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19 Aug 2017
01:44Manishearthsteveklabnik: are folks gathered somewhere or?
01:59sebasmagriManishearth: we're currently heading to a bar, Bailey's taproom
02:11SergioManishearth: Did you drive up from SF?
02:15Manishearthwell, i didnt drive. but essentially yes
02:16Manishearthsergio: im hanging out at the lobby of the nines since i totally miscalculated how long it would take me to get here
02:16Manishearthi assume youre also in the area for speakers dinner?
02:16SergioHeading over in a few.
02:18SergioWill you be at the dinner as well?
03:20misdreavuswhere are all the cool people now? i found where people were having dinner but i blended in too well and didn't catch anyone
05:36ManishearthSergio: btw,
05:36Manishearthmisdreavus: i and sergio were at the speaker's dinner
05:36Manisheartheveryone else is at bailey's i think
05:36SergioManishearth: Thanks for linking that! First thing I'll read post-talk. ;)
05:37Manishearthlol. good luck
15:19theJPster_HomeI was going to do a blog post about something I'm working on in Rust, but it appears it may end up closer to a book :/
15:21theJPster_HomeIs it me, or has the example code on the front page changed recently?
15:21theJPster_HomeIt's doing a good impression of
15:33SergiotheJPster: It changed quite a while ago.
15:33SergioSeveral months.
15:45misdreavusManishearth: you sent that right after i went to bed lol
17:12Sergiocarols10cents: README doesn't render in for Rocket. :)
17:21Aaronepo_Sergio, carols10cents: tokei also has the same 403 forbidden error.
17:22theJPster_HomeI get a 403 on too
17:22killercupI interpreted this as "not yet rendered" with a bad http status code
17:24Aaronepo_killercup: serde is rendered though. Assuming the render order was alphabetical.
17:25killercupAaronepo_: I'd give it some time (and then bug people during rustconf lunch hours)
17:26Aaronepo_killercup: I have already filed an issue. And from looking at the issue it started rendering 16 hours ago. Not at the talk.
17:57Manishearthkillercup: wait you're here? \o/
17:57killercupManishearth: i'm not at rustconf :(
17:58killercupjust giving advice for rustconf attendees timing attacks
18:19pflanzebooyaa, theJPster_Home : I probably won't be ready by 8, as the Debian installer doesn't find any wifi hardware on this laptop and I don't have an ethernet cable at home.
18:20pflanzeCould get a cable from work but will take me ~25', which is pretty quick, but it will take some time to install afterwards, still.
18:20pflanzeHm, could install it at work, saves 12'.
18:21pflanzeOK lemme see.
18:58booyaa[pflanze: k
19:00booyaa[lol doge (nightly)
19:09pflanzeI'm in the office, back online and the laptop is installing.
19:33pflanzeInstallation finished, let me see what works.
19:43pflanzeWell amazingly the webcam (which is pretty poor though) works. Sound works to headphones but the speakers are "unavailable".
19:48pflanzeSigh it might be broken hardware (I'm seeing "headphone plugged in" even if it isn't like in: )
19:55theJPster_HomeSorry, was away.
19:55pflanzeNo prob
19:55theJPster_HomeAre we trying something?
19:55pflanzeI'm trying to figure out how to do any sensible test.
19:56theJPster_HomeThree way video hangout, with a screenshare?
19:56pflanzeBecause the speakers in this laptop are apparently broken.
19:56theJPster_HomeOh. Humm.
19:56pflanzeSo we can test everything except the echo which was the central point.
19:56pflanzeWell, I can tell you if I hear echo from your setup, but that's all.
19:57pflanzeI suppose, you and booyaa[ may be enough for echo testing though.
19:57pflanzeYou just both need working loudspeakers.
19:57theJPster_HomeGive it a go. I recall I have to be invited to your hangout.
19:57theJPster_HomeI got a big-ass stereo I can use. Might substitute for the PA in the canteen.
19:57pflanzeAlso, I haven't isntalled the hangouts plugin on the laptop yet.
19:59theJPster_Homebooyaa, you around?
20:01pflanzek, hangouts installed, let me sign in
20:04theJPster_HomeDoes that hangout persist indefinitely?
20:06theJPster_HomeAlso, can you dial into a Google Hangout with a telephone? We have some pretty sweet VoIP Polycom units at the office I can dial out from. Much better microphone than the laptop.
20:09booyaa[one sec let me fire up chrome
20:10pflanzeHm can you see or hear me?
20:10theJPster_HomeNo picture or sound
20:10booyaa[have i been invited?
20:11theJPster_HomeWe're in rustt
20:11theJPster_HomeAccording to this you're in it too
20:12pflanzeAlright no microphones found, sigh
20:12pflanzeI could see and hear you fine
20:13booyaa[hello everyone!
20:33booyaa[theJPster_Home: i see what you mean about the duo and meet? google fragmenting their video chat offerings?
20:33theJPster_HomeIt's baffling
20:34theJPster_HomeI used to SMS from Hangouts, but they took that away and introduced Messaging, which is a bit like Messages from stock Android.
20:34theJPster_HomeThen they said you should use Duo and Allo for video calls. I couldn't work out the difference. But Hangouts is still here.
20:35theJPster_HomeIt's very much a fling some mud and see what sticks, who cares what it costs we're loaded approach.
20:37theJPster_HomeRight, I'm off. Thanks guys.
19 Aug 2017
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