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17 Jul 2017
02:16travis-cibuild-buildbot-configs#2745 (master - dd5ef16 : Nick Thomas): The build was broken. (
02:16travis-cibuild-buildbot-configs#2746 (production - 77348ad : Nick Thomas): The build was broken. (
02:19nthomashubris ftw
02:28travis-cibuild-buildbot-configs#2747 (master - efaddb3 : Nick Thomas): The build was fixed. (
02:29travis-cibuild-buildbot-configs#2748 (production - ce0e7fc : Nick Thomas): The build was fixed. (
12:27travis-cibuild-tools#1872 (master - a51af56 : Alin Selagea): The build passed. (
12:37travis-cibuild-buildbot-configs#2749 (master - 75efc96 : Alin Selagea): The build passed. (
12:41travis-cibuild-buildbot-configs#2750 (production - 865a522 : Alin Selagea): The build passed. (
13:01whimboorail: still out or missed to untick not accepting ni? :)
13:11whimbooOk, so our fx ui update tests correctly identified that there are no partial updates for Nightly builds on OS X anymore
13:11whimboosee bug 1381268
13:11firebot NEW, No more partial updates for Nightly builds on OS X
13:11whimboosfraser|lunch: ^ not sure if you or rail can have a look at
13:15sfraser|lunchwhimboo: I suspect it's the same issue preventing partial on Windows which I'm currently looking at. Will keep you posted
13:15whimboosfraser|lunch: is there a bug for?
13:16whimboosfraser|lunch: thing is we perfectly run our update tests on Windows for partial ones
13:16sfraser|lunchwhimboo: a generic "make partials work on Windows" one. Can dig out the number once I'm back at my computer
13:17sfraser|lunchThis is windows on task cluster
13:17whimboosfraser|lunch: i see. but for os x it only seems to affect en-US
13:17sfraser|lunchM-c windows uses BB
13:18whimbooyeah. would be interested in a bug #
13:18sfraser|lunchI'll know more once I'm in front of my computer
13:19whimboosure. no hurry. enjoy your lunch
14:09sfraserwhimboo: not the same issue as win64 on taskcluster, sadly, but still looking.
14:17travis-cibuild-puppet#1657 (master - 0bb162b : Alin Selagea): The build passed. (
14:20whimboosfraser: k
14:30travis-cibuild-puppet#1658 (production - dd4d35a : Alin Selagea): The build passed. (
14:41travis-cibuild-buildbot-configs#2751 (master - 5ab3515 : Chris AtLee): The build passed. (
15:13sfraserwhimboo: new version of funsize will be deployed by puppet soon, I think that'll fix it
15:17travis-cibuild-puppet#1660 (production - 7f6193f : Simon Fraser): The build passed. (
15:17travis-cibuild-puppet#1659 (master - aa48e62 : Simon Fraser): The build passed. (
15:18whimboosfraser: great. btw. why do we use update in the path for Linux but not for OS X_
15:19sfraserwhimboo: They're different tasks, so I assume just different people wrote them. Linux uses the output of build-signing, but mac (and windows) needs to be repackaged, so after build-signing it goes on to 'repackage', then 'repackage-signing', and funsize takes the output of that for mac
15:21whimboosfraser: maybe linux could be updated sometime in the future to make the code paths easier
15:21* sfraser nods
15:45bhearsumaselagea|buildduty, spacurar|buildduty: thanks for all your work on devedition tests
15:46spacurar|builddutybhearsum: you're very welcome! looking forward for more like these :)
15:49travis-cibuild-buildbot-configs#2752 (production - 9704d92 : Chris AtLee): The build passed. (
16:04jmahercatlee: do you know in buildbot_configs how to disable opt talos jobs on mozilla-beta? maybe how to distinquish between opt and pgo? we are running both opt/pgo talos tests on mozilla-beta and only need pgo
16:04jmaherfor windows 10 that is
16:22Callekjmaher: when things merge in we'll be running only "nightlies" on beta per checkin for windows (tc)
16:23* Callek isn't sure if that distinction/clarification helps at all
16:23jmaherCallek: so opt/pgo will go away
16:23jmaherand that is changing for 56 in 2 weeks?
16:23Callekif all our validation is great, yea
16:24jmaherok; so possibly we shouldn't worry about this
16:25jmahermy main goal is to ensure when we do the next merge the right tests are running- easier sheriffing, monitoring, and less confusion for all as 57 starts on nightly and goes to release
16:25tomprinceI'm curious what kind of access I need to look at slave-health?
16:26Callektomprince: it varies, basically its a hodge-podge of tooling, with various access levels, most of them is viewable by either `releng` or `sheriffs`
16:26Callektomprince: a handful of the things are also public, so feel free to cancel on all auth dialogs and you should still get (some) useful data
16:28Callektomprince: some of the stuff behind auth is slavealloc details, slaveapi action history, buildapi (iirc) [only because it can cause DDOS]
16:29catleejmaher: yeah, probably best to wait
16:29catleejmaher: we can try and clear up the pgo/opt confusion beforehand though
16:29jmahercatlee: yeah, as much as we can cleanup the better
16:29* tomprince is trying to diagnose some timeouts on Thunderbird OSX builds, and was wondering if there was any correlation with the slave where the builds are running.
16:29jmahercatlee: within reason though
16:30Callektomprince: maybe you can see most of what you need by repeatedly trying to login with your valid ldap, I suspect you'll get the buildapi data from one of those attempts (I only say repeatedly because you'll get auth-success-but-access-failure for some data sources, which pops a new auth dialog anyway)
16:30catleetomprince: e.g.
16:31catleechange the slave name as appropriate
16:31catleeit supports prefixes too
16:31tomprinceCallek catlee: Thanks.
16:32tomprincebuildapi looks promising.
16:41travis-cibuild-puppet#1661 (master - 099eca0 : Simon Fraser): The build passed. (
16:46mtabarasfraser: weird, your CI came while mine didn't thought the patch were just the opposite order
16:46sfrasermtabara: maybe mine superseded yours. if it contained yours as well, maybe
16:47mtabarasfraser: yeah, that's the only explanation, judging by
16:47mtabarasfraser: that being said, please have the honors of merging :)
16:48sfraserso kin
16:48* mtabara tries to pay his debt to jlorenzo by transitivity :)
16:54travis-cibuild-puppet#1662 (production - ea848dd : Simon Fraser): The build passed. (
16:59catleeschedule is there for upcoming REOs
17:01cpetersoncatlee: thanks!
17:33tomprinceCan I get a review and landing of and ?
19:00travis-cibuild-tools#1873 (master - 3c9fb8d : ffxbld): The build passed. (
19:05travis-cibuild-puppet#1664 (master - 0bc53f2 : Rail Aliiev): The build passed. (
19:05travis-cibuild-puppet#1663 (production - ca99431 : Rail Aliiev): The build passed. (
19:50bhearsumrstrong: CloudOps has a test instance with the new aus5 cert set-up on it -- i've done a bit of testing against it already and all seems well, do you want to do any verification yourself?
19:51rstrongbhearsum: I'm good with it since app update doesn't do pinning.
18 Jul 2017
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