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18 Apr 2017
15:06jorendorffit was fixed in bug 1353563 last friday! cool
15:06firebot FIXED, Displaying awesomebar items is janky (especially adjustSiteIconStart)
15:17mconley <-- this is the bug that has _some_ work in play to generate a visualization of our BHR data. Seems stalled.
15:17firebotBug 1344003 NEW, Create (or resurrect) BHR dashboard
15:31mconleyjpr / ehsan_: just to keep you both in the loop, it looks like dothayer&#39;s got scripts in bug 1344003 that both grab the stacks out of the BHR data we have in Telemetry (and symbolicates the native stacks), and then stashes the result in S3 somewhere.... then he has an HTML document that can parse and visualize the S3 data
15:31firebot NEW, Create (or resurrect) BHR dashboard
15:31mconleyin that bug
15:32mconleyIt&#39;s not clear to me what&#39;s blocking this bug right now - from a brief glance, it looks like the scripts are feature complete, but that it needs to be somehow put into the Airflow pipeline
15:32mconleyor something
15:33mconleyat any rate, ddurst said that he&#39;s going to get dothayer to try to drive this one over the line in the short term, and then in theory we&#39;ll at least have an easier time of looking at the data that we _do_ have, and we can then hopefully get a strategy up for humans turning that visualization into filed bugs.
19 Apr 2017
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