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14 Mar 2017
09:20Remobot-github[remo] flamingspaz pushed 2 new commits to master:
09:20Remobot-githubremo/master 5e87780 Yousef Alam: Add Redis-specific configuration
09:20Remobot-githubremo/master 68b7160 Yousef Alam: Merge pull request #1328 from flamingspaz/moarenv...
17:48Remobot-github[remo] flamingspaz pushed 3 new commits to master:
17:48Remobot-githubremo/master c3a8a35 Yousef Alam: Compress assets at build time instead of runtime
17:48Remobot-githubremo/master eb7e798 Yousef Alam: Remove Git files from prod images
17:48Remobot-githubremo/master df165d8 Yousef Alam: Merge pull request #1329 from flamingspaz/dockercompress...
15 Mar 2017
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