvy(Doesn't help that you posted the comment a couple minutes after I read the thread)
13:15misdreavusadd me to the "got an email from packt" club
13:24skademisdreavus: welcome, there's no celebration :D
13:33booyaa[misdreavus: heheh gz
13:42misdreavuseven better, they got the email from my website, so they had to have clicked around to have found it
13:50killercupmisdreavus: so, i replied to my packt mail with "sounds great, can you make it so that i contribute to rust by example and you just print it?"
13:50killercupsurprisingly, they weren't convinced this is a good idea
13:51killercupbut it'd be awesome if you wrote the exact same thing :D
13:52misdreavuslol, i don't think i have that kind of confidence :P
13:53killercupconfidence depends on if you have something to lose, right? :D
14:31skadeyou could lose confidence
14:44badboycan someone instead ask if they would sponsor a rust conf?
14:47booyaa[that would be a good idea
14:47killercupbadboy: good idea. you'll probably need to speak to their marketing dep and we only got mails from editors :)
14:47booyaa[that's what i'm going to use my reply for that
14:47badboykillercup: It worked once when I got a recruiting mail
14:47booyaa[probably late for rust conf, but still time to line rustfest's coffers
14:48badboythe company agreed to sponsor a conf I organized after I agreed to an interview with them :D
14:48killercupwas the interview worth it? :D
14:49badboynot really
14:49booyaa[still you got your conf sponsorship though
14:57theJPsterOn a related note, are there any perks to a supporter ticket other than the warm fuzzy feeling?
15:03badboythe warm fuzzy feeling for sure
15:03killercuptheJPster: i heard you get free hugs from attendees if you ask nicely
15:04carols10centscan yinz tell them to sponsor rust belt rust too plz
15:05booyaa[you have to be a super duper top tier sponsor to get a hug from graydon though
15:05booyaa[carols10cents: :D
15:06killercupoh? there is another tier above "coffee with favorite core team member"?
15:09booyaa[ugh, wordle is still java based? need my word cloud
22:59marioidivalHello, in Brazil have two companies using Rust:
23:03marioidivalI'll you know, this repo is pt-br
12 Aug 2017
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