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20 Mar 2017
09:53heycamcpeterson: the stylo A meeting is on the calendar for the old time, I think. does it need to be updated (for this and future events)?
15:59cpetersonheycam: thanks. let me double check and fix it.
18:28cpetersonheycam: when is Taipei's daylight saving time change?
18:31SimonSapincpeterson: I think they dont change?
18:31cpetersonSimonSapin: bummer. that's what I was afraid of. :)
18:32SimonSapinwhy is it a bummer?
18:33SimonSapinI think parts of Australia change in the opposite direction
18:38mbrubeckcpeterson: They way to say that to a Rust developer if you want to confuse them is, "HKT got rid of DST."
18:38mbrubeckoh wait, HKT is Hong Kong, not Taiwan
18:40cpetersonSimonSapin: bummer for selfish reasons, is all. <:) we had a Stylo meeting for Taiwan and Japan team members at 5:30 PM Pacific, which has been pushed back to 6:30 PM Pacific for me.
18:58Manishearthmbrubeck: ha!
19:06botondOh yeah! Time difference between East Coast and Japan also increased from 10 hours to 11 :)
21 Mar 2017
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