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11 Aug 2017
00:08travis-cibuild-tools#1916 (master - 71f542c : ffxbld): The build passed. (
03:09travis-cibuild-puppet#1756 (master - da81433 : Aki Sasaki): The build passed. (
03:09travis-cibuild-puppet#1757 (production - 10c9761 : Aki Sasaki): The build passed. (
13:55mkaplynthomas|away: ping and yes, I was in a hurry and put the wrong version. Thanks for catching that :)
14:08wcostaI see Windows XP and Windows 8 BB builds failing on my try push, and they don't appear on other branches, should I assume we just forgot to turn them off?
14:12RyanVMwcosta: it's a bit more complicated than that, but yeah, you're fine to ignore them
14:12wcostaRyanVM: thanks :)
14:15tomprincewcosta: They need to be on on try for esr builds, etc. And it is tricky to only have them enabled for esr builds on try.
14:15wcostaah, I see
14:35jkratzerI see several references to clang being installed at "$topsrcdir/clang" - however, I can't seem to find the script which installs it at that location. Am I missing something or is this not in the source tree?
14:37Callekjkratzer: this is from tooltool
14:37Callekjkratzer: or depending on what job you are looking at, a toolchain task
14:38Callek(that is a toolchain task built/published clang and the task you're using is using tooltool scripts to pull/extract it based on an environment var)
14:39Callekjkratzer: the aha moment may be that our automation uses something called "tooltool" which is a way to get toolchain stuff from a server we publish to (some of the toolchain stuff is licensed in a way that we can't be the distributor, e.g. android-sdk) and our scripts download it, and extract it to $topsrcdir/*
14:40jkratzerCallek: I guess what I'm missing is the script that calls tool tool
14:40jkratzeris that part of the source tree or a private taskcluster script?
14:43Callekjkratzer: for the most part, on trunk, it calls `./mach artifact toolchain` these days which uses
15:35mtabaraRyanVM: you around?
15:38RyanVMin a meeting, will reply in a bit
15:40mtabaraRyanVM: I need some urgent sign-offs in balrog if you can -
16:58travis-cibuild-buildbot-configs#2815 (master - fe94e31 : Kim Moir): The build passed. (
17:01travis-cibuild-tools#1917 (master - 5151405 : Kim Moir): The build passed. (
17:09hwinefubar: pls see PM
17:29travis-cibuild-buildbot-configs#2816 (production - e7d7b1b : Kim Moir): The build passed. (
17:41travis-cibuild-puppet#1758 (master - 6c59574 : Kim Moir): The build was broken. (
17:49travis-cibuild-puppet#1759 (master - e491650 : Kim Moir): The build is still failing. (
17:55kmoirfixing again
18:01travis-cibuild-puppet#1760 (master - f5653f0 : Kim Moir): The build is still failing. (
18:53travis-cibuild-puppet#1761 (master - b326f0f : Kim Moir): The build was fixed. (
18:53travis-cibuild-puppet#1762 (production - 9dc6c6e : Kim Moir): The build passed. (
18:58erahmDo we have scheduled merges of m-c -> m-i? I need to time a landing to *after* the next merge (or land on central, but I'd prefer not to do that)
18:58bhearsumerahm: you should probably ask #sheriffs about that
18:59erahmbhearsum: ah good call
19:30oremjcatlee: jbuck will be primary on release operations while I'm out next week
19:52Callekoremj: catlee is on PTO himself this week and is back monday
12 Aug 2017
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