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17 Mar 2017
08:00_TestDayBotThe Firefox 53.0 Beta 3 testday starts now. For details, see
18:26RyanVMFlorinMezei|2: still around?
18:26FlorinMezei|2RyanVM: yes, still here
18:27rituHi Florin
18:27rituThe builds will be ready soon (in next hour or so)
18:27rituI am counting on you to do update testing sign off on release and ESR channel.
18:27rituPlease :)
18:29RyanVMFlorinMezei|2: anyone around in LV to help out?
18:30FlorinMezei|2probably, but it's a bit more complicated due to the Websense stuff for 52.0.1, and the first update round for esr 52
18:30FlorinMezei|2ritu, I'm standing by no worries
18:31rituFlorinMezei|2, gosh, thank you! This means a lot
18:31rituAnd so sorry for another late Friday evening for you.
18:31FlorinMezei|2we will still need to have a serious talk about ownership on US timezone :)
18:31rituI was going to say what Dan did, that beta cdntest sign off can wait
18:32rituI know Florin, I completely agree on that one
18:32RyanVMmaybe Beta would be a good one to push to LV if it's more straightforward
18:32rituYes please, exactly my thoughts Ryan
18:33FlorinMezei|2we'll see what solution we can come up with
18 Mar 2017
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