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8 Sep 2017
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10:09travis-cibuild-buildbot-configs#2866 (master - 1b5d30c : Andrei Obreja): The build is still failing. (
11:46travis-cibuild-buildbot-configs#2867 (master - 2674a3b : Andrei Obreja): The build was fixed. (
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17:13jmaherarr: I am excited to see the 30 new machines coming along so well; should I file another bug now to get the process started for the next batch?
17:13jmaherI think we can move over more jobs faster than we thought (i.e- all but 8 jobs by end of next week)
17:14arrjmaher: yeah, I've already set up a bunch of the prework for dns/dhcp. Will need help from buildduty folks for buildbot changes, so that won't happen till monday at the earliest.
17:14arrbut feel free to open bugs and put dates on them, and we can plan ahead
17:14arr(I did prep work for 30 more machines)
17:14jmaherarr: woohoo, thanks for the prep work
17:15jmaherthere is already a backlog on win10, and I haven't moved over larger volumes of jobs; I know the 30 machines from today will work well
17:24RyanVMjmaher: BTW, I noticed on a recent Try push that there's some Win10 ASAN jobs running that show up on the regular Win10 lines
17:25RyanVMmochitest-chrome and mochitest-clipboard
17:26jmaherRyanVM: can you point me to that? we now run mochitest-chrome/clipboard on win10-ix machines by default
17:26RyanVMshows up on the "Windows 10 x64 opt" line
17:27RyanVM(we marked the TC ones as Tier 3 so they at least wouldn't show up)
17:29jmaherRyanVM: I wonder if my work to migrate tests from win8->win10 caused win10-asan to run
17:30jmaherRyanVM: and that is running on hardware, not a VM
17:30RyanVMkinda odd that they aren't labeled as ASAN either
17:30jmaherbecause they go through buildbot bridge and we don't know about win10-asam
17:30RyanVMthat'll be tricky to sort out then it sounds like (can't even really hide them on TH)
17:30jmaherRyanVM: it will map to regular win10:
17:31jmaheror so I think
17:31jmaherRyanVM: should I change something to disable those jobs? were they running before?
17:31RyanVMnot sure, TBH
17:32RyanVMespecially since they'd been made Tier 3
17:33jmaherbut they are showing up in non-tier3 jobs
17:34RyanVMI assumed the in-tree Tiers only work for TC jobs
17:35RyanVMand we can't really hide them in TH either since they're indistinguishable from regular win10 jobs
17:41jmaherRyanVM: this is a side effect of buildbot-bridge; I have that same issue with win64-stylo-disabled tests as well
17:42RyanVMaha, that explains why I see 3 runs of those suites
17:42jmaherRyanVM: luckily :kmoi.r is helping out with the buildbot patch for the stylo-disabled, possibly we need to do win10-asan as well; who is the main contact for win10-asan?
17:43jmaherI need to know if win10-asan is expected to run on hardware, vm- what is green, what is visible, etc.
17:44jmaherok, thanks
17:53KWiersoRyanVM: also, treeherder's dropping the concept of visibility profiles at some point in the not-immediate-but-still-soonish future
9 Sep 2017
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