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17 Mar 2017
00:41Callekgkw: when moving to Taskcluster we have newer linux stuff, and easier to upgrade stuff too (since you can update to Ubuntu N without needing to care about job XYZ still being on Ubuntu G
00:42Callekthe plan is to be able to do *similar* with windows and stuff too, but windows at least will still need some bare metal, and is a bit harder to virtualize
02:40railoremj: heads up, we may ask you to help us deleting some files in the releases directory (if you are around)
02:43nthomasoh ?
02:46akiwe're currently thinking about moving to b4 instead of b3 build 2, so we may not
03:08lizzardone more question actually
03:09lizzardAs i understand it we cant start a build for beta 4 , before weve shipped beta 3. is that right?
03:10lizzardWe could start all the other builds if we wanted to , tonight, but have to leave beta 4 build until tomorrow post-shipping beta 3.
03:10lizzardaki, rail, jlund ^^
03:10RyanVMprobably not the end of the world if b4 is delayed a bit vs. the rest
03:10akii don't know the definitive answer, but aiui if we bump the in-tree version before go-to-build we're ok
03:11akiso patch lands, bump in-tree version if we have confidence in it, gtb off that rev for desktop
03:13lizzardyes, i think thats ok
03:14lizzard(I mean, im ok if b4 ships a bit later, its the lowest priority here)
04:06RyanVMaki: ehsan is going to push to beta, i'll do the version bump after he does
04:24RyanVMaki: do we need to go the commit tagging manually too or will the automation handle it?
04:24akiaiui we tag after the release
04:24RyanVMyeah, usually that and the version bump happen as two commits in the same push
04:25akiah. we can tag b3 manually if needed
04:25RyanVMpushing the version bump now
04:36RyanVMaki: and because it's 12:35am here, I do NOT need to do any version changes on m-r or esr52 at this point, 52.0.2 bumps will happen on default during tagging
04:37RyanVMwe *will* need to bump the version on the esr52 relbranch prior to the next dot release, however
04:37jlundRyanVM: didn't realize your tz either. can I help with hand off?
04:37RyanVMi just pushed everything
04:37RyanVMnow we watch :)
04:37RyanVMif you want to sanity check my pushes to release and esr52, please do :)
04:38* jlund looks
04:40RyanVMbuilds running on both relbranches, woo
04:44jlundRyanVM: so FIREFOX_ESR_52_0_X_RELBRANCH is so it's clear that 52.0.2 will also be based built from that branch?
04:45jlundlooks good assuming we only need the one patch against FIREFOX_52_0esr_BUILD4
04:45RyanVMjlund: exactly
04:46jlundm-r looks good too
04:46RyanVMthanks for confirming :)
04:50jlundmanual version bump looks good on beta too
05:01travis-cibuild-buildbot-configs#2488 (master - f0ca405 : ffxbld): The build passed. (
05:01travis-cibuild-buildbot-configs#2489 (production - 2a49dd5 : ffxbld): The build passed. (
05:01travis-cibuild-buildbotcustom#1006 (production-0.8 - 9980d17 : ffxbld): The build passed. (
05:07travis-cibuild-tools#1688 (master - 94b2906 : ffxbld): The build passed. (
12:11travis-cibuild-tools#1689 (master - cf880cd : ffxbld): The build passed. (
12:36travis-cibuild-tools#1690 (master - 15ca8dc : ffxbld): The build passed. (
13:04Callekmtabara: happy friday, think is fixable before your PTO?
13:04CallekTomcat|lunch pinged me on that
13:05mtabaraCallek: sorry, I missed your last-night ping in the release-salad this morning, would take a look
13:05mtabarathanks for the heads-up
13:05Callekrelease salad?
13:05* Callek diverts attention from his ignorance and moves on
13:14mtabaraCallek: yeah, heh - check releaseduty :)
13:31travis-cibuild-tools#1691 (master - b79e4f2 : ffxbld): The build passed. (
13:46aobreja|builddutyHi guys,does anyone know how can I switch a package that is downloaded from to be downloaded from internal pypi?it's related to Bug 1347483
13:47catleeaobreja|buildduty: there are some flags to pass to 'pip' when installing it to force it to use a particular index
13:48catleeaobreja|buildduty: maybe we should have a .piprc in the docker image though to prevent this in general...
13:49aobreja|builddutyby checking the logs what I found is that a job create mozlog.egg-info/requires.txt where are all the packages are and use this script ( to download them from
13:55aobreja|builddutycatlee: do you know other packages that are not using this method?
13:55catleeaobreja|buildduty: no, sorry
13:55aobreja|builddutyhere I have an example on clang if you check this logs:
13:55catleeit's been a long time since I've looked at this :(
13:57catleeso I think the build system is creating a new virtualenv for the build
13:57catleeand it needs to be told which pypi index to use
13:58catleemaybe mshal or one of the other build folks would know
13:58catleewe may have had a way to fix this for BB
14:02catleedo the TC images have a ~/.pip/pip.conf ?
