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15 Apr 2017
02:11philor gcox: there's a single all-purpose answer now: "that's on buildbot, the future is taskcluster"
02:32philorI don't think those masters are having a very good time, trying to load buildslaves/t-w732-spot-532?numbuilds=0 just to find out if an instance is stuck running either takes several minutes, or never loads
02:36philoryeah, ain't nobody got time for this, I'm just going to kill everything that *might* be stuck running
02:39philorohgod, unless termination causes us to set RETRY
02:47philoraww, cute, the result is "cancelled interrupted" despite the fact that the cancel was 12 hours before the job stopped because someone murdered the slave
02:55philorexcept when it isn't, apparently you do need to have fruitlessly tried to cancel to the job *before* terminating the instance
03:08philorah, they do seem to be dying, just like mustard gas casualties instead of the head shots I'd prefer
04:14* philor rekills a whole lot of retries
04:14philorstarting to question just how much interest I have in your budget
16 Apr 2017
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