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10 Aug 2017
08:18booyaa[skade killercup badboy - would any of your rust groups be interested in joining london, cambridge and rome for a joint study/hacking on rust event? on 31st of August at 5:30PM UTC (6:30PM UK BST)?
08:19badboybooyaa[: I'm not sure that would work for cologne, sorry
08:19badboyour meetup is a week later and I'll be busy that week
08:19skadeI might not be at berlin on that day, but I could have a look
08:20hoverbearI can help if needed
08:49booyaa[badboy: awww maybe next time
08:49badboynext time I just hop over to London!
08:50badboy(well, as lon as that is still easily possible :( )
08:50booyaa[yeah i hope so too
10:35skadeabout hopping over to the UK :)
10:35skade(that's organised by alexcoles, one of the most creative conf organisers I know, and it will probably be dead cheap for the service delivered)
11:17booyaa[skade: let me know if you're passing through london, we could have a coffee or beverage of your choice!
11:37marioidivalHello Rustaceans!
11:38marioidivalThere is a forecast that could open forums by "country" ?
13:27booyaa[heya tglman1
19:16sebasmagrimarioidival: there's some discussion about it here
19:26marioidivalsebasmagri: Ok!
11 Aug 2017
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