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12 Jul 2017
08:05travis-cibuild-puppet#1636 (master - 62c6645 : Dragos Crisan): The build passed. (
12:29travis-cibuild-buildbot-configs#2734 (master - ac2d054 : Rail Aliiev): The build passed. (
14:50leni1rail: ping
14:52railleni1: hi
14:53leni1Wanted to ask about the review for bug 1346465
14:53firebot NEW, [tcmigration] make version bump builder idempotent for tagging/version bumping
14:53leni1It seems Mihai is more busy than he had anticipated being.
14:54leni1His nick here indicated he's in a meeting so I wanted your advice on the matter.
14:54leni1If that's alright :)
15:02leni1mtabara: hello. Hope your meeting went well. Any chance of a review for bug 1346465
15:03leni1Or I should hold on a bit since you're still tied up?
15:11mtabaraleni1: yeah, lots going on lately and that slipped my radar multiple times. mea culpa for that, please accept my apologies. rail is busy too with other higher-priority project and that patch review should've done by me long time ago :(
15:15mtabaraleni1: I looked already at the patch last week but wanted to test a bit more.
15:15mtabarawill try to finish that work up by EOW, hopefully I'll manage to get it done this time
15:22leni1mtabara: thanks for responding. Will wait.
16:19jlorenzoJohn-Galt: hi! following up on, I have a question about test_subprocess_environmentAppend. Is this xpcshell test run on every platform? I don't manage to find it on neither the old windows infrastructure nor on Linux
16:19firebotBug 1377180 FIXED, [Windows] test_subprocess_environment: PATH isn't set on the Python Wrapper
18:26travis-cibuild-puppet#1637 (production - f436b4f : Simon Fraser): The build passed. (
18:26travis-cibuild-puppet#1638 (master - b70ff9f : Simon Fraser): The build passed. (
18:50rstrongrail: is the signing server ready to handle signing mar files with the sha384 cert?
18:50railrstrong: yes
18:51rstrongrail: what needs to change to make it use sha384?
18:51rstrongor how does it know to use sha384?
18:52raillet me find the gist
18:52rstrongperhaps it is just landing bug 1324510
18:52firebot NEW, Enable SHA384 MAR signing on Oak
18:54railrstrong: yeah,
18:56Callekrstrong: also and,49
18:56Callekrstrong: those are linux and osx taskcluster entries
18:56rstrongis that where the cert to use is specified/
18:59Callekrstrong: thats the TC signing format code
19:00Callekso its the equiv of doing `$(MOZ_SIGN_CMD) -f mar` ...
19:01Callekrstrong: I'm not certain, but I do think partials will stay with `mar` (not sha384) until funsize is updated
19:01rstrongdon't know much about how that is accomplished. It will need to be able to specify the sha384 certs though and perhaps that is done there
19:05Callekrstrong: yea I'm not familiar with what funsize needs to do here specifically -- just that the tc nightlies need to use the lines I pointed you at. win nightlies will use the ones in the gist (for now)
19:06Callekbut all nightlies partial updates will use an entirely different thing (funsize) to get generated
19:13dhouseI just sent out an email to release-relops for a google form survey about systems access and usage. This is to help plan how the RelEng jump hosts are configured. Please fill it out when you have time.
19:24akidhouse: ~1 time per year = never, or 1-4 times / month ?
19:26* aki answers never, but also answers the gb q
19:26dhouseaki: I'm sorry my form sklls are not so great ;) once per year is basically never ;)
19:27akiok. the ports question doesn't allow for multiple answers
19:27* aki uses 'other' and types
19:27dhouseaki: thank you! I've changed it to have checkboxes
19:31akithanks! filled out
19:31dhousethank you!
19:42wsmwkgps: possible for you to kick bug 1379785 soon? I know it's been posted only recently, but it's a blocker for us
19:42firebot NEW, Handle spaces in package names when building symbol archives.
20:46gpswsmwk: i'll try to clear out my review queue in a few hours
20:59KWiersorail: ping
21:02railKWierso: pong
21:02KWiersorail: what are the odds bug 1380296 caused win2012 build failures like
21:02firebot NEW, Mac builds shouldn't force symbol uploads
21:05railKWierso: huh, looks like we don't run those checks on project branches... Can you back it out please
21:28tomprincecatlee: Are you available to meet sometime about moving thunderbird off buildbot sometime?
21:30catleetomprince: yeah, maybe next week
21:31tomprincecatlee: Sure. Pretty much anytime 9-5 MDT works for me.
13 Jul 2017
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