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20 Mar 2017
03:09saghanhi, could anyone tell me how to run mochitest devtools test? The documentation is absent for that
09:47mboldanGood morning everyone! :) In case you missed our QMO posts, today were holding Bug Triage Day! If youd like to participate but dont know where to start, please check the wiki page: first. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask them here. Lets make Firefox better! :)
10:15anbogWhat's to be done with bug reports on old versions of Firefox? Like bug 1347558 which was reported 5 days ago, but it seems the reporter is using Firefox 36.
10:15firebot UNCONFIRMED, Firefox slows down over time
12:05doublexhey. =) I found an issue on Nightly
13:57jaustinlamHello all. I would like to participate in the bug triage day.
14:04ioanachioreanmboldan, Can you help jaustinlam/
14:05mboldanioanachiorean: Sure. :)
14:06mboldanjaustinlam: Hello there. Let's take this in private.
18:58Grover-QAHey everyone - Question. Who can I get in contact with to fix the elements of this page? Since Dropbox no longer allows sharing via URL to pictures, all of the links on this page are broken, which makes this difficult to suggest to reporters of bugs that are having performance problems.
19:00RyanVMi guess start with mstange as the de facto owner of it these days
19:16Grover-QAThanks Ryan
21 Mar 2017
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