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6 Aug 2017
18:10patr1c1aHi! I'm new around, trying to volunteer my time as a QA and enhance my testing skills at the same time. I just noticed there's a broken link on . Not sure if this is the right place to post about it. The win32 version for Latest Firefox Beta 55 leads to a 404.
19:08patr1c1aI'm trying to verify bug fixes but I'm not familiar with the reporting style. For instance, I'm not sure what nightly version this bug affected initially or where to download it:
19:08firebotBug 1373823 FIXED, Fix about:telemetry data preferences change button (uplift to beta55)
19:09patr1c1awhere can I find this information?
19:09patr1c1athe bug was reported on 06-16, but how can I know what affected version this date corresponds to?
7 Aug 2017
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