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8 Aug 2017
16:39Remobot-github[remo] johngian created fix-task-serializer (+1 new commit):
16:39Remobot-githubremo/fix-task-serializer 2635d49 John Giannelos: Use `pickle` as the default serializer.
16:57Remobot-github[remo] johngian pushed 1 new commit to master:
16:57Remobot-githubremo/master 30bd577 John Giannelos: Merge pull request #1372 from mozilla/fix-task-serializer...
16:57Remobot-github[remo] johngian deleted fix-task-serializer at 2635d49:
17:06Remobot-github[remo] johngian merged master into production:
9 Aug 2017
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