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21 Apr 2017
01:27cpetersondigitarald: no. I downloaded them in Firefox using an extension called "Save Page WE" (WebExtension):
01:28cpetersonThis extension would not be useful for other offline page tests because it inlines all the external .js and .css files as data: URIs in a single page .html file.
01:29cpetersonSo the static CSS info that Stylo needs is available, but the page load timing is very different from the real sites.
01:33cpeterson"Save Page WE" does a much more complete job of downloading the sites than Firefox's own Save Page As (because I think it is saving the live DOM state, not the original files). I tried recursive wget, but it would take a VERY long time to download a page and the result was never complete.
15:39digitaraldcpeterson: makes sense and seems appropriate for ref tests
22 Apr 2017
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