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20 Apr 2017
03:16jlundreally neat reading Bug 1355152 and grenade's trials and tribulations on building unbranded chromium with tc + generic worker in a couple days with no prior experience
03:17jlundsays something about agility of tc (and him himself)
05:19travis-cibuild-puppet#1219 (master - b942625 : Peter Moore): The build passed. (
08:05MavericksIs this the channel to ask mach run issues ?
08:07Pike#build or #developers are better
08:08Mavericksthnaks Pike . appreciated!
10:08sfraserpmoore: Are you happy for your puppet change from yesterday to be merged into production? It was "summary: Bug 1357712 - move remaining 5 OS X taskcluster workers from taskcluster-worker to generic-worker,r=aki"
10:08pmooresfraser: that would be great, many thanks!
10:14travis-cibuild-puppet#1220 (master - 5e760f3 : Simon Fraser): The build passed. (
10:16sfraserpmoore: done!
10:22travis-cibuild-puppet#1221 (production - abf9cea : Simon Fraser): The build passed. (
10:38pmooresfraser: thanks!
12:47travis-cibuild-tools#1746 (master - 3089975 : ffxbld): The build passed. (
13:28spacurar|builddutyHi can anyone tell me how I can test if there are no duplicate builds triggered for macosx on holly branch locally. What I mean is how can I see if only taskcluster one is being triggered via buildbot bridge. Is there any way I can test this locally ?
13:54Callekhonestly I'm not sure of a way to test locally
13:56spacurar|builddutyso, in this case, the patch in which holly is enabled has to be pushed to production I guess...
13:56Callekgiven the amount of interactions involved
14:10armenzganyone can help me figure out which masters should have Linux talos builders?
14:10armenzgI thought bm103 should
14:10armenzgbut it does not
14:12Callek103, 104, 105
14:12Callekarmenzg: should all have it
14:13armenzgthanks for confirming
14:41Mavericksjoin #build
15:35wcostabhearsum: why are those job being ignored by BBB?
15:40catleewcosta: is that the dev instance?
15:41catleeignore buildbot-master84
15:41wcostacatlee: errr, do try pushes use dev instance?
15:42catleewcosta: no
15:42wcostacatlee: because all I did was pushing to try
15:42catleewcosta: ignore whatever bm84 says
15:42catleeit's saying that it's ignore try builders because it's configured to only pay attention to date, jamun and alder
15:43wcostacatlee: so, why those treeherder jobs failed but are still marked as pending in TC?
15:43wcostaany idea?
15:46aselagea|builddutywcosta: I think those are related to bug 1276813
15:47catleewcosta: that's not the same job
15:47catleethe build requests are different
15:48wcostaaselagea|buildduty: no, I know why the tasks are failing, a bug in my code, my concern is why they are finished in BB but pending in TC
15:48wcostaI guess BBB isn't handling something
15:50mkaplyaki: So did you figure out how to do partner builds? :) -
15:51catleewcosta: there's a queue of about 2800 messages it hasn't processed yet
15:51catleeit's possible that's why
15:51akimkaply: ish, for funnelcake. i imagine it's easier for partner builds
15:52wcostacatlee: :o
15:52catleewcosta: we have a papertrail group for the production bbb masters
15:53wcostacatlee: could you please add me to the group?
15:53catleeso that shows the task you care about
15:53catleefind the build request id: 146590674
15:53catleethen search for that
15:53wcostaah, thanks
15:54catleeit should say 'handle finished' eventually
15:55wcostacatlee: that explains why I noticed after the build job is done in BB, it takes a while to be marked done in TC
15:56catleerail is working on making this faster
15:58railin a week or two I hope
15:58aselagea|builddutydoes anyone know where the tools tests are particularly used/useful?
16:00catleerail: some of the handle finished events take nearly exactly 600s
16:00catleesmells like a timeout
16:07catleeWaiting for table metadata lock
16:11Callekaselagea|buildduty: they get run via tox in travis-ci. But the coverage on the tools repo tests is pretty shoddy (at best) so they are useful only in helping to ensure you don't break one of the few tested-for scenarios
16:14aselagea|builddutyCallek: hmm..any suggestion on how I could test an eventual solution to update those tests to hg 4.1? ^
16:14catleerail: something is leaving a transaction open
16:14catleerail: I killed some idle connections to the DB, and the locks were cleared
16:14aselagea|builddutyCallek: is a summary of what I tested a few moths ago
16:14aselagea|builddutyand it's still valid now
16:15railcatlee: where did you kill them?
16:15catleerail: mysql
16:15catleenot sure what host - it all points back to teh zlb :\
16:17catleeis any of your new stuff using the DB right now?
16:18railwhat db was it?
16:18Callekaselagea|buildduty: push the patchset to a github fork, and then submit it as a PR
16:18Callekaselagea|buildduty: that will cause travis to run against the tests
16:18catleerail: the prod buildbot_bridge db
16:18Callek(thats my suggested way)
16:18railyeah, it updates takenUntil
16:19railotherwise it's just only plain selects
16:23aselagea|builddutyCallek: thanks, will try that out
16:24railcatlee: my impression that if you use execute(), the it should call commit automatically
16:25railI wonder if this is table locking, not uncommited transactions
16:27catleerail: yeah, I don't know
18:45dhouseWho can I talk to about setting up new signing servers in mdc1? I'll be creating the servers in about a week, and I'd like to plan ahead to hand off to someone for the releng part of the setup.
18:50akidhouse: these are linux? mac? might be me either way
18:53dhouseaki: okay cool. they'll be linux first. I'll make a bug in the next few days to start preparing/tracking the server creation.
18:53dhouse I'll NI you on it when I get things lined up and I can confirm what you need to have ready to get started (and for when you can plan to have them).
18:54akiok. i don't know what special networking rules the current ones have, if any
18:55akii do think i can set one up given a machine
19:27arrjmaher: when you create the requirements doc, can you please share with me, mark, Q, and rob from my team?
19:28jmaherarr: yes, ideally today
19:29arrjmaher: ta
19:35erahmHi releng folks! Does anyone know where the build comes from on win7 that we use for testing?
19:49akierahm: it's the windows build. debug or opt depending what's tested. you mean m-c right?
19:50erahmaki: yeah so which build though, windows xp, windows 8, or windows 2012
19:51akiwindows 8 is 64bit, so would correspond to the 64 bit tests
19:52aki2012 is taskcluster, so corresponds to the taskcluster tests
19:52akithe windows 7 tests appear to be tc on m-c, so i think that means the taskcluster windows 2012 builds. i can check
19:53erahmaki: ah that makes sense, thanks
19:55aki appears to be using
19:57akiwhich is the buildbot build
19:57akierahm ^^
19:57akiso looks like the buildbot xp builds for now on m-c
19:57akifor win7 mochi
22:40arrjmaher: I notice you list cygwin as a requirement for w10... we haven't used cygwin in the past (and it's actually caused problems with other places I've seen). WHat's the need there?
23:10arrjmaher: left you a comment in the gsheet
21 Apr 2017
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