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18 Mar 2017
00:08travis-cibuild-buildbotcustom#1009 (master - 64b6d12 : Mihai Tabara): The build passed. (
00:28ewongcan anyone point out what I'm doing wrong with my try push and manually triggered l10n jobs in ?
00:28ewongI've never triggered a l10n job until now.. did I miss a step somewhere?
00:38akiit looks like you succeeded
00:40akitakes >4hrs though
00:40ewongaki but the l10n triggers are purple/red
00:40ewongand I'm not even sure why
00:41ewongif it uploaded it properly
00:41akicommand timed out: 10800 seconds elapsed
00:41akistarted at 02:57
00:41ewongis it because l10n builds take longer than 3 hrs?
00:42akiend of mozharness is 07:35:06
00:42ewongouch... nearly four hours
00:42akiend of buildbot is 07:35
00:42ewongerm 5
00:42aki5 * 3600 = 18000
00:42ewongand the time out is at 10800
00:43akiyou could chunk to fewer locales. i dunno what's taking all the time
00:43ewongaki right. though I have no idea how to do that on the treeherder box
00:43akimozharness starts at 02:57:25
00:44akiyou could edit browser/locales/all-locales down to ~4 locales ?
00:45ewongaki ahh right!
00:46ewongduh.. thanks aki!
02:55ewongincidentally, might someone be able to clarify why I'm getting a busted Gecko Decision on this try push: ?
03:15akiewong: [task 2017-03-18T01:07:59.110045Z] Exception: conflict between nightly-l10n-linux-nightly-1/opt:l10n-linux-l10n/opt for route: index.gecko.v2.try.revision.7076d77b452ac5e4d37f2b6cfa2ee2fa6da2e881.firefox-l10n.linux-opt.en-GB
03:15akii think that's a try l10n issue
03:16ewongaki is this fixable?
03:16ewongin tree I mean
03:44akiyeah, not sure how best to
03:52ewongI'll file a bug
04:36ewongnow I seem to be having some trouble triggering L10n jobs manually
19 Mar 2017
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