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15 May 2017
10:43buovjagaJohn99: hello
10:51John99buovjaga: I wonder if you know whether QA is getting involved with advising on bugs in the Mozilla Sumo issues. There are discussions about bug handling. You may be aware it blocked Firefox and rolled back to kitsune.
10:52John99 /j #qa
10:52buovjagayeah rolled from Lithium to Kitsune
10:53buovjagaJohn99: maybe you could also ask on #integrity which is a new testing channel
10:53John99buovjaga: Hi I am trying to find out if QA is offering advice VB on the Sumo software situation. It blocked Fx53 and was rolled back.
11:00John99Thanks will try #integrity
11:01mboldanHello everyone! :) In case you missed our QMO posts, today were holding Bug Triage Day! If youd like to participate but dont know where to start, please check the wiki page: first. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask them here. Have fun!
20:26jplHello. What I need for Bug Triage day tomorrow?
20:29jplWhat version FF is needed?
21:17kbrosnanjpl: the current release v53 and the current nightly are helpful.
16 May 2017
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