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18 Apr 2017
02:23travis-cibuild-tools#1743 (master - 4ec47d8 : tbirdbld): The build passed. (
06:30glandiumanyone around at this hour of day who would know what makes some jobs have access to http://relengapi and others not?
06:32glandiummaybe "tooltool-downloads: public" in the tc definition is on merge duty?
09:34jlorenzoPike: yes, and so am I :) I just started the process.
09:35jlorenzo(nothing has been pushed yet, I'm currently cloning the repos)
09:35Pikejlorenzo: ok. going to head to my VM and update the clones, too. Both matjaz and I are interested in the beta merge still
09:36jlorenzoPike: okay, I'll ping you both, once I'm ready to push. It should be in a couple of hours
09:42gchangjlorenzo: Hi, are you doing merge process?
09:45jlorenzogchang: hey! yup, I started it.
09:46gchangjlorenzo: so, if I approved another uplift, they will become beta uplift request, right?
09:47jlorenzogchang: it depends at what time, I guess. I'm gonna close aurora in a few minutes
09:47gchangcan you wait for a bit, I have other 2 bugs.
09:49ihsiao|sheriffdutygchang: bug 1353459 & 1354810?
09:50gchangihsiao|sheriffduty: bug 1355898 & bug 1354810
09:53ihsiao|sheriffdutyTomcat|sheriffduty: ^ will do uplift. gchang: jhlin has fixed the failures, not sure if we should uplift bug 1353459 too
09:53gchangihsiao|sheriffduty: it seems that bug 1353459 is also needed.
09:54gchangihsiao|sheriffduty: yes
09:54ihsiao|sheriffdutyok, will do then
10:03ihsiao|sheriffdutyjlorenzo: pushed, thanks for waiting
10:04jlorenzoihsiao|sheriffduty: no problem :)
10:04gchangjlorenzo: sheriff has helped merge the code. you are ready to go...
10:04jlorenzogchang: alright! let me close aurora
10:05gchangjlorenzo: thanks for waiting
10:05jlorenzogchang: you're welcome!
10:05travis-cibuild-buildbot-configs#2546 (master - 4018bcc : Aki Sasaki): The build passed. (
10:05travis-cibuild-buildbot-configs#2547 (production - bf396cd : Johan Lorenzo): The build passed. (
10:15Tomcat|sheriffdutyjlorenzo: ihsiao|afk bustage on aurora
10:15Tomcat|sheriffdutylooking into it
10:15Tomcat|sheriffdutyjlorenzo: will backout bug 1355898
10:15Tomcat|sheriffdutygchang: ^
10:17gchangLet's back out the codes.
10:18Tomcat|sheriffdutyyup done
10:19Tomcat|sheriffdutyjlorenzo: ok backout done
10:25Tomcat|sheriffdutygchang|afk: maybe next time we should avoid this last minute crashlandings :)
11:45jlorenzoTomcat|lunch: thank you :)
11:47Tomcat|sheriffdutyjlorenzo: np
11:56jlorenzoPike: mathjazz: I'm gonna push aurora to beta. Are you guys all set?
11:57mathjazzjlorenzo: I'm ready, thanks for the heads-up!
11:57Pikejlorenzo: me too
11:57jlorenzoalright, let's start the push
12:00Pikesweet, dashboard's config is updated
12:07jlorenzopush to beta is still ongoing
12:08Pikeyou gonna die for servos? or are you in that group now?
12:09jlorenzoI'm in that group :)
12:09jlorenzoPush done
12:09jlorenzo(still being processed on the server-side)
12:10jlorenzoCallek: ^
12:11jlorenzo(Cal.lek: wiki tells me to ping you when this event occurs)
12:12flodjlorenzo: do you already have a bug to update mozharness scripts post dawn?
12:12flod(might not be the best time to ask, but I risk forgetting)
12:13jlorenzonot that I'm aware of. bhearsum might know (once he's online)
12:13jlorenzoflod: ^
12:13flodneed to make sure we don't reset locales from central to beta, like we used to do with central->aurora
12:15Callekjlorenzo: I should change the human to ping in the wiki ;-)
12:15* Callek was meant to be pinged for SeaMonkey, I'm actively avoiding being active there
12:15Callekbut thanks!
12:15jlorenzogot it
12:15* Callek isn't sure what human to replace me with, so it stays for now
12:18Callekglandium: tooltool-downloads:{public,private} in general, but note its `features:relengapi-proxy` really...
12:21Callekflod: Pike: hey, can we (TBD) set aside say an hour or so in SF to have me actually see the translation process for the eyes of a translator for a moment, and get a rough familiarity with what we have in place with Pootle? (and maybe discuss l20n/x-channel/etc, depending on state with everything)
12:21* Callek doesn't have a day/time in mind yet, since its so early
12:21Callekbut I have some rough ideas, but they are mostly contingent on how some of those pieces work, that I want to be sure I understand them well, before having them form strongly in my own head.
