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17 May 2017
07:12bogdananyone here?
07:13buovjagabogdan: hi
07:15bogdanjust following the steps about how to get involved, can someone help ? :)
07:15buovjagabogdan: what is on your mind?
07:18bogdanto whom I have to speak about joining the webqa team ?
07:19buovjagabogdan: you are reading this?
07:19buovjagait says: Join #mozwebqa on, say hi, and let us know youre there to help. You can also send us an email at
07:20bogdanok thanks
07:21buovjagathen there's this
08:55mboldanHello! Join us for today's Bug Verification Day! Feel free to check for detailed instructions on how to get involved. Have fun ;)
13:11RyanVMadriansv: part of the performance risk is also ensuring that we have a way of monitoring whatever it is we're improving so we don't end up regressing it down the road too
13:12RyanVMadriansv: we often hurt ourselves with perf via gradual regressions
13:12RyanVMso not only fixing a problem but having better ways of making sure they don't come back is a risk
18 May 2017
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