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19 Mar 2017
16:15zombieAryx: ping
16:15Aryxzombie: pong
16:16zombieAryx: hey, i have a custom need for landing.. bug 1347700
16:16zombiecan you land just one of the patches for that (the second, tests), even if it is on mozreview?
16:16zombie"you" or any other sheriff..
16:17Aryxon inbound?
16:17zombieyeah, i guess
16:18zombiei meant to ask, can i just set checkin flag on one of the attachements
16:18zombie(the first attachment is only meant for uplifts to aurora/beta..)
16:19Aryxok, will push it to inbound
16:19zombieAryx: for explanation:
16:33zombieAryx: great, thanks!
22:29nthomasrunning the buildbot-master restart script
20 Mar 2017
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