12:21flodCallek: I'll be the only one in SF, but happy to do that
12:21Callekflod: ahhh ok
12:21flodwe should also have x-channel done by the time
12:22PikeCallek: I prefer the atlantic
12:22Callekyea, I would hope x-channel done ;-)
12:22CallekPike: I don't blame you :-)
12:22Pike(don't we all)
12:22* Callek won't be in Cancun fwiw
12:25jlorenzoTomcat|sheriffduty: Pike: mathjazz: m-a has been pushed to m-b. l10n-changesets have been bumped
12:26mathjazzjlorenzo: thanks!
12:28Tomcat|sheriffdutyjlorenzo: cool
12:29Pikejlorenzo: bumper removed two locales?
12:30Pikeoh, more
12:30jlorenzoPike: hmmm, zam and tsz. I'm not too familiar with the bumper. Does it require an immediate investigation? Otherwise, I'll defer to aki-a.way
12:30Pikeit's effectively disabling single-locale builds, is that true?
12:30flodwe just added them to single-locale builds
12:31Pikeflod: ne-NP is removed, too, that's why I changed my mind to "no single?"
12:32Pikeoth, bn-BD is still there
12:32* jlorenzo looks at
12:33flodPike: we don't have sign-offs on beta for those locales
12:34Pikeoh, good, then that makes sense
13:16Tomcat|sheriffdutyjlorenzo: will fix this clang errors
13:17Tomcat|sheriffdutywith a uplift from a fix from ted
13:22Tomcat|sheriffdutyjlorenzo: oh right we don't need a m-c to something merge this time
13:23jlorenzoTomcat|sheriffduty: yeah, I also feel something is missing ^^
13:36Tomcat|sheriffdutyted: ++
13:36Tomcat|sheriffdutyted: cctools is green on beta
13:37Tomcat|sheriffdutyjcristau: :)
16:14travis-cibuild-puppet#1211 (master - 571cc8f : Dave House): The build passed. (
16:18travis-cibuild-puppet#1212 (production - b3aa58c : Dave House): The build passed. (
17:22cpetersonkmoir: will the non-e10s tests stop running when Nightly 57 starts or after it ends?
17:23cpetersonI know there is some connection between non-e10s tests and 57. I just don't know when.
17:23kmoir-mtgcpeterson: I will have to look once I get out of my meetings
17:33travis-cibuild-puppet#1213 (master - d14a358 : Rail Aliiev): The build passed. (
17:38travis-cibuild-puppet#1214 (production - 6503500 : Rail Aliiev): The build passed. (
18:17armenzgkmoir-mtg: ping (when you're done with meeting)
18:21armenzgnvm I found the code I was looking for; we disabled BB Linux builds in here IIUC
18:49mkaplyaki: When you say the updater is off, do you mean MOZ_UPDATER as a build parameter? Or something else?
18:49catleemkaply: we don't have --enable-updater any more
18:51akiis that a concern?
18:52mkaplySo how does MOZ_UPDATER get set?
18:52mkaplyWe got this bug on Fenenc
18:52mkaplyWe were trying to figure out why the button disappeared
18:52catleeyeah, that's exactly the problem
18:52catlee52 had the updater enabled
18:53catleeah, yes, I also got email from bingqing
18:54mkaplyWhich is weird because I thought the updater was supposed to be disabled on beta/release. So technically Firefox 53 is correct?
18:54catleeyeah, me too
18:54catleethat's what I told bingqing, and then I went digging in the logs
18:55mkaplyThe button didn't do anything anyway (we were looking into making it go to Google Play), so I think this situation is fine.
18:55mkaplyBut I'm not an official Fennec person, so don't quote me
19:35kmoir-mtgarmenzg: done with afternoon of meetings
19:36kmoirhow can I help?
19:36armenzgkmoir: a minute after your last line I said that I figured it out
19:36armenzgI was trying to figure out wher we disabled the Linux builds
19:36kmoirokay great, I didn't read scrollback yet
19:36armenzgty though!
19:37armenzgkmoir: I should have few patches for you tomorrow
19:37armenzgI'm adding an attribute called "skip_runnable_jobs"
19:37armenzgto the Linux Talos builders
19:37armenzglinux, linux64 and linux64-stylo
19:41armenzgthe code to dump allthethings is magical
20:30* WeirdAl wonders idly when FF52.1esr will be built :)
20:31akialready built
20:31akiwaiting to be released
20:31WeirdAlah, I didn't see the tag on hg
20:33WeirdAlI should probably just go to lunch, since this is in progress
19 Apr 2017
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