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19 Mar 2017
02:00gandalfcpeterson: first paint
02:02cpetersongandalf: is first paint different than the TIME_TO_NON_BLANK_PAINT probe?
02:06gandalfcpeterson: I thought so. I was reading on friday through quantum google docs stack (there are so many!) and in one of them there was a note about firstpaint probe expiring in 55
02:07gandalfwhile I'd like to rely on firstpaint for my l10n work between 54 and 58 :)
06:52cpetersongandalf: interesting. what is the connection between l10n and first paint? something related to "first contentful paint" (bug 1298381) or "first meaningful paint" (bug 1299117)?
06:52firebot NEW Implement Time to First Contentful Paint (TCP) for Telemetry/Profiler
06:52firebot ASSIGNED, mstange Implement Time to First Meaningful Paint (TMP) for Telemetry/Profiler
20 Mar 2017
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