14:04mshalI'm not too familiar with the virtualenv, but I can try to look
14:04aobreja|builddutydidn't find any ~/.pip/pip.conf
14:05mshaloh, I think I commented in another bug about blessings - we already have that in tree:
14:05mshalso we shouldn't use pypi for that at all IMO
14:08catleeaobreja|buildduty: that's probably a more general problem we should address then. I think we should probably have ~/.pip/pip.conf on these.
14:10travis-cibuild-buildbotcustom#1008 (master - 684039d : Mihai Tabara): The build passed. (
14:10aobreja|builddutywe also must prevent bless package or any other package to reach mozlog.egg-info/requires.txt because then it will download again from
14:10catleehaving a default pip configuration that prevents that should help
14:19aobreja|builddutycatlee:I opened one-click loaner to have an example :
14:19aobreja|builddutywe have /home/worker/workspace/build/venv/lib/python2.7/site-packages
14:21aobreja|builddutyand pip there
15:06ajawe have a startup crash with 1st aurora hourly following the nightly (w/chemspill fix)
15:10ajabuild with and in it
15:11ajacongrats on the fast chemspill work!
15:12Tomcat|sheriffdutyaja: btw thanks for the notifying of the startup crashes in the last week
15:13ajaTomcat|sheriffduty, that's why we test :)
15:16* hwine reminds folks this is a public channel
15:26hwinewg 7
15:35ajalizzard: fyi, see comments above at 10:06...low priority
18:18KWiersoCallek: I just triggered new nightlies on m-c, apparently I don't have the power to trigger fennec nightlies, though
18:18KWiersomight doing that? :)
18:22akii can
18:25akiand we should give you those scopes
18:27KWiersoCallek: unping, aki: thanks :)
19:38Callekaki: its a matter of fixing the hook for them I have it on a todo
19:47ajaKWierso, RyanVM: confirming no more startup crash with aurora hourly with cleartype backout
19:47RyanVMaja: thanks
19:47ajaand beta's still okay
19:49RyanVMaja: thanks again for noticing, glad we caught it before it went out to a wider audience too
19:52nthomascmore: could you please suspend funnelcake101-104 distribution for upcoming 52.0.1. Same for 107-109 if thats live
20:41cmorenthomas: what's the timeline for 52.0.1? just during the merge and bouncer update?
20:42nthomascmore: real soon, and yes
20:44cmorenthomas: like today?
20:45cmorenthomas: for how long will it need to be off?
20:45nthomascmore: yeah, Id guess in the next hour or two
20:59cmorenthomas: how long will it be paused for? We can't have much of a gap for data reasons.
21:00nthomaslet me check
21:01cmorenthomas: they are paused now. let me know the soonest i can turn them back on
21:01nthomascmore: will do, thanks
21:03nthomasoremj: does bouncer not wait for sentry to enable locations these days ?
21:03nthomasI just made a typo in a location change, got a 302 straight away to a 404. was expecting a 404 from bouncer
21:06nthomascmore: release management estimate another 30 minutes
21:13cmorenthomas: copy. still paused
22:07cmorenthomas: still keep it paused?
22:08nthomascmore: we just pushed the updates. www.m.o still has 52.0 for downloads, but technically you could re-enable now
22:08cmorenthomas: did we need to check the -f100 through -f104 links to ensure they return a file?
22:09travis-cibuild-puppet#1072 (master - f82653c : Mihai Tabara): The build passed. (
22:11nthomascmore: yes, 101 to 104 return the files and hashes I expect from generation. I havent tried installing them, trusting the process
22:11cmorenthomas: copy. thanks
22:13travis-cibuild-puppet#1073 (production - b36c1c6 : Mihai Tabara): The build passed. (
22:24heftigglandium: has anything changed regarding the needed flags for GCC 6?
22:25heftigFTR for me that's `-fno-delete-null-pointer-checks -fno-schedule-insns2` and no PGO
22:29glandiumheftig: as of 52 you shouldn't need to add any flags
22:29heftigah, cool, thanks. has PGO been tested?
22:41travis-cibuild-puppet#1074 (master - 54ac7ab : Mihai Tabara): The build passed. (
22:50oremjnthomas: hmm, it should
23:13travis-cibuild-puppet#1075 (production - 940705e : Mihai Tabara): The build passed. (
23:38heftigglandium: FTR, -fprofile-use build had a linker error ; build without PGO went through
23:40rituaki, nthomas: Is everything ok with product-details? is saying it's 52.0.2
23:40rituI know we just released 52.0.1
23:40nthomasits probably picking up the 52.0.2 version on default of m-r
23:41rituok where was relbranch is 52.0.1
23:41ritugot it. thanks!
23:41travis-cibuild-puppet#1076 (master - 9017583 : Mihai Tabara): The build passed. (
23:45travis-cibuild-puppet#1077 (production - 9eb702b : Mihai Tabara): The build passed. (
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