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17 Mar 2017
17:30cpetersonheycam had to revendor Stylos' rust dependencies in bug 1341102. I thought the vcs-sync automatically revendored? is that feature broken or just not actually implemented?
17:30firebot NEW, stylo: Bustage metabug
18:48digitaraldbsmedberg: in bug 1348275 the networking team isn't sure about what the most efficient way for eagerly pre-connecting/loading. a field trial could test different patterns
18:49firebot NEW, Preload web pages on autocomplete when typing in awesomebar
18:49bsmedberg"could test" or they're planning on it?
20:03digitaraldbsmedberg: for reference, latest Quantum Perf metric tracking
23:39gandalfcpeterson: is there a plan to extend the time-to-firstpaint telemetry probe past 55?
18 Mar 2017
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