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15 May 2017
16:22jetdstrohmeier: ping. link to blog post draft?
16:23jetdstrohmeier: got it. thx!
16:24dstrohmeierhave fun reading it
16:25dstrohmeierpretty high level - think that it makes sense to have a more in-depth follow-up and also discuss our tools and workflows more
16:39jetnaveed: I'm lining up more perf devs on my team too. ping me when you're looking for owners for the RC criteria profiles. I can probably pick up the first 2 on that list.
16:53naveedjet: thanks for the offer. That may be what we do. Will figure it out more in tomorrows meeting. Do you want to be included in that?
16:53jetnaveed: ok, thx
17:38jetdstrohmeier: good blog post. thx for writing it
16 May 2017
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