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25 Mar 2017
03:08erickthello everyone!
03:09ericktanyone want to help out with the rust bridge-a-thon agenda for tomorrow?
03:17ericktManishearth: coming tomorrow?
04:36Manisheartherickt: yep
13:47ericktManishearth / brson: when do you plan to arrive? I was thinking about getting some breakfast beforehand
13:49maaarcocrHi everyone! I'm a student from London and with some friends we are trying to organise a Hackathon focused on open source (that would happen in London in October-November 2017)! We would like to know what the rust community think about our idea, is this channel my best bet? (I've already posted something similar on #mozillians, I hope it's not a problem)
14:13ericktHello maaarcocr! Sure! You should talk with booyaa who runs the London rust meetup
15:06ericktManishearth: heading into the city now
25 Mar 2017
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