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11 Sep 2017
13:30travis-cibuild-buildbot-configs#2869 (master - c14fa3d : Andrei Obreja): The build passed. (
13:42travis-cibuild-buildbot-configs#2870 (production - eca27ff : Andrei Obreja): The build passed. (
14:07arrjmaher: do you have access to ?
14:13Calleksfink: ping, so what do you think we need to do in order to shut off buildbot spidermonkey windows? (as in, whats needed to tier-1 the tc versions)
16:15arraobreja|afk++ for all the help with the w10 reimages
16:18hwinekmoir: re -- is today going to be good to transfer?
16:18firebotBug 1396871 NEW, create release keys for Zerda
16:19kmoirhwine: yes, I will zip up the files and figure out sending via wormhole
16:21hwinethe only hard thing about wormhole is believing in how simple it is
16:46garndt\o/ bhearsum
16:47bhearsumthank you!
16:49armenzgjlorenzo: do you know how to make an app on releng services use http instead of https?
16:49armenzganyone else that could know?
16:50Callekarmenzg: I don't have any good ideas, but maybe has suggestions
16:50* Callek is assuming that is the reason for the ask
16:57jlorenzoarmenzg: I'm sorry, I don't either. Maybe bastien (not in this channel) would know. I think he's back from PTO
16:57armenzgjlorenzo: Callek I accepted the certificate directly from the browser
16:57armenzgthat is good enough
17:14dholbertSylvestre: hi! not sure if you're the right person to ping about this, but FYI, it seems there are a bunch of duplicate release-day calendar events on the "Public - Firefox Merge/Release Schedule" google calendar
17:14Sylvestredholbert, on which date?
17:14dholbertSylvestre: 11/13
17:15dholberti.e. Nov 13
17:15dholbertand Nov 14 as well
17:15SylvestreI will have a look tomorrow, thanks
18:21jmahermarkco__: I am checking in on the current status of the OCC configs and new hardware- do you need anything from me as I have a little bit of time today
18:27markco__jmaher: I just made some progress with the win7 talos test. After I run through those I am going to shift back to the webgl tests. Could you repush ? So that I will be able to retriger task later this week.
18:28markco__The hardware is being moved to MDC1, so after this afternoon work will be suspended for a few days.
18:28jmahermarkco__: yeah, I can push a fresh one for win7; do you want everything, talos + unittest?
18:29markco__I have separate push for talos. vould you include win 10 as well?
18:31jmahermarkco__: I will push it all and run it all
18:32markco__jmaher: awesome. ty!
18:53jmahermarkco__: I have a push here: . would you like me to post it in a bug or email it to you for reference?
18:54markco__jmaher: the email thread with he other pushes would good, ty.
18:56jmaherdone :)
19:01ddurstcatlee: apologies if I've asked this before, but are we clear to close
19:01firebotBug 1324498 NEW, tracking bug for SHA384 MAR signing support
19:20catleeddurst: yes
19:20catleesorry, I thought we already did
19:34ddurstcatlee: no worries, just closed it.
20:29hwinedoes anyone know who our current resident expert on MacOS .app/dmg format is?
20:30bhearsumspohl is my usual starting point for that
20:30bhearsumif he's not the person, he probably knows who is...
20:55* hwine thanks the wise old mozillian with 10y service!
21:34KWiersohas something on windows builders changed recently?
21:57nthomasKWierso: harder to tell in these TC days (for me anyway), why ?
22:00KWiersonthomas: was trying to figure out why these windows build failures happened
22:00KWiersothe newer push had failures like abort: reached maximum number of network attempts; giving up
22:00KWiersothe older push had failures like UnboundLocalError: local variable 'data' referenced before assignment
22:01nthomasboth in hg robustcheckout ?
22:01KWiersolooks like it
22:01nthomasah, the latter is tooltool via
22:02nthomasmach artifact toolchain
22:02nthomassmells like network issues, repeatable ?
22:02KWiersotriggered rebuilds, they're still going
22:03* nthomas looks at logs
22:03nthomasboo, no logs. Running longer than it took to fail though
22:05* KWierso eagerly awaits robustercheckout
22:15travis-cibuild-tools#1961 (master - 2612ba9 : ffxbld): The build passed. (
22:24KWiersonthomas: rebuilds coming back green
22:24KWiersoguess it was a fluke
22:24nthomaslooks a bit like a network blip, yeah
22:29travis-cibuild-tools#1962 (master - 48fb278 : ffxbld): The build passed. (
22:33nthomaswe just got an emergency VPN maintenance from AWS for us-west-2, now to now + 1h
22:33nthomasmight be a similar issue for TC instances
23:06nthomasmkaply: you still there ?
12 Sep 2017
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